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"Work together like you’re in the same room. Fast screen sharing with multiplayer control, drawing & video."
collaboration  tool  pair_programming  dopost 
5 days ago
Don't Just Throw Together a Webinar — The Virtual Events Crash Course You Need | First Round Review
"For those jumping into virtual events and online community building for the first time. Where should you get started? Spinks offers five principles for you to keep in mind as your rev up your online event engine."
events  advice  dopost  community 
7 days ago
Google to ‘phase out’ third-party cookies in Chrome, but not for two years - The Verge
"Google will join Safari and Firefox in blocking third-party cookies in its Chrome web browser. However, unlike those browsers (which have already started blocking them by default), Google intends to take a phased approach."
cookies  privacy  chrome  firefox  safari  browsers 
11 days ago
GitLab's Guide to All-Remote | GitLab
"GitLab is the world's largest all-remote company [...] On this page and subpages, we'll share what "all-remote" really means, how it works at GitLab, some tips and tricks for remote teams, and resources to learn more."
remote_working  manifesto  gitlab  dopost  collaboration 
22 days ago
Coronavirus: The Black Swan of 2020 - Sequoia Capital Publication - Medium
Being stronger in difficult times: "Many of the most iconic companies were forged and shaped during difficult times. We partnered with Cisco shortly after Black Monday in 1987. Google and PayPal soldiered through the aftermath of the dot-com bust. More recently, Airbnb, Square, and Stripe were founded in the midst of the Global Financial Crisis. Constraints focus the mind and provide fertile ground for creativity."
uncertainty  advice  business  entrepreneurship 
29 days ago
Chord Trainer | Entry | Reaktor User Library
By Richard Smith... "Hex graphic keyboard to help learn to play chords"
music_theory  synthesis  music 
4 weeks ago
Consent | ICO
"This guidance discusses consent in detail. Read it if you have detailed questions not answered in the Guide, or if you need a deeper understanding to help you apply consent in practice. DPOs and those with specific data protection responsibilities in larger organisations are likely to find it useful."
privacy  ico  gdpr  cookies  guidelines 
4 weeks ago
Blog: Cookies – what does ‘good’ look like? | ICO
"In this latest myth-busting blog, I will clear up some of the uncertainty that’s developed around cookies since last year."
cookies  privacy  ico  guidelines  gdpr  pecr 
4 weeks ago
BEM — Block Element Modifier
"Sadly, most CSS codebases are sometimes developed without any structure or naming conventions. This leads to an unmaintainable CSS codebase in the long term. The BEM approach ensures that everyone who participates in the development of a website works with a single codebase and speaks the same language. Using proper naming will prepare you for the changes in design of the website."
naming  css  software_development 
4 weeks ago
How a hacker’s mom broke into prison—and the warden’s computer | Ars Technica
"John Strand breaks into things for a living. [...] But in July 2014, prepping for a pen test of a South Dakota correctional facility, he took a decidedly different tack. He sent his mom."
security  crime  cyber_security  dopost 
5 weeks ago
Laying Solid Foundations in a New Piece - YouTube
"This video [...] introduces the "Three S's" - practice tools that can be used as a better alternative than the default "repeated read- through" method."
music  advice  video 
5 weeks ago
The VP Product Role | Silicon Valley Product Group
"I work with quite a few different product companies, and I am often asked to recommend and evaluate potential [VP Product] candidates. I have done so much of this lately that it inspired me to write up my views on this product leadership role."
recruitment  product_development  advice  dopost 
5 weeks ago
Team Objectives - Overview | Silicon Valley Product Group
"If the company is still using feature teams, as most unfortunately are, then the OKR technique is going to be a cultural mismatch, and almost certainly prove a waste of time and effort. The OKR technique came from companies that had empowered product teams in their DNA. OKR’s are first and foremost an empowerment technique."
product_management  okrs  management  dopost 
6 weeks ago
Feelings: what's the point of rational thought if emotions always take over?
"Even the most emotional person uses rational thought when deciding, and even the most rational person is affected by emotions when making decisions. [...] But evolution has supported the development of feeling and thinking exactly because we need them both."
evolution  psychology  brains  decision_making  dopost 
6 weeks ago
How to Use Scenario Analysis to Manage in Uncertain Times
Overview of scenario analyis. "Scenario analysis is a method for creating responses to various future events with the aim of reducing uncertainty and maximizing the chances of achieving a desired outcome."
scenario_analysis  planning  uncertainty  dopost 
6 weeks ago
Scenario Analysis - Strategy Skills Training from MindTools.com
How to use scenario analysis. "Scenario Analysis can help you to make better decisions, or to plan your business strategy, by challenging your assumptions about the future."
scenario_analysis  planning  uncertainty  dopost 
6 weeks ago
Don’t let OKRs displace product strategy - Dan Slate - Medium
"OKRs are a tool to measure success. They should be used to guide the execution of and measure the success of the company and product strategy, not as a substitute for crafting sound strategy in the first place."
product_management  business_strategy  okrs  dopost 
6 weeks ago
Continuous Compliance | Dave Farley’s Weblog
"Nevertheless, when describing the Continuous Delivery approach to people I am regularly asked, “Yes, that all sounds very good, but it can’t possibly work in a regulated environment can it?”. I have come to the opposite conclusion. I believe that CD is an essential component of ANY regulated approach. That is, I believe that it is not possible to implement a genuinely compliant, regulated system in the absence of CD!"
continuous_deployment  compliance  security  regulation  devops  dopost  banking 
6 weeks ago
Goodbye, Clean Code — Overreacted
"Obsessing with “clean code” and removing duplication is a phase many of us go through. [...] I suggest to think deeply about what you mean when you say “clean” or “dirty”."
software_development  design  dopost 
7 weeks ago
Risk-based cyber risk reporting | Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit
"My point is that all assessments of what might happen (aka risk) should be made based on how the achievement of business objectives might be affected."
risk_management  risk_appetite  risk  cyber_security  dopost 
7 weeks ago
Agile Light and Dark, and Becoming Value-Driven – Charles Lambdin
Shifting the focus from software to value: "So…what’s wrong with output? [...] Really you should focus on maximizing value per MINIMAL output, and you can’t do that if speed of building is coin of the realm."
value  agile  criticism  dopost  scrum  safe 
7 weeks ago
Daniel Dennett’s Science of the Soul | The New Yorker
"Picture the brain, [Dennett] often says, as a collection of subsystems that “sort of” know, think, decide, and feel. These layers build up, incrementally, to the real thing. Animals have fewer mental layers than people—in particular, they lack language, which Dennett believes endows human mental life with its complexity and texture—but this doesn’t make them zombies. It just means that they “sort of” have consciousness, as measured by human standards."
philosophy  consciousness  daniel_dennett 
8 weeks ago
Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit | Copyright Norman Marks, all rights reserved
Link risk with reward: "The point is that the acquisition will not only increase the possibility of harm, but the possibility of reward."
risk  risk_management  dopost 
8 weeks ago
The Product Kata — Melissa Perri
"Implementing Continuous Improvement and Kata helped the teams create better processes and remove bottlenecks. [...] As I was working with the Kanban team, I realized that I was using this process to create successful products. This framework was just much clearer than the way I was going about it in my own head."
lean  kanban  product_development  productivity  learning  dopost 
9 weeks ago
Another LP word-count program, plus a critique of Doug McIlroy's critique of Knuth: "Doug McIlroy, consummate engineer, disdains to practice architecture at all on such a pedestrian task; he hauls in the pieces of a prefabricated house and has the roof up that afternoon. (After all, his firm makes the best prefabs in the business.)"
criticism  literate_programming  dopost  programming  design 
9 weeks ago
Interview with M.D. McIlroy
Doug McIlroy (slightly) regrets how he critiqued Donald Knuth's literate word-count program in Programming Pearls.
interview  literate_programming  donald_knuth  dopost  design 
9 weeks ago
Programming Pearls: A literate program
Donald Knuth's literate word counting program, with a critique by Doug McIlroy of Bell Labs. From Communications of the ACM, June 1986.
pdf  literate_programming  criticism  programming  dopost 
9 weeks ago
Literate programming - Wikipedia
Key references and overview of literate programming.
literate_programming  history  dopost 
9 weeks ago
Introduction | OTTO Documentation
"The OTTO is an open source digital hardware groovebox, with synths, samplers, effects and a sequencer with an audio looper. The interface is modular, easy to use, simple, but most of all, it encourages experimentation. The graphics are quirky, and the workflow is minimalistic."
musical_instrument  hardware  open_source  music 
9 weeks ago
In-person interview | Amazon.jobs
From Amazon's leadership values: "Speed matters in business. Many decisions and actions are reversible and do not need extensive study. We value calculated risk taking."
uncertainty  risk  principles  dopost 
9 weeks ago
Engineering | Career progression at Monzo
"The engineering progression framework is a tool that helps engineers and managers: make development and career plans; talk about what we’re looking for from engineers in a consistent way; set a fair level of compensation"
careers  monzo  frameworks  hiring  dopost 
9 weeks ago
The despot dilemma: should architects work for repressive regimes? | Art and design | The Guardian
"Bjarke Ingels is the go-to golden boy for Big Tech – and now Brazil’s Bolsonaro wants a bit of his magic. But should architects boycott oppressive leaders? Do their buildings glorify their ideology?"
architecture  ethics  dopost 
10 weeks ago
Input Goals vs Output Goals
The case for setting goals about actions rather than results. "It’s easier to do 50 pushups a day than wake up with abs on your stomach. Input goals force you to focus on the core actions that matter. Starting with smaller steps builds momentum, which then increases the likelihood of sustaining progress."
productivity  motivation  dopost 
10 weeks ago
The Art of Sight-Reading (Part 1) — BachScholar®
"In this article, Dr. Hall clarifies the often misunderstood art of sight-reading. The first half of the article discusses sight-reading in general, while the second half of the article (about midway down the page) summarizes the world’s #1 sight-reading system, “Sight-Reading & Harmony” (SR&H) developed by Dr. Hall and founded upon the four-part chorales of J.S. Bach."
piano  sight_reading  education 
10 weeks ago
Cyber gangsters demand payment from Travelex after ‘Sodinokibi’ attack
"Cyber criminals are demanding payment to decrypt Travelex’s computer files after a devastating malware attack. New questions have been raised about the security of Travelex’s computer network after it emerged the company waited eight months to patch vulnerable VPN servers"
crime  security  travelex  ransomware  dopost 
january 2020
A WebAssembly Powered Augmented Reality Sudoku Solver
"Over the past couple of weeks I created an Augmented Reality Suduko solver"
dopost  augmented_reality  webassembly 
january 2020
READ A BOOK IN A DAY (how to speed-read and remember it all) - YouTube
"Here are some tips on how I read a book in a single day. With a bit of speed-reading know-how and some memory tips, you can do it too!"
tips  speed_reading  reading  video 
january 2020
The Performance Review Guide for Managers — Templates and Examples for Better Feedback | First Round Review
"Vlad had a simple yet powerful performance review system. The clarity of his feedback, the care in his delivery, and the simple organization of his framework all came together to create a career development experience unlike any I’d ever had before."
management  performance_reviews  dopost  appraisals 
january 2020
Write a puzzle generator in Elm - juricho.me
"This holiday season I wanted to make some custom jigsaw puzzle gifts. The plan: Write a jigsaw puzzle generator. Use a laser cutter to cut them out1. (so much fun!) [...] I used Elm, because it has a nice way to produce SVGs, and it happens to be the frontend language I know best."
jigsaws  programming  elm  dopost 
january 2020
ADKAR® Model Of Change
"While many change management projects focus on the steps necessary for organisational change, ADKAR® emphasises that successful organisational change occurs only when each person is able to transition successfully. [The model] focuses on 5 actions and outcomes necessary for successful individual change, and therefore successful organisational change."
change  change_management  model  dopost 
january 2020
If you think the millennium bug was a hoax, here comes a history lesson
"Y2K was the great glitch in computer systems that looked capable of destroying civilisation at the stroke of midnight on the millennium. In the end, however, nothing much went wrong. Some people started to wonder if we had been misled all along. In fact, they couldn’t have been more mistaken. Y2K is in danger of becoming one of those moments in history from which exactly the wrong lessons have been drawn."
y2k_bug  research  bugs  history  dopost 
january 2020
The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done by Peter F. Drucker
As recommended by Anna Shipman https://www.annashipman.co.uk/jfdi/effective-executive.html "Drucker identifies five practices essential to business effectiveness that can, and must, be learned: Managing time Choosing what to contribute to the organization Knowing where and how to mobilize strength for best effect Setting the right priorities Knitting all of them together with effective decision-making"
business  book  time_managemenent  productivity  dopost 
december 2019
We spent 10 years talking to people. Here's what it taught us about Britain | News | The Guardian
"As events swirl around and you try to make sense of huge, complicated themes, a single conversation will bring everything into focus. And not via words alone: facial expressions, gestures, and the way individual words are emphasised can give you a vivid sense of how people think, and the way their feelings could create political change."
politics  interviews  brexit  uk 
december 2019
How Bloomberg Could Win. Again. - POLITICO
"It was a campaign that relied on a lot of things going right for him but also made sure that his candidacy was well-positioned to exploit his advantages whenever and wherever he could."
uncertainty  politics  usa  michael_bloomberg  elections 
december 2019
The rules around business to business marketing, the GDPR and PECR | ICO
"Does the GDPR apply to business-to-business marketing? Yes. The GDPR applies wherever you are processing ‘personal data’. This means if you can identify an individual either directly or indirectly, the GDPR will apply - even if they are acting in a professional capacity."
marketing  business  gdpr 
december 2019
screw drive systems
Screwdriver and related sizing and shapes.
tools  hardware 
november 2019
MELTDOWN: Why Our Systems Fail and What We Can Do About It (Penguin Pr
"A groundbreaking take on how complexity causes failure in all kinds of modern systems—from social media to air travel—this practical and entertaining book reveals how we can prevent meltdowns in business and life."
book  risk  risk_management  business  dopost 
november 2019
Create projects independent of $GOPATH using Go Modules
"With the latest release of Go 1.11, Go Modules are introduced which let you create your project outside the $GOPATH and improves package management a lot."
golang  programming 
october 2019
Why you should worry if you have a Chinese smartphone | Technology | The Guardian
"China’s use of technology for social control of its citizens is extensive – but it could affect users elsewhere too, says security analyst Samantha Hoffman"
security  china  surveillance  dopost 
october 2019
“I could’ve told you that” might have a useful role to play in science | Ars Technica
"Individual predictions might not tell us much, but group predictions are useful."
science  uncertainty  academia  dopost 
october 2019
Google’s ‘.new’ shortcut now works with calendar entries - The Verge
"If you head over to “cal.new” or “meeting.new,” you’ll find it takes you to a blank Google Calendar entry, ready for you to fill out its details. It’s a small feature, but it means you don’t have to open up your entire calendar if you just want to add a single meeting."
google  productivity  shortcuts  dns  dopost  tips 
october 2019
Amazing insights on cyber | Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit
"...only 6 percent of CEOs say their organisations had suffered a data breach in the last 12 months. This compares to 63 per cent of CISOs who reported breaches in their organisations."
risk  security  dopost  survey 
october 2019
The source code of the original Pascal TeX software, "woven" - so it's the design document with the code.
pdf  literate_programming  tex  pascal 
october 2019
gdeer81/marginalia: ultra-lightweight literate programming for clojure inspired by docco
"Marginalia is a source code documentation tool that parses Clojure and ClojureScript code and outputs a side-by-side source view with appropriate comments and docstrings aligned."
clojure  documentation  literate_programming 
october 2019
(Reverse) Literate Programming on Jekyll/Github - Quentin Bonnard
"Instead of writing a story that will be transformed into a program, we will write a program that will be reassembled into a story – hence the reverse literate programming."
literate_programming  documentation 
october 2019
JohnWShipman: Is literate programming harmful?
"I feel obliged to respond to a post by my good friend and colleague Daniel Lyons entitled “Literate programming considered harmful”"
literate_programming  analysis  dopost 
october 2019
Increasing the size of inlets & outlets? | PURE DATA forum~
"Is there any way to increase the active area of inlets & outlets for patching (aside from zooming) ?"
pure_data  advice  user_interfaces 
october 2019
Pure Data - Good practice
Useful patterns, techniques and tips for programming Pure Data nicely.
pure_data  programming  advice  pdf 
october 2019
Understanding Audio Level
"A basic understanding of the general audio levels mentioned in this article will help you avoid the common mistakes often made when connecting audio devices together."
audio  sound  hardware  hifi  tutorial 
october 2019
The board and cyber security | Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management, and Audit
"For technical professionals who increasingly find themselves plucked out of technical operations centers and dropped into boardrooms, learning to speak the language of business is critically important, not just for their jobs and teams, but for the business as a whole."
risk_management  communication  dopost 
september 2019
Dollar signs in objects and messages | PURE DATA forum~
"Here we will discuss why $ act differently in object boxes and message boxes."
pure_data  programming 
september 2019
50 Shades of Go: Traps, Gotchas, and Common Mistakes for New Golang Devs
"Go is a simple and fun language, but, like any other language, it has a few gotchas... Many of those gotchas are not entirely Go's fault. Some of these mistakes are natural traps if you are coming from another language. Others are due to faulty assumptions and missing details."
golang  programming  advice  dopost 
september 2019
Nearly everyone in Ecuador is the victim of a data breach
"The breach impacted an estimated 20 million people -- for reference, Ecuador has a population of about 17 million. According to ZDNet, it exposed data on 6.7 million minors, as well as the country's president and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who was granted political asylum by Ecuador in 2012."
security  crime  hacking  ecuador  dopost 
september 2019
Casio PX-S1000 review: A New Era of Privia Digital Pianos (Jun. 2019)
"The PX-S1000 turned out to be a really innovative instrument, unique from everything that Casio (and other digital piano brands) have made to date."
piano  music  review  comparison  shopping 
september 2019
The new tech principles for FT.com - FT Product & Technology - Medium
"With these considerations we decided that each tech principle should be: Purposeful and applicable to the real situations engineers face; Empathetic to our colleagues, whether they are engineers or not; Act as a guide rather than to be followed dogmatically; Impermanent and to be revised in future"
communication  principles  software_development  ft  dopost 
september 2019
Roland FP-10 review: The New Entry-Level Addition to the FP-series
Very detailed review of the Roland FP-10, and a comparison to competitors.
shopping  piano  review  comparison 
september 2019
WeWork looks like a bubble waiting to burst | Business | The Guardian
"One way not to recognise a potentially heavy investment loss is to close your eyes, ignore the evidence and pretend nothing has happened. [...] A listing in New York would expose the horrible truth about the allegedly hip workspace landlord."
investment  wework  finance  dopost  ipo  valuation 
september 2019
Realtime Audio To MIDI Converter | A2M Application
"The A2M tool is designed for real-time Audio to MIDI conversion."
software  audio  sound 
september 2019
It's not 'X', it's 'Cross' – the PlayStation joypad revelation that's caused an outrage | Games | The Guardian
"A fortnight ago, Twitter user @drip133 asked a seemingly innocent question above a photo of the joypad: “Do you say ‘x’ or ‘cross’ button?” There were hundreds of contradictory responses, which became increasingly furious as the week wore on."
playstation  gaming  language  words  dopost  sony 
september 2019
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