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Like Scott Pilgrim Before it, To The Moon Tells a Personal Story in the Language of Video Games [Video]
Video games have a language all their own. It's a language that most people understand implicitly—concepts like extra lives, leveling up, experience points, and boss battles have gone mainstream. That language has begun to seep into other media as well—movies like The Matrix, Source Code, and books like those in the Scott Pilgrim series all use the language of games to tell stories in fresh, interesting ways. More »
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december 2011 by nluken
Watch a Music Video of Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now" Hilariously Made with MS Paint [Video]
Tell me the first thing that pops in your head when I say: yellow bottle sipping, shit look like a toupee and suicide doors. Got it? Now watch this MS Paint-created music video of Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now". It literally translates the lyrics into MS Paint graphics. I can't stop laughing. [BuzzFeed] More »
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november 2011 by nluken
Epic Games' New Unreal Engine—This Is What Next Gen Gaming Looks Like [Video]
Fresh off the surreptitiously filmed, embargo-breaking train, it's the video footage of the engine that we previously showed you only in stills. This is the engine Epic describes as beyond what modern consoles can do. It's just one of many signs that a new crop of consoles are coming 'round the bend. [VentureBeat] More »
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march 2011 by nluken
Father-daughter team use a 3D printer to create awesome nanobot art [Concept Art]
Jeff and Ashley Sierzenga recently took it upon themselves to bring to life the flesh-eating nanobots from Jeff Carlson's bestselling series Plague Year. Here you can see their entire project, from schematics to the final model. More »
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october 2010 by nluken
Largest Lego Ship Ever Built Is Bigger Than Three Queen-Sized Beds [Video]
The 23-foot-long Lego USS Intrepid aircraft carrier should be renamed the USS Insane. It's the largest Lego ship ever built. Ed Diment made it to minifig scale, complete with Wildcat and Corsair airplanes built by Ralph Savelsberg. Watch the video: More »
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october 2010 by nluken

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