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License is a little hard to find, have to scroll down on specimen page
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10 weeks ago
watch several channels in one window
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january 2018
OverTrack keeps records of your competitive matches - Skill Rating, Win/Loss/Draw, Eliminations, Healing, Damage, Objective Time, and more.
No longer is there a need to manually enter match data into a form or spreadsheet; OverTrack does all this automatically!
OverTrack records the map, result, heroes played and SR changes of all your matches.
All this is done by the OverTrack client passively recording and reading the screen of Overwatch, which, for the purposes of this program Blizzard has confirmed they do not consider a cheat.
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december 2017
1849 Rulebook
v4.16, Lawson edition
18xx  games 
june 2017
1830 Rules Clarifications
Clarifications for Avalon Hill Rules
board.games  1830  18xx 
may 2017
Clarifications and Rulings - 1830
Puffing Billy Tournament clarifications, vs. Avalon Hill rules
board.games  1830  18xx 
may 2017
Patch tracker for Blizzard games
blizzard  videogames  patch 
january 2017
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