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Former Yahoo Exec: “Delicious Is in Peril,” Sale Unlikely
While rumors and responses about bookmarking service Delicious swirl around the web, one former Yahoo and Delicious employee who maintains close ties with relevant teams says the service’s future is most certainly in jeopardy — in fact, he speculates that while the data may end up stored somewhere, the service itself has a slim chance of survival.
During the past week, a slide from a Yahoo all-hands meeting was leaked; the slide showed that Yahoo was calling “sunset” on Delicious.
Yahoo retorted the following day that it wasn’t killing off Delicious; rather, it planned to sell the service. Internally, we wondered who would want to buy the easily replicable, none-too-profitable site.
Now, Stephen Hood, who has held senior and director-level project management positions at Yahoo and Delicious since 2005, has added his voice to the mix “as someone who was on the inside for a while and who wants very much to see Delicious live on.”
In a blog post today, Hood states the obvious — that Yahoo has already laid off much of the Delicious team and doesn’t plan to maintain the service itself — and the not-so-obvious, including some tidbits about Delicious’s technology that indicate it might not be a good buy for another company.
“During my time at Delicious,” Hood writes, “we rebuilt the entire infrastructure to deeply leverage a number of internal Yahoo technologies. It’s all great stuff but not exactly easy to remove or replace. Yahoo may have to license some of this technology to the buyer.”
For the same reason, Hood states that open-sourcing the service doesn’t make a lot of sense.
Ultimately, Hood believes Delicious’s best bet is to survive as an archive of “the collective online journeys of millions of users during a time when the web was evolving dramatically,” perhaps through an entity such as the Library of Congress. In that case, Delicious would cease to operate as a service with users and features; only the data would remain as a sort of digital scrapbook.
In a best-case scenario, Yahoo itself would facilitate and manage the exporting of public Delicious data. And of course, users and developers are already working on exporting tools in a grassroots way.
In the meantime, we’re holding our breath to see if Delicious will find a buyer. We hope for the sake of the site’s founder that his product has a future — and we hope that future is brighter than Delicious’s recent past with Yahoo.
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december 2010 by noahsussman
[from deusx] unique hazards may exist, We can save Delicious, but probably not in the way you think
"An online debate has already begun about various ways that Delicious might be “saved”. As someone who was on the inside for a while and who wants very much to see Delicious live on, I thought I’d chime in"

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december 2010 by noahsussman
[from nicoladagostino] Less than ever before - 0xDECAFBAD
The thing about Delicious is that it wasn’t meant for socializing. Rather—as I understood it, at least—it was built to exploit both selfish and social mechanics to extract useful work. In this particular case, the goal was producing interesting collections of things on the web. Compare it to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, only with a non-monetary incentive. Since Joshua Schachter and friends have started Tasty Labs, I expect we’ll see them take a shot at applying this notion to other problems.[...] It’s harder to find things again, thanks to missing metadata and the ephemeral nature of sharing on the real-time web. I think there’s a place for Delicious, if only for those of us who like to keep track of what we’ve found on the web and share the results. I suspect that may be a limited, though highly motivated audience.

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december 2010 by noahsussman
delicious blog » using delicious on your iphone
We know we haven't updated the blog in a looong time but the team has been heads down working on the next version of Delicious. We'll have an update to share with you guys next week.

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by nicoladagostino
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december 2008 by noahsussman
Guest Editor: Nicola D'Agostino - Speciale - Scaricare - Download
Nicola's lined up his top 10 delicious desktop apps; all of which are new to me except for the FF extension. Who knew there was an IE extension for del?
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december 2008 by noahsussman
Forget the Web 2.0 logo generator. This is the new best thing for brainstorming a redesign!
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january 2008 by noahsussman
Meme Washer » Blog Archive » whuffie
a bookmarklet that, when clicked, adds via:username to the tags field
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june 2007 by noahsussman
A reputation economy via "via:"?: aqualung
he corollary to "for:" is "via:" - if somebody tags something "for:aqualung:" and I like it, I save it too, ....and tip the hat with (for example) "via:JamesGovernor". Go search for THAT tag, and you find ...there are 113 occurrences
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june 2007 by noahsussman
Revealicious - revealing the way you use
A set of visualization tools. The Flash takes a _long_ time to load your account data, so be patient.
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january 2007 by noahsussman
delicious show URL -
When viewing a bookmarks page, show the URL that each bookmark points to.  show  url  greasemonkey  userscripts  my  toolset  essential  annoyances  delicious 
january 2007 by noahsussman
network subscription - ydn-delicious : Message: Re: network subscription
"Lets say i want to subscribe to lomo's network ie add lomo as the tag i want and network as the specific user" This also works for multiple users' networks. Sweet hack for creating an interesting RSS feed!  hacks  tips  network  ydn-delicious  awesome  delicious 
january 2007 by noahsussman

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