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A Beats co-founder's second act | Fortune
Most people don’t think about Steven Lamar, a one-time hedge fund manager that linked up with Dre and Iovine almost a decade ago to get Beats off the ground. Lamar’s name came to the forefront in May when he sued the pair over royalties. It was in 2006 when Lamar says he approached Iovine about celebrity-endorsed headphones, lined up a design firm and manufacturer, and began talking with Apple. The Beats royalties arrangement established in a settlement later that year was no longer working, Lamar argued in the filing. And so the former partners find themselves back in court today.
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july 2018 by nicoladagostino
Apple’s Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre hit with $25 million bill for Beats headphones royalties | 9to5Mac
Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre will be ordered by a jury in a Los Angeles Superior Court to pay $25 million in Beats royalties to Steven Lamar for helping design the original Beats headphones. Lamar filed the suit back in 2016. […] The 2016 lawsuit referenced his rights to royalties on headphones that he helped design with Robert Brunner, a well-known industrial designer. He was reportedly seeking $100 million in royalties.
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Google works out a fascinating, slightly scary way for AI to isolate voices in a crowd | Ars Technica
[…] this week, a team within the tech giant attempted to replicate the cocktail party effect, or the human brain's ability to focus on one source of audio while filtering out others—just as you would while talking to a friend at a party.
Google's method uses an audio-visual model, so it is primarily focused on isolating voices in videos. The company posted a number of YouTube videos showing the tech in action
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april 2018 by nicoladagostino
SpeechBoard | Home | The easiest way to edit podcasts
Delete words/sentences from this transcript to see how it works.
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november 2017 by nicoladagostino
Chrome wants to remember which Websites to silence • The Register
Chrome's developers are testing a permanent mute for Websites that insist on running autoplay videos the instant they load.
Having a loud car advertisement or “listen to our editor talk about this story you're trying to read” is a scourge for those who vist sites to read text. […] Chrome's François Beaufort posted [a] brief announcement of the feature-test: “Give it a try today in latest Chrome Canary by running it with the --enable-features=SoundContentSetting switch”, he writes
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august 2017 by nicoladagostino
Sapling • Audio File Remixing – sineqube
A freeware standalone sound-mangling application for Mac OS X built with Max/MSP. It was designed with both live use and studio work in mind. Sapling is a program for remixing up to four audio files, and can offer some very interesting and unexpected results by utilizing several realtime randomization features.
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february 2017 by nicoladagostino
beets: the music geek‘s media organizer
It catalogs your collection, automatically improving its metadata as it goes using the MusicBrainz database. Then it provides a bouquet of tools for manipulating and accessing your music.
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december 2016 by nicoladagostino
How to restore the classic Mac startup chime to Apple's new 2016 MacBook Pros
While it's off by default, it's not gone entirely. A simple Terminal command spotlighted by Pingie can bring it back. Simply open Terminal in macOS and type:
sudo nvram BootAudio=%01
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november 2016 by nicoladagostino
A first look at the amazing amount of tech packed inside Apple’s 3.5mm to Lightning adapter [Video] | 9to5Mac
After a lot of cutting, tearing and ripping of the rubber coating, the circuit board is finally exposed, revealing the DAC labelled ‘338S00140/A0QK1623/TW.’ No manufacturer is shown, but Cirrus Logic and Dialog Semiconductor are both reported to offer products which match the spec. The DAC found inside the Lightning EarPods is said to be a minor variant on the same chip.

The double-sided circuit board reveals the standard Lightning chip on the other side, surrounded by a number of capacitors.
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september 2016 by nicoladagostino
Air gap breached by disk drive noise • The Register
[The] malware, dubbed “DiskFiltration” will be coded to seek out data like passwords, encryption keys or key-logging data. When it finds the data it wants, the malware will instruct a disk's actuator arm to perform fake “seek” operations that produce “noise patterns at a certain frequency range.”
Many hard disks now include a feature called automatic acoustic management (AAM) that deliberately dampen seek noise to prevent attacks like these. The researchers say their tests were run with AAM on its default settings.

Once the disk-swinging malware is running a nearby smartphone or other recording device will then listen in to those frequencies and should be able to transcribe the binary output at “180 bits/minute (10,800 bits/hour) and a distance of up to two meters (six feet).”

You're not going to download a movie at that speed, but for a password or key you don't need to.

The good news is that there are simple countermeasures that can stop this attack. The first is to use solid state disks. Another is to tweak AAM settings. Or you could ban smartphones from getting anywhere near air-gapped PCs, which is standard practice in lots of secure areas.
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august 2016 by nicoladagostino
GitHub - kyleneideck/BackgroundMusic: Background Music, an OS X audio utility
A [Mac] OS X utility that automatically pauses your music player when other audio starts playing and unpauses it afterwards
Per-application volume, boost quiet apps
Record system audio
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june 2016 by nicoladagostino
GitHub - mps-youtube/mps-youtube: Terminal based YouTube player and downloader
[The] project is based on mps, a terminal based program to search, stream and download music. This implementation uses YouTube as a source of content and can play and download video as well as audio.
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april 2016 by nicoladagostino
iPad Pro Teardown - iFixit
While just about everything in this tablet has been billed as bigger and better than previous devices, these cameras seem to be the same as those found in the iPad Air 2. […]
This prodigious, 38.8 Wh power source offers a 40 percent increase over the 27.62 Wh battery in the iPad Air 2, but just barely edges out the 38.2 Wh battery we found in the Surface Pro 4. The iPad Pro's 3.77 V battery weighs in at an impressive 10307 mAh. […]
It appears that the Pro's self-balancing, four-speaker audio comes at the cost of battery capacity. Based on our measurements, the speaker enclosures occupy about half as much space as the battery. […]
The speakers are nice, but what makes them really sing are the fancy back volume chambers, machined directly into the unibody enclosure.[…]
After removing the carbon fiber caps, we find the enclosures are filled with foam. Apple's own renders don't actually show this foam, but we're betting that it's used to amplify the speaker volume. […]
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november 2015 by nicoladagostino
Apple reportedly buys digital instrument effects firm Camel Audio
In early January, Camel Audio appointed known Apple Europe lawyer Heather Joy Morrison as its director and relocated to 100 New Bridge Street in London, which is listed as Apple's official UK address, reports MacRumors. The information was discovered in a recent filing published by UK company registry Companies House.

While Apple has not acknowledged the potential acquisition, a report from digital music blog MusicRadar lends credence to the claims. On Jan. 8, one day after Morrison took over as director, the publication reported that Camel Audio shuttered operations, leaving behind a website containing only a user login page for contacting customer support and miscellaneous legal information.
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february 2015 by nicoladagostino
SoundCloud Is Working on Artists Payouts for Their Most Popular Users... | Digital Music NewsDigital Music News
SoundCloud has gone through a lot of recent changes. Now, SoundCloud has released a new version of their iPhone app that focuses on the user listening experience.
This latest update completely removes the ability to record and upload through the app.
If you need to upload to SoundCloud on the go, some third party apps still offer the feature.
The iPhone app centers around two things:  The music feed, displaying tracks from followed artists, and trending tracks in various genres.

SoundCloud’s co-founder and CTO, Eric Wahlforss, has also told various outlets that SoundCloud is considering a new payout approach.
He says that accounts with millions of followers and listeners can expect some type of future monetization. Wahlforss says it will seamlessly fit into the user experience, but he can’t go into detail about it yet.
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june 2014 by nicoladagostino
Twitter Considered Buying German Music-Streaming Service - WSJ
Twitter Inc. considered buying German music-streaming service SoundCloud Ltd., but it has backed out of the talks, according to a person familiar with the matter.
The short-messaging service chose to let the deadline for exclusivity on talks pass without coming to an agreement because "the numbers didn't add up," the person said, without offering specifics. It is unclear which party initiated the talks. [...] Technology blog Recode earlier reported on the SoundCloud acquisitions talks. German publication Der Spiegel later reported the talks were off.
The speculation sparked debate over whether one of Europe's most successful startups should sell to a U.S. technology giant or keep growing organically.
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june 2014 by nicoladagostino
24/192 Music Downloads are Very Silly Indeed
"Unfortunately, there is no point to distributing music in 24-bit/192kHz format. Its playback fidelity is slightly inferior to 16/44.1 or 16/48, and it takes up 6 times the space.
There are a few real problems with the audio quality and 'experience' of digitally distributed music today. 24/192 solves none of them. While everyone fixates on 24/192 as a magic bullet, we're not going to see any actual improvement."
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march 2014 by nicoladagostino
[chrome] Revision 232484
media: Adding Opus support in WebM for <video> tag
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november 2013 by nicoladagostino
Panorama - Apple Logic Pro X, le 5 novità che contano
Il software audio professionale per Macintosh si rinnova: vediamo cosa cambia per tastieristi, chitarristi, cantanti e utenti di iPad
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july 2013 by nicoladagostino
Avid debuts Fast Track Solo, Duo iPad audio interfaces | iLounge News
Avid has announced the launch of Fast Track Solo ($179) and Fast Track Duo ($299), two new portable audio interfaces compatible with iPad. Both interfaces feature a metal chassis, a Bus-powered USB port, and the ability to capture two sources simultaneously at 24-bit, 48 kHz resolution.
Fast Track Solo includes one mic preamp and one instrument input; Fast Track Duo includes two mic preamps/instrument inputs and two line inputs. Pro Tools Express software is included with both interfaces.
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april 2013 by nicoladagostino
Adobe showcases Audition CS7 - Mac Creative - Macworld UK
Audition CS7 * gains the new Sound Remover tool – which allows you to paint on the spectral display to create sound model, then capture that sound model and remove it from a whole clip. Adobe's business development manager for video Niels Stevens demoed this to remove a siren behind a voice by capturing the model of the siren only.

A Preview Editor panel that shows the results of any effects or work on an audio clip. Other new features include the Pitch Bender effect, the TC Electronics Loudness Radar for checking broadcast compliant of audio levels (as in Premiere Pro CS7), colour-coded tracks a la Premiere Pro, the ability to quickly add silence and adjust  the insertion order when bringing in multiple clips.
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april 2013 by nicoladagostino
Griffin Twenty Audio Amp: AirPlay for your big, old college speakers | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog
There's a problem with most AirPlay docks; most of them have relatively underwhelming speakers and weak amplifiers. Wouldn't it be nice if you could grab those humongous speakers that you bought back in college and somehow hook them up to an AirPlay-enabled amp? That's the idea behind the Griffin Twenty Audio Amplifier (US$99.99), which uses your existing speakers and an old AirPort Express (not included) to let you stream music to your towers of power.


Since the Twenty uses your AirPort Express to communicate with the rest of your WiFi network, you'd be correct if you assumed that there's a way to plug the APE into the Twenty. Griffin was smart with the design -- you basically just remove the "duck head" power plug from the AirPort Express and slide the rest of the unit onto a plug on the Twenty. Note that you must have an older AirPort Express, the type that could be plugged directly onto a wall socket. The new type, which uses a more traditional power cable, requires a workaround (see note under "Functionality" below). In either case, you'll also use the included optical audio cable to connect the Twenty and the AirPort Express

Of course, if you have an existing amp, you can always run an audio cable from any AirPort Express right into an audio-in jack, and you're set. But the Twenty is designed for people who may have a great set of speakers laying around somewhere but no amp to drive them anymore -- which seems like a limited market.
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march 2013 by nicoladagostino
Article details messy Beats by Dre-Monster split | iLounge News
Complete with quotes and previously confidential images provided by Monster, a new article at Gizmodo paints a surprisingly negative picture of Monster’s relationship with Beats Electronics, discussing how Monster lost virtually everything it had built when Beats left for HTC. Interviews with Monster CEO Noel Lee and his son Kevin Lee detail how Monster and Beats formed a shaky business arrangement, wherein the Beats side retained ownership of everything Monster developed. According to the report, Monster also footed the bills for manufacturing and distributing the products. While Beats contradicted Monster’s claims of handling industrial and audio designs for the headphones, Monster offered audio engineering and industrial mockups, and Noel Lee claimed Beats had nothing to do with engineering: “Absolutely not, they don’t have any engineers.”

The article also acknowledges that Beats’ success came from astute marketing — not from the sound — and that the products were both overpriced and hugely profitable. Kevin Lee suggested that Beats were marketed as “the hottest product to have, and sound will be a Trojan horse. And that’s what we did. Beats was in every single music video.” Notably, iLounge’s reviews never gave Beats products higher than a flat B rating, with most falling below that, often citing unimpressive performance to price ratios as a key issue.

When Beats Electronics left Monster for a partnership with HTC, Monster was paid only a small amount—“more severance payment than cash-out”—while Beats retained the audio, patents, designs, and the name. The article notes that Beats made $519 million in sales during its first year with HTC — up from $219 million in the previous year — taking control of 64 percent of the $100 and higher “premium” headphone market.
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february 2013 by nicoladagostino
Panorama - Le migliori applicazioni per iPad: DM1 - The Drum Machine
Pad ritmici, sequencer, mixer, effetti: diamo sfogo alla nostra creatività musicale con il tablet di Apple
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january 2013 by nicoladagostino
The Artiphon Instrument 1 uses an iPhone, Engadget tries it out | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog
Designed and made in Nashville, Tenn., the unique instrument combines the beauty of a traditional wooden instrument with the flexibility of a digital music-driven device. The instrument is crafted of African hardwood and powered by an iPhone 5. It includes two integrated speakers and a built-in battery, making the Instrument 1 a truly portable device.

It works with any core MIDI-enabled apps and is meant to replicate a wide variety of musical devices including guitar, violin, banjo and more. The Artiphon 1 will soon be available for pre-order from Artiphon's website and will cost under US$1,000.
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january 2013 by nicoladagostino
NAMM: Apogee updates USB interfaces with iPad support, Mackie launches 8-channel iPad mixer | 9to5Mac
Starting with the One, the refreshed USB interface now features two inputs, the ability charge your iOS device, Apogee’s Maestro control iOS app, optional battery power, and updated mic preamps and AD/DA converters. It also includes a built-in mic and breakout cable to connect a 1/4-inch cable or XLR. One will be available in March for $349.

The new Duet, a four output, two-input USB interface has been given a refresh, and, like the One, it now includes a USB port for device charging and iOS connectivity. It also works with Apogee’s new Maestro iOS app, and it includes a full-color OLED display like previous versions. It will be available in February for $595. It also includes a breakout cable for XLR and 1/4-inch connections.

Lastly, Apogee is updating its 4 IN x 8 Out USB Quartet interface to take advantage of Maestro control software for iOS and Mac and offer full iPad compatibility. The refreshed Quartet will be available in February for $1,295, and a firmware update will bring iOS support to existing users at the same time.

The One, like the other updated Apogee interfaces, comes with a 30-pin cable, so you’ll need an adapter for Lightning devices.
Another iOS-related highlight from NAMM: Mackie’s new DL806 8-channel digital mixer for iPad (pictured below). It is available now for $799:
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january 2013 by nicoladagostino
IK Multimedia announces ‘iRig BlueBoard’ Bluetooth MIDI pedalboard for iOS & Mac | 9to5Mac
iOS app and accessory maker IK Multimedia officially announced some of the products it briefly had on show during CES. One of the more interesting products is the iRig BlueBoard. IK already has the iRig STOMP pedal, and iRig accessories for connecting mixers, guitars, and mics to your iOS devices, but BlueBoard marks its first Bluetooth-enabled MIDI pedalboard designed specifically for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

The pedal works with a dedicated BlueBoard app that will take the Bluetooth signal, convert it into MIDI messages, and route them to any Core-MIDI compatible app on your iOS device or Mac. The end result is the ability to control functions of an app, such as AmpliTube or JamUp Pro XT Amp Effects Processor, in the middle of a performance without having to fumble around your iOS device’s touchscreen. It will work with apps on your Mac, too.
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january 2013 by nicoladagostino
Turn your iPad into a real hardware DJ controller with Ion Audio’s ‘Scratch 2 Go’ | 9to5Mac
a hardware DJ controller kit called “Scratch 2 Go” that puts a physical crossfader, two sets of three control knobs for pitch, EQ, etc., and a two small platters right on the display of your iPad. The company also announced updated versions of its other DJ and Guitar controllers for iPad and iPhone…

The hardware controls attach to your iPad’s display via suction cups and essentially work like a stylus, allowing you to control elements of several DJ apps on the App Store. The hardware controls are designed specifically for the iDJ 2GO app that will also work with Ion’s just announced updated Lightning version of its iDJ 2 Go hardware DJ controls. However, Ion confirmed to us that it would also work with the popular djay app for iPad.

It could also work with other iOS DJ apps provided the stylus-like tip of any particular element of the 5-piece kit lines up with the controls inside the app you’re using. Ion is making the new Scratch 2 Go kit available in April for $30 through select retailers.
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january 2013 by nicoladagostino
Griffin unveils updated audio lineup with XLR to 3.5mm ‘MicConnect’, partners with Crayola and Nickelodeon for kids accessories | 9to5Mac
[Griffin is] introducing a new lineup of audio accessories including an updated Lightning version of the Studio Connect interface for iPad it launched last year (full review here). The new version will be available May 2013 for $149.99. We also get Griffin’s new Mic Stand Mount. It is a $39.99 iPad stand that works like a traditional microphone performance stand. Lastly for audio products, Griffin is launching an XLR to 3.5mm mic to bring studio-quality recording to iPads and iPhones (it’s available June 2013, but we hope to bring you a full review of the MicConnect soon).
[Another] new accessory [is] The $99.99 charging cradle is known as the Power Dock 5. The dock accommodates iOS devices with cases and holds up to five full-sized iPads. It also launched the new WoodTones headphones made from responsibly harvested Beech, Sapele, and Walnut woods. 
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january 2013 by nicoladagostino
Apple's Classic Mac Startup Chime is now a Registered Trademark - Patently Apple
Today, the US Patent and Trademark Office officially granted Apple a registered trademark for their classic Mac startup chime which indicates that diagnostic tests running immediately at startup have found no hardware or fundamental software problems.  
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december 2012 by nicoladagostino
Globally capture whatever your mac is playing—as simply as a screenshot
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november 2012 by nicoladagostino
Messages compacts MP3 audio | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog
most files arrive bit-for-bit identical compared to the files that were sent. But sure enough, MP3 files were downgraded considerably. The 5.12 MB stereo 228 kbps file I bought from Amazon was downgraded to 1.4 MB mono 62.4 kbps on receipt after transfer through Messages.
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november 2012 by nicoladagostino
Fender launches new $199 Squier USB Stratocaster for iOS devices exclusively at the Apple Store | 9to5Mac
Fender is bringing a USB version of its popular Squire Stratocaster series exclusively to the Apple Store. Priced at $199.95 on Apple’s online store, the guitar features a traditional 1/4-inch output, but also a Type Mini-B USB connector and two included cables for connecting via USB or directly to iOS devices. Unfortunately, Fender is including a 30-pin cable for iOS devices, so users of newer iOS devices will have to grab a Lightning to 30-pin adapter.
The NEW Squier Strat Guitar with USB & iOS Connectivity gives you a huge range of tones and all the features you expect from Fender—plus the convenience of direct connection to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.
Also included is a 3.5mm headphone jack and “a high-quality headphone amp so that you can monitor the processed guitar signal right from the guitar itself.” It’s clear Fender is aiming this product directly at the Garageband iOS users, but you’ll have no problem hooking up to your Mac or PC with an included USB cable, or using it as a traditional guitar with the 1/4-inch output.
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november 2012 by nicoladagostino
McIntosh compact AirPlay stereo system - Boing Boing
The McIntosh McAire is a standalone stereo system designed for Apple AirPlay. It also is a fine hardware complement for the McIntosh AP1 Music Player app, digitizing those iconic blue meters (although these sadly don't actually respond to the music). The app is free but the McAire is $3,000
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october 2012 by nicoladagostino
Positive Grid | iOS Guitar & Bass Multi-Fx App and Interface
Turn your iPad or iPhone into a professional grade Guitar and Bass Multi-Effect Processor. Offers 60 industry-acclaimed amp models and effects, iTunes Jam player, phrase sampler, tone sharing and more. See how it works.
Get the Plug for $19.99 and download JamUp for free.
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october 2012 by nicoladagostino
Behringer launches junior version of its 10,000 watt iNuke Boom iPhone dock | 9to5Mac
Earlier this year, during CES 2012, Behringer built a 700-pound $30,000 iPhone dock that measured  8ft-by-4ft and pumped over 10,000 Watts of power. The dock, dubbed “iNuke Boom,” was only a one-off build, but the company is launching a smaller version of the world’s largest and loudest iPhone dock today with the launch of iNuke BOOM Junior.

The iNuke Boom Junior is a 1:23 scale replica of the 10,000-Watt version unveiled at CES and includes a similar 3-way active speaker design, built-in subwoofer, and wireless remote.
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october 2012 by nicoladagostino
First Looks: JBL Jembe Wireless Speakers | iLounge
First available as a less expensive wired version, JBL is now shipping Jembe Wireless Speakers ($99) as a still budget-priced alternative. This pair of can-shaped speakers connects to both computers and iOS devices over Bluetooth. Although the set is small and light enough to be tossed in a bag, it's designed to stay in one place and get plugged into a wall outlet; there's no integrated battery. The right speaker houses the controls, including a volume dial on top. Jembe is the least expensive speaker to feature the Weave design theme introduced recently by JBL.
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october 2012 by nicoladagostino
IK Multimedia debuts iRig PRE mic interface | iLounge News
IK Multimedia has released the iRig PRE ($40), a universal XLR microphone interface for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Users can plug any microphone with an XLR connector into the device. The iRig PRE comes with an adjustable gain control, 48-volt phantom power, and an audio output jack.

Two free apps for the iRig PRE are available for download: iRig Recorder, for voice and field recording/editing, and VocaLive, a multi-effects processing/recording app. Power is supplied by a 9V battery, which offers 30 hours of battery life when used with dynamic microphones, and 10 hours with phantom-powered condenser studio microphones. The iRig PRE is available now.
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september 2012 by nicoladagostino
Bowers & Wilkins debuts A7, A5 speakers | iLounge News
Bowers & Wilkins has unveiled two new dedicated AirPlay speakers, the A7 and A5. The A7 ($800) comes equipped with a six-inch dedicated bass driver alongside two sets of 1” tweeters and 3” mid-range drivers, while the A5 ($500) is a smaller version of the same all-in-one design, using twin 1” tweeters and 4” full-range drivers. Both new wireless speakers feature a design similar to the company’s MM-1 speakers, though more elongated, and without separated satellites.

As with all AirPlay speakers, a Wi-Fi network and either an iOS device or a computer running iTunes are the only things needed to use the speakers. Both models will be available in October.
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september 2012 by nicoladagostino
It’s Opus, it rocks and now it’s an audio codec standard! ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
In a great victory for open standards, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has just standardized Opus as RFC 6716.
Opus is the first state of the art, free audio codec to be standardized. We think this will help us achieve wider adoption than prior royalty-free codecs like Speex and Vorbis. This spells the beginning of the end for proprietary formats, and we are now working on doing the same thing for video.
There was both skepticism and outright opposition to this work when it was first proposed in the IETF over 3 years ago. However, the results have shown that we can create a better codec through collaboration, rather than competition between patented technologies. Open standards benefit both open source organizations and proprietary companies, and we have been successful working together to create one. Opus is the result of a collaboration between many organizations, including the IETF, Mozilla, Microsoft (through Skype), Xiph.Org, Octasic, Broadcom, and Google.
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september 2012 by nicoladagostino
Avid announces new Pro Tools|HD Native, its first Thunderbolt interface and PCIe card | 9to5Mac
Avid, maker of the music industry’s leading digital audio workstation software called Pro Tools, has officially announced its first Thunderbolt interface for Pro Tools with the new Pro Tools|HD Native Thunderbolt interface and PCIe card. Thanks to Thunderbolt, Avid says the new Pro Tools|HD Native provides the “highest performance and lowest latency of any native DAW” yet. As usual, Avid bundles your choice of either the Thunderbolt interface or PCIe card with its Pro Tools HD software, and you will also get a choice of a Pro Tools HD Series audio interface including either the HD OMNI or HD I/O.
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september 2012 by nicoladagostino
iRig STOMP is the first stompbox guitar interface for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. For the first time, guitar and bass players can now integrate their favorite iOS signal processing apps into their existing live pedalboard setup for enhanced tone shaping and effects processing using an iPhone/iPod touch or iPad.

iRig STOMP is based on the wildly popular AmpliTube iRig interface and is compatible with any iOS (dare we say decent sounding?) guitar / amp / instrument app. With its compact, standard stompbox shape, iRig STOMP is packed with many smart features found here for the first time in an iOS audio accessory.
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september 2012 by nicoladagostino
Cassette to iPod Converter will digitize your tapes | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog
If you have a box of cassette tapes left over from your Walkman days, then you might want to pay a visit to Hammacher Schlemmer. The online retailer is selling a cassette to iPod converter that could help you finally clear those aging tapes from your shelves.

The device is a cradle case with a cassette player that attaches to your iPhone or iPod touch. A free app lets you convert the incoming audio from the player to an mp3 file, which can then be downloaded to your computer. If you like the sound of tape-based music, you can even attach your phone to some speakers and listen to the cassette while it plays.

The Cassette to iPod Converter is available for US$80 and will ship at the end of September.
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august 2012 by nicoladagostino
WavTap Makes Recording Audio Easy as Taking a Screenshot [Free, Mac]
Press a key or two, take a screenshot. It’s been dead-simple for ages. But not so if you just want to grab some sound – until now.
WavTap, from coder and GitHub user Patrick Ellis of Berlin, finally makes grabbing audio on the Mac work the way you’ve imagined it should work. Hit a keyboard shortcut – ctrl-cmd-space, though that default can be customized – and start recording. Hit it again, and stop. WavTap is a fork of the wonderful Soundflower from Cycling ’74, the free menu tool for inter-app audio. That means WavTap shares Soundflower’s sophisticated routing solutions, so in addition to grabbing a recording of a radio broadcast you want a friend to hear, quick capture of elaborate multichannel rigs is possible, too. [...] If you have Xcode installed, installation is a cinch. Terminal, make install, done. (The readme shows up on the site – scroll down.) If not, it’s more work. Someone want to contribute an installer?
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august 2012 by nicoladagostino
Apple Finally Wins Patent for Podcasting - Patently Apple
The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of twenty-nine newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In our first granted patent report of the day we cover Apple's granted patents for Podcasting and three iPod designs. Apple added their podcast-subscription feature in June 2005. In 2006, Steve Jobs demonstrated creating a podcast during his Macworld Conference & Expos keynote using the new podcast studio feature in GarageBand 3. In 2005, the New Oxford American Dictionary declared Podcasting the 'Word of the Year.' 


Apple Finally Granted Patent Related to Podcasting


Apple has received a Granted Patent that relates to podcasting. In June 2005, Apple released iTunes 4.9 with native support for podcasts. Apple's invention titled "Techniques and systems for supporting podcasting," pertains to improved podcasts and techniques that facilitate their use. The improved techniques pertain to creating, publishing, hosting, accessing, subscribing, managing, transferring, and/or playing podcasts.


Apple's patent FIG. 5A is a screenshot of a network address submission page according to one exemplary embodiment. Interestingly the patent figures shows the word "iPodcast," which isn't mentioned anywhere in Apple's granted patent.


In June, Apple released a standalone app for podcasts specifically for listening and subscribing to audio and video podcasts on iDevices. See Apple's new "Podcasts" App.



Apple credits Anne Jones, Thomas Dowdy, Jeffrey Robbin, Mike Wiese and Stephen Davis as the inventors of granted patent 8,245,924 which was originally filed in Q2 2009 and refilled as a continuation patent in Q3 2011.


Note: Some are reporting that Apple's patent win means that they now own the word "Podcasting." Our report doesn't reflect that whatsoever. This isn't a trademark win for Apple, it's a granted patent relating to "Techniques and systems for supporting podcasting," pertains to improved podcasts and techniques that facilitate their use."
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august 2012 by nicoladagostino
Denon debuts flashy new Cocoon AirPlay speaker docks | iPhone Atlas - CNET Reviews
Welcome another couple of pricey wireless AirPlay speakers to the market. They arrive courtesy of Denon, which has introduced the Cocoon Home ($599) and Cocoon Portable ($499).
Both models feature an integrated iPhone/iPod dock as well as the aforementioned AirPlay feature, which allows you to stream music directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (or from a Mac or Windows PC running iTunes).
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august 2012 by nicoladagostino
Apple Seeks to Trademark their Classic Startup Chime for Macs - Patently Apple
Apple has now filed for the Mac's classic startup chime. The Mac's startup chime is made up of a single chord played when a Mac is turned on. According to Wikipedia, the chime indicates that diagnostic tests running immediately at startup have found no hardware or fundamental software problems.
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july 2012 by nicoladagostino
Panorama - Le migliori applicazioni per iPad: Hokusai Audio Editor
Uno strumento gratuito e versatile per registrare ed elaborare audio sul tablet e sui dispositivi mobile con iOS.
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july 2012 by nicoladagostino
Avid sells off its consumer M-Audio brand and video editing apps | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence
Today, Avid announced that it will sell off its consumer audio and video product lines to focus on “Media Enterprise and Post & Professional customers and to drive improved operating performance.” Avid will sell M-Audio to inMusic, the parent company of well-known gear makers Akai, Alesis, and Numark. Its video editing apps, such as the recently launched Avid Studio for iPad, will be sold to Corel Corporation
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july 2012 by nicoladagostino
Soundfreaq announces Sound Rise clock radio | iLounge News
Soundfreaq has announced its new Sound Rise clock radio for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The Sound Rise features a vertical, black design, a front-mounted dock, a USB port for charging other devices, a 2.1 speaker configuration that projects sound up and out into the room, a front-mounted touch panel display, the ability to charge two devices at once, a digital FM radio, dual alarms, and Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming. Soundfreaq’s Sound Rise clock radio will be available exclusively at Target stores this fall and will sell for $99.
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june 2012 by nicoladagostino
iPod and Square card reader playing back audio from an analog tape deck | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence
Engineer Evan Long posted the video above (via Engadget) showing what is apparently an iPod touch equipped with a slightly modified Square credit card reader capable of playing back audio from an old reel-to-reel tape player:
The magnetic stripe reader on the Square basically works exactly like the magnetic read and write heads on an old school cassette player or reel-to-reel machine… Since the headphone jack on most iPods and the iPhone doubles as a microphone input (that’s how the Square reader transfers data) all you then need to do is fire up your favorite audio recording app, and find an easy way to thread the audio tape through.
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june 2012 by nicoladagostino
Review: Griffin StudioConnect audio/midi interface & dock for iPad | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence
With StudioConnect, in terms of inputs and outputs, what you get is pretty basic: standard 5-pin MIDI in and out, one 1/4-inch mono input, and left and right RCA output. The large knob out front controls the 3.5mm headphone jack below it, and a separate volume wheel on the side is for your main output. It’s more than enough to plug in supported mics, a guitar, or a MIDI controller, but It’s clear right away that Griffin did not build the StudioConnect with pros in mind. The fact is most pros won’t be doing anything too heavy duty inside of an iOS app at this point, and the inputs above will likely be sufficient for most musicians using the iPad as a mobile or writing setup.

While it doesn’t offer some of the standard inputs and outputs that pros might be used to, Griffin used its experience making iOS accessories to nail the design where the competition is getting it wrong….

The majority of audio gear manufacturers producing interfaces with iPad support (such as this one from Tascam), don’t provide anywhere to dock the iPad while recording/performing. While the box or rectangle design of traditional audio interfaces work fine on your desk or in a rack-mount, with an iPad setup, you would also need a stand or something to prop it up for a functional workstation. As you can see from the images above, Griffin’s interface is designed like a traditional iPad dock, allowing it to double as a decent stand (and 10-watt charging station), even when not taking advantage of its inputs.

The dock design alone makes StudioConnect a clear winner for casual players, but it does have some competition for the pro market, especially as more and more pro audio apps begin to hit the App Store…
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june 2012 by nicoladagostino
IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube Slash | iLounge News
IK Multimedia has released AmpliTube Slash, a special edition of its popular guitar effects app for iOS devices. AmpliTube is a mobile guitar and bass effects processor that allows users to turn their iOS device into a complete guitar rig and mobile recording studio. AmpliTube Slash is a signature version developed in cooperation with the famous Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist to model his entire rig of iconic pedals and amplifiers, including two classic rock amps—the Marshall JCM Slash Edition Silver Jubilee and the Marshall AFD100, both equipped with the Slash preferred 1960 Marshall speaker cabinet. Users can chain up to six pedal effects including Slash signature Delay, Gate, Octave/Fuzz, Chorus, Booster and Wah/Distortion in a fully configurable rig allowing the users to combine pedals in a 3 to 12 effects chain with one or two simultaneous amps and cabinets plus microphones. The app also includes 30 Slash tone presets, links to Slash songs and the ability to import and play backing tracks from the iOS music library or computer. Single track recording is included in the app with the ability o export recordings via e-mail, SoundCloud, FTP or iTunes File Sharing and users can upgrade to a four-track recorder via in-app purchase.

The main AmpliTube app has also been updated with the ability to add Slash gear a la carte via in-app purchase, and new features introduced in AmpliTube Slash including a new mixer and recorder section with loop points, visual metronome and tap tempo, digital audio and MIDI support, audio copy and paste and SoundCloud and fTP export for recordings. The AmpliTube series of apps are available from the App Store in several versions: the special edition AmpliTube Slash ($10) for the iPhone and iPod touch,
AmpliTube Slash for iPad ($10) are sold separately from the original AmpliTube, which is available in either full AmpliTube for iPad ($20) and AmpliTube ($20) for iPhone and iPod touch versions or a la carte editions that allow users to start with a free app and purchase the specific cabinets, amps and effects they want individually.
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june 2012 by nicoladagostino
Panorama - Le migliori applicazioni per iPad: Tabletop
Uno straordinario software touch per creare studi di registrazione virtuali in cui sperimentare, suonare e fare musica in maniera interattiva.
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june 2012 by nicoladagostino
IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast • Reg Hardware
IK Multimedia’s newest microphone is aimed squarely at podcasters. The package comes with a plastic stand which props up an iPhone at just the right angle for talking into the mic. You can use it with an iPod Touch too, though you’ll have to turn it upside down in order to plug the Mic Cast into its headphone jack.
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may 2012 by nicoladagostino
iHome iP76: Chameleon LED Bluetooth tower for your iPhone | iPhone Atlas - CNET Reviews
iHome's upcoming iP76 LED Color Changing Speaker Tower with Bluetooth has 16 multicolor LED clusters that do all kinds of fun stuff. That's right, this pedestal-style iPhone/iPod speaker dock can be customized to feature your favorite color and includes such options as color fade, pulse to music, and strobe effect for the "ultimate light show."
Time to fire up Pink Floyd. I mean Bieber.
Oh, and the tower also charges your iPod or iPhone and has a component video connection so you can output video from your device to your TV with the proper cable (no mention about that cable being included, however).
The iP76, which expands on iHome's growing line of GlowTunes products, ships in July for $199.99.
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may 2012 by nicoladagostino
Flipboard adds SoundCloud support for new audio features | iPhone Atlas - CNET Reviews
today, a new update lets you connect Flipboard with SoundCloud to offer audio clips created by major news services like NPR, and audio clips created by your friends and people you follow.
You can sign into the new SoundCloud component by using a previously created SoundCloud account, by starting a new account, or by using your Facebook account. Once connected, Facebook and Twitter posts, and any story that includes audio, can be listened to with a handy player that resides on the lower left of your screen. You also can browse all the available recommended audio feeds in the new Audio category tab in the Content Guide.
Audio plays another important role in the latest update of Flipboard with added accessibility options, enabling it to read stories out loud for the visually impaired.
One feature that's new to the iPhone version specifically, is the ability to read related sections on social networks. Flipboard describes this as being able to view related sections on Twitter including Your Tweets, Your Favorites, and Tweets Mentioning You.
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may 2012 by nicoladagostino
Rocketfish iPad Sound Prism Speaker Hides Away in Your Smart Cover - Technabob
The Rocketfish Sound Prism was designed by CRE8 Design Studio, and it’s a portable unit made to work with iPads, though since it uses Bluetooth it will work with smartphones and other tablets as well. The speaker attaches itself magnetically and it can hide away inside an Apple Smart Cover when folded up. Sound comes out of both ends, so its not obscured by the iPad or its cover.
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may 2012 by nicoladagostino
First Looks: IK Multimedia iRig MIX Mobile Mixer for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad | iLounge
Developed to hit an attractive price point, IK Multimedia's iRig MIX ($100) is a small, portable mixing console built for regular consumers rather than DJs, but offers enough app-assisted hardware functionality to appeal to both crowds. A crossfader, cues, EQ and volume controls are all built in, along with microphone/guitar inputs, stereo inputs and outputs; IK Multimedia promises that the mixed output is "pristine" rather than consumer-grade, with fine headphone quality for previewing of audio. iRig MIX includes a wall power adapter, RCA to 3.5mm audio cable, and twin 3.5mm cables so that you can connect your iOS devices, wall power, and other audio hardware straight out of the box; it can also be run off of self-supplied battery power using a micro-USB connector. Four free apps are included, as well.
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may 2012 by nicoladagostino
GoVibe VestAmp+ in Review – Jaben’s Coming of Age | TouchMyApps
The VestAmp+ is a high-performance headphone amp with a 24bit DAC thrown in for good measure.
Dual Wolfson WMA8740SEDS DAC chips
24 bit/96kHz USB DAC, upsampling to 192kHz
Battery life of up to ~30 hours
Internal gain switches for low and high impedance headphones
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april 2012 by nicoladagostino
iHome shipping $199 iW2 AirPlay speaker on April 1 | Crave - CNET
iHome's $199 iW2 speaker with AirPlay, which the company says will begin shipping April 1.
This unit is about 25 percent smaller than last year's iHome iW1 ($299); it measures 5.83 by 10.52 by 3.03 inches (HWD). In many regards it's similar to the iW1, but it does not feature a built-in rechargeable battery like the iW1 does. This model is powered by an AC adapter and includes a remote.

Click to enlarge.
(Credit: iHome)
iHome touts the fact that you can plug a dock into the iW2 via the USB port on the back and charge your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, though no dock is provided. Alternatively, you can simply charge your Apple mobile device with the standard iPhone/iPad charging/synching cable. That's a nice feature.
Later this year iHome will release the iW3 and iW4 AirPlay units. The iW3 is a vertical, more cylindrically shaped speaker; the iW4 follows the same design as iHome's iPad/iPhone clock radio docks. Both units are expected to cost around $200 and ship this spring.
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march 2012 by nicoladagostino
Apple rumored to be developing new audio format designed for iCloud streaming
In addition to improving streaming of music, the new audio file would also offer "high-definition" quality to users who have more bandwidth and storage available on their iPhone, iPad or iPod, according to The Guardian. The new file type is reportedly expected to upgrade the $24.99-per-year iTunes Match service as well, which allows users to access music they obtained from sources outside of iTunes over the iCloud service.

"A source with inside knowledge of the process says Apple has asked a London studio to prepare audio files for a new streaming format that will adapt to bandwidth or hardware capabilities," the report said. It quoted an unnamed person who said users' libraries would "improve in an instant," and nothing would need to be done to upgrade files from the current AAC format to high definition.

With the new method, users will reportedly be able to obtain high quality audio when they are over a faster connection, like Wi-Fi. But when on the go using 3G, bandwidth could be conserved by automatically accessing a lower quality file.

The U.K. publication said the timing of the rumor "suggests it will showcase the new streaming technology alongside the announcement of the third generation of its iPad tablet." Apple is expected to hold a media event on March 7 to unveil its next iPad.
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february 2012 by nicoladagostino
Apple’s hi-fidelity ‘Mastered for iTunes’ section gets new albums from Universal Music Group | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence
Apple seems to be rolling out a “Mastered for iTunes” section on iTunes worldwide that is populated with albums “specially tuned for higher fidelity sound.” Yesterday Universal Music Group announced several new additions to the section. New albums from UMG added to Mastered for iTunes include Madonna’s “MDNA,” U2′s “Achtung Baby,” Paul McCartney’s “Kisses On The Bottom,” and other albums from Bon Jovi, John Coltrane, and classical guitarist Kaori Muraji. Apple also recently published a white paper detailing best practices for mastering music for iTunes, and released new “Apple Audio Mastering Tools”.
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february 2012 by nicoladagostino
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