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leah's PullToRefresh at master - GitHub
A simple iPhone TableViewController for adding pull-to-refresh functionality.
iphone  development  objective-c  iphonedev  ipad  pull-to-refresh  pull  refresh  ui 
july 2010 by nico.ash
Napkin Look & Feel
A napkin look and feel to help make your application seem unfinished. useful to gather feedback from user about broad design rather than color/font nitpicking.
java  gui  swing  design  programming  ui  software  tools 
april 2010 by nico.ash
oblong industries, inc.
minority report like system (multitouch without the touch part)
visualization  ui  technology  tech  multitouch  interface  interactive  hci  physical  report  ux  os 
november 2008 by nico.ash

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