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The Curse of Culture – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
"Microsoft under Nadella’s leadership has, over the last three years, undergone a tremendous transformation, [...] How much stronger might the company have been had it faced reality in 2007, but the culture made that impossible."
culture  history  microsoft  leadership  apple  business 
june 2018 by niksilver
How to fix a program without the source code? Patch the binary directly | Ars Technica UK
"To make space for the new length checking, the part of the program that copied the font name was ever so slightly deoptimized, replacing a faster routine with a slightly slower one, and freeing up a few bytes in the process."
microsoft  security  souce_code  dopost 
november 2017 by niksilver
The Verge Survey: how Americans really feel about Facebook, Apple - The Verge
"The findings are fascinating: respondents trusted Facebook less than Google, and “trust” was a primary factor for individuals who abstained from using Facebook overall. Respondents trusted Amazon almost as much as their own bank."
survey  facebook  microsoft  twitter  apple  google  amazon  dopost 
november 2017 by niksilver
Steve Blank Why Tim Cook is Steve Ballmer and Why He Still Has His Job at Apple
One of the strengths of successful visionary and charismatic CEOs is that they [...] unconsciously force out any world-class innovators from their direct reports. The problem is in a company driven by a visionary CEO, there is only one visionary.
leadership  innovation  apple  microsoft  steve_jobs  tim_cook  dopost 
october 2017 by niksilver
Android killed Windows Phone, not Apple - The Verge
"So Windows Phone is well and truly dead(excepting a tiny handful of Windows 10 devices). There it lies, buried in the graveyard of failed smartphone platforms. Cause of death: Android. Yes, really."
windows_phone  android  google  microsoft  dopost  mobile 
july 2017 by niksilver
Why did Microsoft bring SQL Server to Linux, and how? | Ars Technica UK
"There was some nervousness and trepidation when the decision was first made to bring SQL Server to Linux [...] but as the project progressed, the team grew more confident that it would open up SQL Server to a whole set of customers who previously couldn't even contemplate it because of its OS dependency."
microsoft  linux  database  dopost 
december 2016 by niksilver
Penny Arcade - News - The Surface Studio!
"About a year ago they invited me over to show me a brand new device. I ended up in a little tiny room with a sheet covering something on a table in front of me. There was a one way mirror on my left and I was informed that there were people back there watching. I was super curious what it was all about and when they pulled the sheet off I saw the Surface Studio."
microsoft_surface  hardware  microsoft  design 
october 2016 by niksilver
MacBook Pro | Hacker News
"Microsoft really hit it out of the park yesterday. Apple's entire presentation felt like they are trying to fill the 1.5 hours of time with bullshit."
apple  microsoft  launch  hardware  mac  microsoft_surface  dopost 
october 2016 by niksilver
If a sentence in an email ends in 'J,' it's OK
"When you type the traditional colon-parenthesis sequence for a smiley into an e-mail that hasn’t been set to plain text, Outlook automatically corrects that :) “emoticon” into the corresponding symbol of a yellow smiling face. [...] but Outlook performs this character conversion by swapping in a symbol from a font called Wingdings [so] you will instead see the character that occupies the smiley-face symbol’s spot on the keyboard in Wingdings, a capital J."
characters  microsoft  email  dopost 
october 2016 by niksilver
Microsoft adds QR codes to tell users why their system crashed
"Apparently the frowny emoji wasn't fully conveying the information that users required."
microsoft  windows  dopost  user_interfaces 
april 2016 by niksilver
Why Microsoft needed to make Windows run Linux software | Ars Technica UK
"'s unlikely that the company would make such a move just to provide a few creature comforts to developers. The need goes deeper than that."
windows  linux  development  microsoft  dopost 
april 2016 by niksilver
Apple Won't Let the iPad Be an iPad -
"Apple’s current arrogance meets and exceeds anything Microsoft did in the 1990s, and by continually following competitors in the tablet market—with mini-tablets, with phablets, and now with 2-in-1s—all Apple is doing is proving that it cannot innovate anymore, cannot lead, and cannot listen to its own customers."
apple  microsoft  tablets  dopost 
march 2016 by niksilver
Microsoft's SQL database software now runs on Linux
"Microsoft has unveiled a version of SQL Server, a flagship database program, for Linux. That's right -- you can get a major Microsoft data center app without having to touch Windows."
microsoft  linux  database  sql_server  dopost 
march 2016 by niksilver
The Inside Story of Surface Book, Microsoft's Next Big Thing | WIRED
"Even when Panay and his team began showing the Surface Book to partners and retailers, they never, ever detached it. “No matter what demo I do,” Panay told his team, “no matter what retail meeting I’m in, no one gets to see it with the top off.”"
microsoft  design  hardware  microsoft_surface_book  dopost 
november 2015 by niksilver
Google goes after Microsoft Office | TechMarketView
"For Office customers with Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EA) who switch to Google Apps for Work, Google is offering to pay the Microsoft fees for the remainder of the period and chip in up to $25 per user for migration and deployment fees, in return for a 12 month commitment once the EA has run out."
business  microsoft  google_apps  google  contracts  dopost 
october 2015 by niksilver
Windows 10 and Skylake processors were ‘designed together,’ says Intel’s Kirk Skaugen | The Verge
"Skaugen says Intel has been working on the Skylake architecture for more than four years, and it’s collaborated with Microsoft on generating some synergies along the way."
intel  microsoft  dopost  hardware 
september 2015 by niksilver
You win, Microsoft: How I accidentally went back to Microsoft Word | Ars Technica UK
"The new "let's publish our applications in places where users are actually going" Microsoft is easier to live with and, paradoxically, has gotten me to buy further into the Microsoft ecosystem than I ever would have done otherwise. For any person or group of people who needs to use the same tools on a diverse mix of hardware and software platforms, in the last year Office has gone from being a non-starter to a surprisingly viable option."
ecosystems  microsoft  productivity  dopost 
june 2015 by niksilver
HMRC ditches Microsoft for Google, sends data offshore • The Register
"Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is the first major department to move to Google Apps, part of an apparent loosening of Microsoft's stranglehold on the government's software services. The department will join the Cabinet Office and Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) in deploying the fluffy white stuff."
hmrc  microsoft  google  cloud_computing  dopost  government 
june 2015 by niksilver
Build 2015: With Windows 10, Microsoft is no longer a follower
"Maybe this is reading too much into things, but I noticed a very different feeling in the air after chatting with developers and Microsoft employees over the past few days, when compared to the Windows 8 launch years ago. [...] Now, that anxiety has been replaced with excitement. And for Microsoft, that's the best possible outcome from its developer conference."
microsoft  windows_10  windows  dopost 
may 2015 by niksilver
Windows Defender now removes Superfish malware… if you’re lucky | Ars Technica
"First the good news. Microsoft today released a signature update for Windows Defender, the anti-malware software that's built in to Windows, to enable it to both detect and remove the Superfish malware that Lenovo installed on some systems."
malware  lenovo  microsoft  dopost 
february 2015 by niksilver
Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Overview
"DSC is a new management platform in Windows PowerShell that enables deploying and managing configuration data for software services and managing the environment in which these services run. DSC provides a set of Windows PowerShell language extensions, new Windows PowerShell cmdlets, and resources that you can use to declaratively specify how you want your software environment to be configured. It also provides a means to maintain and manage existing configurations."
windows  microsoft  devops 
february 2015 by niksilver
Episode 30 - DevOps in a Microsoft World - Arrested DevOps
"Microsoft DevOps Evangelist Jessica DeVita and Jeffrey Snover, a Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft and the Lead Architect for the Windows Server and System Center Division, talk with the ADO crew about how Microsoft approaches DevOps."
windows  devops  microsoft  dopost  video 
february 2015 by niksilver
Microsoft Advertising Sales Team Redundancies - Business Insider
"Microsoft has laid off its global advertising salesforce, sources have told Business Insider. The layoffs — within the Microsoft Advertising division — are expected to affect staff members across the US, UK, and other global offices, charged with selling advertising space across Microsoft's MSN, Bing, Xbox, Outlook, Skype, and Windows 8 properties."
microsoft  jobs  dopost 
november 2014 by niksilver
Cloud Storage is a Feature | OneDrive content from Windows IT Pro
"Microsoft just moved the ball. Cloud storage isn't a service, something you pay for anymore. Now it's a feature. It's something you get for free as part of purchasing something far less nebulous. So let me reiterate: It's Game Over for Dropbox and the storage pretenders."
microsoft  dropbox  cloud_services  dopost 
october 2014 by niksilver
Windows Update drivers bricking USB serial chips beloved of hardware hackers | Ars Technica
"Hardware hackers building interactive gadgets based on the Arduino microcontrollers are finding that a recent driver update that Microsoft deployed over Windows Update has bricked some of their hardware, leaving it inaccessible to most software both on Windows and Linux."
hardware  microsoft  dopost  usb 
october 2014 by niksilver
Windows Technical Preview is Microsoft's Alchemy Moment | Windows 10 content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
"Which brings us to the Windows Technical Preview. [...] But what I can say, even at this early stage, is that Microsoft—by which I mean "Terry Myerson, Joe Belfiore and whatever so-far-unnamed souls who are really making this all happen"—has cracked it. They've done the impossible. They've figured out how to make this work."
windows  microsoft  windows_10  dopost 
october 2014 by niksilver
Microsoft Announces Windows 10 | Windows content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
"Windows 9 was the "natural" name for this release, Terry Myerson said, and was indeed the original name. But after joking about a few fake names—like Windows One—he noted that this isn't an incremental release. It's a major new Windows that will run on everything from headless Internet of Things devices to phones to tablets to PCs to the Xbox to the cloud. They really wanted to segregate it from current Windows versions."
microsoft  launch  windows  dopost 
october 2014 by niksilver
Apple Botches First iOS 8 Update | Mobile content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
"The real problem is that this always happens. As a reviewer, the thing that sort of rankles me about the issues that accompany every single iOS release is that this situation is routinely swept under the rug."
failure  apple  hardware  ios  bugs  microsoft  dopost 
september 2014 by niksilver
Siri & Cortana: Group Therapy - YouTube
"We all saw the commercials. Her hanging out with celebrities and stuff. I wanna be a part of stuff."
cortana  microsoft  siri  humour  video  dopost 
september 2014 by niksilver
Microsoft Seeking Respect for Internet Explorer | Paul Thurrotts WinInfo content from Windows IT Pro
"IE is widely viewed as the AOL of web browsers, something that the unwashed masses use only because they don't realize there are viable, even superior, alternatives. And the software giant is hoping to change that."
microsoft  internet_explorer  dopost 
august 2014 by niksilver
Microsoft may ditch the Charms bar in its next big Windows update
"Some would already argue that Windows 8 is anything but charming, but a slew of new reports indicate that Microsoft might give one of Windows 8's most iconic interface elements - the Charms bar - the axe in its next big OS release."
user_interfaces  windows_8  microsoft  dopost 
august 2014 by niksilver
Satya Nadella's email to employees: Bold ambition and our core
Satya Nadella's email to Microsoft: "At our core, Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more."
microsoft  email  business_strategy  dopost 
july 2014 by niksilver
Microsoft Is Technology’s Comeback Kid | TechCrunch
"A Microsoft with a strategy is a deadly force in the race for tech supremacy, and Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon are deeply vulnerable."
microsoft  business_strategy  dopost 
april 2014 by niksilver
What the Heck is Happening to Windows? | Windows 8 content from Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows
"When critics described Windows 8.1 as a step backwards, I disagreed [...] With Update 1, however, I'm beginning to question the validity of this new direction, and am now wondering whether Microsoft has simply fallen into an all-too-familiar trap of trying to please everyone, and creating a product that is ultimately not ideal for anyone."
windows_8  microsoft  user_interfaces  design  dopost 
february 2014 by niksilver
Windows 8.1 becomes world's fourth-most-popular desktop OS • The Register
"Perhaps the most interesting thing about this data is that Windows XP use is not declining as rapidly as seems sensible, inasmuch as it is now just over two months from the end of its supported life."
windows  windows_8  data  dopost  microsoft 
february 2014 by niksilver
Carl Ledbetter: A designer's journey
"Ledbetter and his colleagues on the Xbox industrial design team sketched and then 3D-printed iteration after iteration until there was literally a pile of prototype possibilities. By the end, they had more than 75 iterations of the console, 100 of Kinect, and more than 200 of the controller."
design  xbox  microsoft  dopost 
january 2014 by niksilver
Why Microsoft Might Not Kill Nokia's Android Phone - Ina Fried - Mobile - AllThingsD
"So, is Nokia really working on an Android-based phone, and would Microsoft really go ahead with such a device? The answer to the first one is definitely yes. And, surprisingly, the answer to the second question may be yes, as well."
microsoft  nokia  android  dopost 
december 2013 by niksilver
Next Windows release reportedly codenamed 'Threshold,' set to further unify Microsoft operating systems
"Microsoft's on the, erm, threshold of something big -- something that's likely to make its three major operating systems even more similar. [...] Among the shared, cross-OS features are single, unified app store and tool sets designed to further entice developers to create applications for all three."
microsoft  windows_8  dopost 
december 2013 by niksilver
What does Apple's free OS X upgrade mean for Microsoft? | The Verge
"For Apple, the move makes perfect sense. OS X only runs on Macs, and the revenue that would normally be collected on the operating system is baked into the cost of the hardware, which is usually offered at a higher price than an equivalent Windows PC."
microsoft  dopost  operating_systems  apple 
october 2013 by niksilver
BBC News - Microsoft to buy Nokia's mobile phone unit
"Microsoft has agreed a deal to buy Nokia's mobile phone business for 5.4bn euros ($7.2bn; £4.6bn)."
nokia  microsoft  acquisition  dopost  mobile 
september 2013 by niksilver
Microsoft Asks Google to Take Down
"Corporations are too busy these days to sniff out copyright infringements. Many rely on automated systems to generate Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown requests. Microsoft, for example, uses LeakID, which resulted in a delightful faux pas: It tried to censor itself."
google  microsoft  piracy  dopost  failure 
july 2013 by niksilver
Victory Lap for Ask Patents - Joel on Software
"There are a lot of people complaining about lousy software patents these days. I say, stop complaining, and start killing them. It took me about fifteen minutes to stop a crappy Microsoft patent from being approved. Got fifteen minutes? You can do it too."
patents  microsoft  legal  dopost 
july 2013 by niksilver
The irrelevance of Microsoft — Benedict Evans
"Quarterly numbers are all well and good, but sometimes it takes a really long-term chart to see what's going on. This one shows unit sales and average selling prices of PCs (including Macs, not that it matters) since 1995, the year Microsoft sealed its victory with Windows 95."
microsoft  sales  dopost  financials  trends 
july 2013 by niksilver
Microsoft keeps gunning after Apple's 'generic' App Store trademark, brings in a linguistics expert
"We'd say this was getting silly but that would imply that it wasn't already. Microsoft and Apple are still at each other's throat over the latter's trademark application for the term "App Store," with Microsoft now bringing in a Dr. Ronald Butters, Professor Emeritus at Duke University and a man with a taste for hardcore semantics. He says the compound noun "app store" is perfectly generic in that it "does not merely describe the thing named, it is the thing named.""
trademarks  app_store  apple  microsoft  legal 
june 2013 by niksilver
8 months in Microsoft, I learned these | /home/alp
"Two years ago today, I started Microsoft Windows Azure as an intern, [...] I decided to summarize a few points I learned so far in this job during last 8 months. This may sound like the way things work are crappy, it is not. I learned that one will see this sort of problems in all large scale companies. Most of them are not specific to Microsoft at all."
microsoft  management  dopost 
june 2013 by niksilver
Microsoft Boy announces his School Homework – Simple-Talk
Funny, if rather unfair: "Continuing in our series of attempts to imagine how Microsoft Marketing people relate to their fellow men outside work, we give you a glimpse of Microsoft Boy at school, before the start of his splendid career at Redmond."
microsoft  humour  marketing  dopost 
june 2013 by niksilver
Staying centered - The Official Microsoft Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs
Microsoft hits back on the "New Coke" accusation with a well-reasoned response: "Windows 8 is a good product, and it’s getting better every day. Unlike a can of soda, a computer operating system offers different experiences to different customers to meet different needs, while still moving the entire industry toward an exciting future of touch, mobility, and seamless, cross-device experiences."
microsoft  windows  dopost  public_relations 
may 2013 by niksilver
"I Contribute to the Windows Kernel. We Are Slower Than Other Operating Systems. Here Is Why." - Zorinaq
"Windows is indeed slower than other operating systems in many scenarios, and the gap is worsening. The cause of the problem is social."
windows  microsoft  performance  dopost  operating_systems  management 
may 2013 by niksilver
Stupid, Stupid xBox!! « iLike.code
"But the past 5 years, and the last year in particular, have been simply painful to watch. Coasting on past momentum. Failing to innovate and failing to capitalize on innovations like Kinect. Touting strategic and market success when you’re just experiencing your competitor’s stumbling failure (yes, Sony, Nintendo – you are, I’m afraid, stumbling failures). A complete lack of tactical versus strategic understanding of the long game of the living room."
microsoft  xbox  gaming  competition  dopost 
february 2013 by niksilver
Microsoft’s Downfall: Inside the Executive E-mails and Cannibalistic Culture That Felled a Tech Giant | Blogs | Vanity Fair
Collecting all Microsoft's missed opportunities is highly educational. But it makes them look like a failure, when in fact they're just not a great as they might have been. For now.
business_strategy  dopost  failure  microsoft 
july 2012 by niksilver
The Next Microsoft - journal - minimally minimal
Great thinking on Microsoft branding. Just an idea, alas.
branding  microsoft  dopost 
july 2012 by niksilver
Daring Fireball: Surface: Between a Rock and a Hardware Place
"Microsoft Surface is not fundamentally about Microsoft needing to control the entire integrated product in order to compete with the iPad on design. It’s about Microsoft needing to sell the whole thing to sustain its current profitability."
business_strategy  dopost  analysis  tablets  apple  microsoft_surface  microsoft 
june 2012 by niksilver
Microsoft Surface tablet: what the analysts say | Technology |
"I do not believe Microsoft see Surface as a big volume driver device in either version, but they establish the benchmark, sell a few at decent margins, and then let the ODM [original device manufacturer, eg HP or Dell] partners drive prices down. Not having 3G [mobile connectivity] makes things easier from a channel perspective [ie, it doesn't have to be sold with mobile contracts] and considering that the majority of users have been buying Wi-Fi [iPads] it will not be a limiting factor."
tablets  analysis  hardware  dopost  microsoft_surface  launch  microsoft 
june 2012 by niksilver
The Male Gaze - What, Where, Why?
A song from Microsoft Norway hits the wrong notes... "But then I heard a line that began with ”I’m a developer” and ended with “my penis.” I remember turning to Alex and asking: “did I hear that right? Did it really just say ‘I’m a developer’ and end with ‘my penis?’ He shook his head, yes."
dopost  microsoft  software_development  sexism 
june 2012 by niksilver
Twitter / @jmacdonald: Holy google driv ...
Google seem to claim ownership of your content via Google Drive. Dropbox and Microsoft (via SkyDrive) don't.
dopost  dropbox  microsoft  micro  google_drive  terms_and_conditions 
april 2012 by niksilver
Facebook Buys AOL Patents From Microsoft For $550 Million In Cash | TechCrunch
"Microsoft and Facebook today announced that Microsoft would be selling to Facebook 650 of the 925 patents that it bought from AOL to Facebook for $550 million in cash."
dopost  facebook  microsoft  patents 
april 2012 by niksilver
How Microsoft Fought True Open Standards I - Open Enterprise
"So, without much hope, I put in a Freedom of Information request [...] asking for details of all the meetings that Microsoft had had with the Cabinet Office on this subject. To my utter astonishment I was sent a real cornucopia of briefing notes and emails that Microsoft used to lobby against Restriction-Free (RF) open standards and in favour for standards based on FRAND licensing of claimed patents."
open_standards  microsoft  dopost  government  freedom_of_information 
april 2012 by niksilver
Microsoft Buys Netscape In AOL $1 Billion Patent Deal - Peter Kafka - News - AllThingsD
"Here’s a deal that would have made many minds explode back in the 1990s: Microsoft is buying Netscape. Or at least most of the important parts of the company that used to be synonymous with “Internet.”"
netscape  dopost  patents  acquisition  aol  microsoft 
april 2012 by niksilver
Surprise: Microsoft makes list of top 20 Linux kernel contributors — first time ever - GeekWire
"The company, whose CEO Steve Ballmer once famously compared Linux to [cancer], is now one of the top 20 contributors of code to the open-source operating system’s kernel, according to a new report out this morning from the nonprofit Linux Foundation."
open_source  linux  microsoft  dopost 
april 2012 by niksilver
"MouseSpeed, MouseThreshold1, and MouseThreshold2 determine when and to what extent cursor speed accelerates when the mouse moves rapidly."
tips  windows  mouse  dontpost  microsoft 
february 2012 by niksilver
Redesigning the Windows Logo
The new Windows 8 logo. It's not a flag any more, it's a... window.
design  dopost  microsoft  windows  logo 
february 2012 by niksilver
INF: How SQL Server Compares Strings with Trailing Spaces
Urgh: "The ANSI standard requires padding for the character strings used in comparisons so that their lengths match before comparing them."
ansi  sql  microsoft  troubleshooting  dontpost  ms_sql_server 
january 2012 by niksilver
Lead Bullets | TechCrunch
Great insight on dealing with competition... "Bill was a long-time veteran of battling Microsoft from his time at Borland and understood what I was trying to do, but remained unconvinced. He said: “Ben, those silver bullets that you and Mike are looking for are fine and good, but our web server is five times slower. There is no silver bullet that’s going to fix that. No, we are going to have to use a lot of lead bullets.”"
business_strategy  competition  microsoft  advice  dopost 
october 2011 by niksilver
Microsoft Will Give Nokia More Than $30 Million To Push Windows Phone In The U.K.
"A source told Mobile Today that the money will fund a massive cross-media campaign for Nokia's Windows phone, and that Microsoft is "desperate to kick the hell out of Android.""
microsoft  nokia  advertising  dopost 
october 2011 by niksilver
BBC News - IBM beats Microsoft in tech giants ranking
"For the first time since 1996 IBM's market value has exceeded Microsoft's."
financials  microsoft  ibm  dopost 
october 2011 by niksilver
Improvements in Windows Explorer - Building Windows 8 - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Fascinating data to inform changes to Windows Explorer, which will now include the ribbon: "This data is pretty interesting. First it shows that even though there are over 200 commands in Explorer, customers use a small number of them with any real frequency: the top 10 commands represent 81.8% of total usage. Additionally it shows us that people overwhelmingly use Explorer for core file management tasks - the top 7 commands (72.2% of usage) are all for managing/manipulating files."
windows  usability  microsoft  design 
august 2011 by niksilver
Suck on it, AppleSoft — Google pulls a rope-a-dope | Real Dan Lyons Web Site
" Everyone was baffled when Google made thosecrazy bids
 for the Nortel patents last month. Remember? They bid things like the distance from the earth to the sun, the number pi, and some other wacky numbers from mathematics. [...] And today it all makes sense. Google just sandbagged its rivals. The whole thing was a rope-a-dope maneuver. "
microsoft  patents  motorola  apple 
august 2011 by niksilver
Google Inc. in preliminary talks to buy Hulu -
"Google Inc. is in preliminary talks to buy online video pioneer Hulu, people familiar with the situation said. Hulu has begun meeting with potential buyers including Google, Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. to drum up interest in a sale, said these people, who requested anonymity because the discussions are confidential."
google  hulu  acquisition  yahoo  microsoft 
july 2011 by niksilver
Why Microsoft has made developers horrified about coding for Windows 8
"Windows developers have invested a lot of time, effort, and money into the platform. Over the years, they've learned Win32, COM, MFC, ATL, Visual Basic 6, .NET, WinForms, Silverlight, WPF. All of these technologies were, at one time or another, instrumental in creating desktop applications on Windows. [...] Hearing that Windows 8 would use HTML5 and JavaScript for its new immersive applications was, therefore, more than a little disturbing to Windows developers. Such a switch means discarding two decades of knowledge and expertise of Windows development—and countless hours spent learning Microsoft's latest-and-greatest technology—and perhaps just as importantly, it means discarding rich, capable frameworks and the powerful, enormously popular Visual Studio development environment, in favor of a far more primitive, rudimentary system with substantially inferior tools."
microsoft  html5  windows  javascript  programming 
june 2011 by niksilver
Microsoft has received five times more income from Android than from Windows Phone | asymco
"Microsoft gets $5 for every HTC phone running Android, according to Citi analyst Walter Pritchard, who released a big report on Microsoft this morning. Microsoft is getting that money thanks to a patent settlement with HTC over intellectual property infringement."
android  microsoft  htc  mobile 
may 2011 by niksilver
Silicon Valley Guru Steve Blank Welcomes The New Bubble And Says Microsoft Is Doomed
"Steve Blank is the closest thing Silicon Valley has to a guru. The serial entrepreneur turned writer and professor has a big theory: entrepreneurship is a skill that can be taught. [...] We caught up with the outspoken professor to talk about the state of the tech business today."
interview  bubble  google  steve_blank  microsoft  entrepreneurship 
may 2011 by niksilver
Skype: The Numbers Behind Microsoft's Acquisition
"$14.70 is what Microsoft paid per user for Skype, according to Atomic Inc. When eBay bought Skype back in 2005, they paid $45.60 per user."
acquisition  microsoft  skype  analysis 
may 2011 by niksilver
Why Microsoft Is Buying Skype for $8.5 Billion: Tech News and Analysis «
"The biggest winner of this deal could actually be Facebook. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based social networking giant had little or no chance of buying Skype. Had it been public, it would have been a different story. With Microsoft, it gets the best of both worlds: It gets access to Skype assets (Microsoft is an investor in Facebook) and it gets to keep Skype away from Google."
microsoft  skype  facebook  acquisition 
may 2011 by niksilver
HP CEO: Microsoft still our BFF (but no Windows on webOS tablets) - Big Tech - Fortune Tech
"Five months into his tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), Leo Apotheker already faces a host of challenges. His board has mostly turned over. The company's financial results have flagged, along with its share price. Meanwhile, Apotheker has begun to articulate a new strategy for HP around cloud computing, even as it pursues a controversial strategy of designing its own operating system for mobile devices, a move certain to anger its longtime partner, Microsoft. Apotheker sat down for an extended interview with Fortune's Adam Lashinsky on April 12, 2011 at HP's Palo Alto, Calif., headquarters. An unedited transcript follows."
hp  webos  interview  microsoft  business 
april 2011 by niksilver
"We'd say this was getting silly but that would imply that it wasn't already. Microsoft and Apple are still at each other's throat over the latter's trademark application for the term "App Store," with Microsoft now bringing in a Dr. Ronald Butters, Professor Emeritus at Duke University and a man with a taste for hardcore semantics. He says the compound noun "app store" is perfectly generic in that it "does not merely describe the thing named, it is the thing named.""
trademarks  app_store  apple  microsoft  legal 
march 2011 by niksilver
5 Killer Ideas Apple Should Steal From Microsoft | Cult of Mac
"Apple and its customers would benefit enormously if Apple were to steal the following five key ideas from Microsoft." Not only is this a really good list, it's even more powerful that it comes from a site called "Cult of Mac"
apple  microsoft  innovation 
march 2011 by niksilver
The most modern browser there is: Internet Explorer 9 reviewed
"And with the release today of Internet Explorer 9, the company has gone on to deliver just that—IE9 is the most modern browser there is."
ie9  microsoft  review  browser 
march 2011 by niksilver
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