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Everybody Loves Conan: All the Video Clips from Last Night's Late Night War [Clips]
Each of the late night hosts responded in their own way to Conan's statement yesterday that he won't follow Jay Leno. Jokes were made, jabs thrown, insults flew — and Matt Cherette was busy clipping at Gawker TV. Here's a rundown:
"My name is Conan O'Brien and I may soon be available for children's parties." - Conan O'Brien Other highlights include: Howie Mandel's special edition of Deal or No Deal, remarks from guest Tom Brokaw, and Tonight Show writer Deon Cole likens the situation to "being pimped." [Watch the video] "The folks here at NBC dont handle these things well, they don't have a lot of tact. They told me if I put on ten pounds I could get on The Biggest Loser. - Jay Leno Other highlights include: Guest Sandra Bullock and Anderson Cooper sounds off on NBC. [Watch the video] "Conan said he made the decision not to follow Leno at 12:05 after he talked to Johnny Carson. And then I got a call—just before I got out here— from NBC saying "Look, we don't want you back." - David Letterman [Watch the video] "Craig, are you burning your bridges there with NBC? Yes. What do you mean, you dont want to work for NBC ever in your career? No. They're lying rat bastards." - Craig Ferguson [Watch the video] Jimmy Kimmel donned a grey wig and faux chin and did his show as Leno all night. He even got guest Chevy Chase to partake by wearing an orange wig à la Conan during part of his interview. [Watch the video]
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