custom mapping platform
maps  tools 
april 2017
custom maps - watercolor, others
maps  javascript 
april 2017
Blog — Project Subway NYC
drawing maps of the NYC subway stations
nyc  subway  maps 
november 2015
about — Nonscandinavia
architectural non-white people for renderings
architecture  entourage  clipart 
october 2015
Why You Should Be Using a Linear Voltage Regulator | Make:
how to use a voltage regulator (LM7805, 7810, 7824 and LM317)
electronics  howto  voltage 
october 2015
coricamo.com -
needlepoint pattern generator
needlepoint  pattern  gene 
september 2015
KIBRI 60er Design
dollhouse for Caroline and Max - german house from the 60s
dollhouse  german  vintage 
august 2015
What is a ton of refrigeration? :: Power Knot
how to use psychrometric chart...useful definitions of the different measurement options..
HVAC  physics  chart 
july 2015
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