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Simple cloud storage app for mac. With a web app. And an app store submited iPhone app.
cloud  mac  osx  sharing  software  storage  iphone 
april 2011 by nico.ash
MacTeX - TeX Users Group
The Mac Latex Distribution (1.6 GB) a.k.a MacTex
latex  mac  osx  software  tex 
april 2011 by nico.ash
asynctools - Project Hosting on Google Code
asynctools is a library allowing you to execute Google App Engine API calls in parallel. API calls can be mixed together and queued up and then all are kicked off in parallel. Callbacks can be used to operate over completed calls immediately, if desired.

Currently, wrappers for Query and UrlFetch API calls are available. More will come over time.
api  app  appengine  async  asynchronous  code  database  dev  gae  google  library  python  performance  parallel  opensource  running  software  tools  asynctools  datastore  engine  queries  query 
november 2010 by nico.ash
Homebrew — MacPorts driving you to drink? Try Homebrew!
Homebrew is the easiest and most flexible way to install the UNIX tools Apple didn't include with OS X.
mac  osx  software  unix  homebrew  tools  apple  ruby  macosx  package  macports 
october 2010 by nico.ash
LaTeX CV Template
This CV template is based on the article class and only requires on standard packages such
as hyperref, geometry, and mathpazo.
latex  template  resume  career  job  tutorials  jobs  software  curriculum  cv 
september 2010 by nico.ash
xpra - partiwm - Project Hosting on Google Code
Xpra gives you "persistent remote applications" for X. That is, unlike normal X applications, applications run with xpra are "persistent" -- you can run them remotely, and they don't die if your connection does. You can detach them, and reattach them later -- even from another computer -- with no loss of state. And unlike VNC or RDP, xpra is for remote applications, not remote desktops -- individual applications show up as individual windows on your screen, managed by your window manager. They're not trapped in a box.
screen  x11  linux  remote  vnc  networking  software  unix  opensource  xpra  x 
september 2010 by nico.ash
Graph visualization on the web with Gephi and Seadragon | Gephi
Rasterize Gephi graphs to a seadragon flat tiles format. Gephi is written in java.
visualization  graph  data  graphics  javascript  graphs  network  software  seadragon  gephi  java  image 
july 2010 by nico.ash
Fossil: Fossil Home Page
Fossil: Simple, high-reliability, distributed software configuration management
scm  wiki  distributed  dvcs  development  fossil  bugtracking  software  programming  versioncontrol  git 
may 2010 by nico.ash
Napkin Look & Feel
A napkin look and feel to help make your application seem unfinished. useful to gather feedback from user about broad design rather than color/font nitpicking.
java  gui  swing  design  programming  ui  software  tools 
april 2010 by nico.ash
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