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Shure SE115 Earbuds Are Your Matt-Buchanan-Paid-Too-Much-for-These-Two-Weeks-Ago Deal of the Day [Dealzmodo]
Day 14. Martha won't stop shouting. I've filled the milk basin and tilled as much as I can before sun went down, but it's not enough. The shouting won't stop. I miss it when she used to strum those strings, and we'd drink honey milk and listen to cricket songs together. She was beautiful—she still is. Those cricket songs and our warm palms and the wide-shouldered sky. Now it's nothing but her shrieking, the birdsong of a lunatic. I tried to feed her prawns this morning—a sentimental treat—and she nearly sawed off my hand with that gorgeous jaw. I miss our music. Maybe I should take a gander at the deal of the day—stellar Shure SE115 earbuds for only $40 with free shipping. Martha used to like earbuds. -SB More »
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november 2011 by nluken
Daily App Deals: Get iPad Note-Taking App Notes Plus for $1.99, Previously $4.99 [Deals]
New to Lifehacker, Daily App Deals is a not-quite-quotidian compendium of noteworthy app price drops and discounts. More »
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june 2011 by nluken

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