Y Combinator: Elementary Worldly Wisdom
His rule for all the Braun Company's communications was called the five W's—you had to tell who was going to do what, where, when and why. And if you wrote a letter or directive in the Braun Company telling somebody to do something, and you didn't tell him why, you could get fired. In fact, you would get fired if you did it twice.
mental  model  investment 
11 days ago
Abstracting Vuex/Redux Action patterns – Coding Stones – Medium
In a context of unidirectional dataflow implementations (like Redux or Vuex) is very common to see patterns like Request/Success/Error in async actions. Let’s see an example to understand this…
vue.js  vuex 
20 days ago
Unit testing with Vue — Approach, tips, and tricks — Part 1
When building a web-app in Vue or any other JS Framework, it’s important to make sure Vue components work as intended throughout the many iterations a project can have. Vue.js allows a very easy and…
vue.js  tdd  testing 
20 days ago
Mocking Vuex in Vue unit tests – Lachlan Miller – Medium
Vue is a UI library — so naturally, testing Vue components usually involves asserts whether the UI correctly reflects the state of the application, or in this case, the data supplied from computed…
23 days ago
Browser automation revisited - meet Puppeteer
Puppeteer is a Node library which provides an API to control headless Chrome over the DevTools Protocol.
acceptance  tests  puppeteer 
4 weeks ago
Building Web apps with VueJS and dotNet – Lambda Twist
This article explains how to set up and use VueJS within an aspnet mvc website, using the app silos pattern. In order to combine the advantages of .net asp.net mvc and the interactivity of a lightweight but powerful javascript framework.
6 weeks ago
Creating a super simple FontAwesome 5 icon component in Vue
I was lucky enough to grab one of the early bird releases of FontAwesome 5, so of course I was eager to use it in my next Vue project without having to fiddle around with my webpack setup. Ever since…
7 weeks ago
Introduction to VueFire – Patrick Stival Chaerke – Medium
The intention of this tutorial in article shape is to bring up some content about the Vue.js integration with Firebase. All the aproaches here used can be confirmed in both technologies…
vue.js  firebase 
7 weeks ago
Unit Testing Vue.js Components with the Official Vue Testing Tools and Jest | Alex Jover Morales
Vue.js has become the framework of the year. It's very flexible, performant and easy to learn that lead to a massive adoption.Here I'll show you how can you test Vue.js components using the official vue-test-utils.
vue.js  tdd  testing  jest 
8 weeks ago
Cypress.io & Docker: the Ultimate E2E Stack – Hacker Noon
People love and hate End-to-End testing and for valid reasons. I’ve seen many projects (including my own) get fascinated with automated End-to-End testing and gradually come to a point where the test…
cypress  e2e  testing 
9 weeks ago
Write blazing fast Vue unit tests with Tape and Vue Test Utils
This tutorial is for users familiar with unit testing. If you’re new to unit testing check out unit testing Vue components for beginners. Tape is a bare bones unit test framework that outputs the…
vue.js  tdd  testing 
9 weeks ago
The community that helps you build the app or bot of your dreams
js  code  sandpit  play 
9 weeks ago
The Web Share API Is Here :) – codeburst
One of the coolest APIs is available now as of Chrome 61! The Web Share API is a JavaScript API that let’s you implement native sharing capabilities from your Mobile Web App previously available on…
web  share  api  chrome 
9 weeks ago
Debugging Nuxt.js with Visual Studio Code – Marshall Thompson – Medium
As I’ve started using FeathersJS with Nuxt.js, I’ve needed a way to debug the Server Side Rendering (SSR) process. As usual, Visual Studio Code’s excellent debugger is wonderfully simple to setup…
nuxt.js  debugging 
11 weeks ago
In-Depth Cockpit CMS Tutorial with a Nuxt.js App [Live Demo] - Snipcart
Read this Cockpit CMS & Nuxt.js tutorial to learn how to bundle a full JAMstack project. Headless CMS + static app generation with a powerful Vue.js framework.
cms  headless 
11 weeks ago
superKalo/super-repo: SuperRepo: Repository-ish pattern for client-side data!
super-repo - SuperRepo: Repository-ish pattern for client-side data!
js  javascript  repository 
11 weeks ago
How I must insert the attribution? – Flaticon
In order to use an icon you must attribute it to its author, so we will be able to continue creating new graphic resources every day. ...
icons  icon 
12 weeks ago
How Seth Godin Would Launch a Business With a $1,000 Budget – Louis Grenier – Indie Hackers
Most of the so-called marketing "influencers" out there are celebrities. They've made it. They're not in the trenches anymore. They forgot how to "do" mar…
business  howto  marketing 
12 weeks ago
Mixins and Plugins in VueJS – Denny Headrick – Medium
There is a tendency to reach for component-first solutions while developing with a library like VueJS. Why wouldn’t there be; after all, it’s a sweet library to segregate functionality and visual…
vue.js  plugins  mixins 
12 weeks ago
List of Supported CSS Classes
Overview of the CSS classes currently supported by SAPUI5.
sapui5  css  colorscheme 
august 2017
Creating Github Issues Using Webtask.io Serverless Functions
Learn to use Webtask.io's serverless functions to perform automated tasks like creating Github issues. Full code provided with a walkthrough and screenshots
js  javascript  github 
august 2017
Using global mixins in Vue.js – Freek Van der Herten – Medium
Recently I needed to add some global functionality to nearly all Vue components in an app. My colleague Seb told me a good way to achieve this: global mixins. In this post I’d like share that…
vue.js  mixin 
august 2017
Series | Alex Jover Morales
Curated series or collection of blog posts
vue.js  jest 
august 2017
10 JavaScript concepts you need to know for interviews
From the dev.to() community. Sharing ideas that makes us all better developers.
js  interview 
august 2017
How to Do a Proper Post-Race Data Analysis | TrainingPeaks
Tips for a proper post-race analysis that will provide context for your performance and uncover clues about how best to plan your training strategy.
bike  training 
august 2017
We boosted our JavaScript projects’ maintainability by following these guidelines
Here’s a list of guidelines we’ve found, written and gathered that (we think) works really well with most JavaScript projects.
js  javascript 
august 2017
Use our Argos stock checker to search Argos stock NOW instantly for any item in any national Argos nationwide. We check the stock with our unique stock checker, within seconds.
august 2017
Introducing Grial – Sergio Xalambrí – Medium
A Node.js framework for creating GraphQL API servers easily and without a lot of boilerplate.
node.js  node  graphql 
july 2017
Home · sergiodxa/grial Wiki
grial - A Node.js framework for creating GraphQL API servers easily and without a lot of boilerplate.
node.js  node  graphql 
july 2017
PWA for the Pomodoro Technique, built with Vue, Vuex and Firebase - Vue.js Feed
An open source companion web app for the Pomodoro Technique using Vue 2, Vuex and Firebase.
july 2017
Pitchup.com: campsites and holiday parks in UK, Europe & Americas
Book campsites, glamping sites, caravan sites and holiday parks in the UK, Europe and the Americas. 101,489 reviews, 135,772 photos and 8,598 listings with best prices.
camping  holiday  campsites  europe 
july 2017
Role Based Authentication using Vue.js 2 – Manoj Kumar – Medium
Front end development has progressed leaps and bounds as compared to the early days of development for clients. The developer community has contributed tremendously in creating frameworks and…
vue.js  js  javascript  authentication 
july 2017
wearehive/project-guidelines: A set of best practices for JavaScript projects
project-guidelines - A set of best practices for JavaScript projects
js  javascript  best  practice 
july 2017
Functional Mixins – JavaScript Scene – Medium
Functional mixins are composable factory functions which connect together in a pipeline; each function adding some properties or behaviors like workers on an assembly line. Functional mixins don’t…
functional  js  javascript 
july 2017
vire/jest-vue-preprocessor: Preprocessor that allows importing of .vue files in jest tests
jest-vue-preprocessor - Preprocessor that allows importing of .vue files in jest tests
vue  jest  testing  tdd  javascript 
july 2017
Even more about how Flexbox works — explained in big, colorful, animated gifs
Last time we got started with the basic Flexbox properties: flex-direction, justify-content, align-items, and align-self. These commands are powerful for creating basic layouts. But once you start…
flexbox  css 
june 2017
sdmg15/Best-websites-a-programmer-should-visit: Some useful websites for programmers.
Best-websites-a-programmer-should-visit - :link: Some useful websites for programmers.
bestpractices  development  github  programming  resources 
june 2017
tonsky/FiraCode: Monospaced font with programming ligatures
FiraCode - Monospaced font with programming ligatures
font  fonts  programming 
june 2017
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