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Suggests settings for postgresql based on server info and use case.
postgresql  sysadmin  db 
november 2014 by nico.ash
Glances by nicolargo
A quick and easy system monitoring tool for GNU/Linux, written in python.
cli  linux  monitoring  python  ubuntu  sysadmin 
september 2012 by nico.ash
Linux Kernel Tuning for C500k | Urban Airship Blog
At Urban Airship we recently published a blog post about scaling beyond 500,000 concurrent socket connections. Hitting these numbers was not a trivial exercise so we’re going to share what we’ve come across during our testing. This guide is specific to Linux and has some information related to Amazon EC2, but it is not EC2-centric. These principles should apply to just about any Linux platform.
linux  kernel  performance  scalability  sysadmin  networking  tuning  c500k  memory  c10k 
october 2010 by nico.ash
Changing File Labels Outside The Finder | Mac Geekery
kMDItemFSLabel how to find the color label of a file using perl or bash via the mdls command
osx  perl  sysadmin 
april 2008 by nico.ash
eigenclass - A better backup system based on Git
A fast, powerful backup system built upon Git and efficient, compact tools written in OCaml (faster than the C counterpart with 1/5th of the code :)
unix  tools  programming  linux  howto  code  backup  git  sysadmin  ocaml  opensource  osx  apps 
march 2008 by nico.ash
modifying what leechers get from your wifi AP (redirect / flip images / blur images)
blog  comic  cool  hacking  howto  sysadmin  linux  network  security  wifi 
february 2008 by nico.ash

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