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mrzool/invoice-boilerplate · GitHub
An automated yaml to latex to pdf for invoice, for genersting nicely formatted pdf from a simple yaml document.
november 2015 by nico.ash
A nice latex template for LaTex resume.
career  cv  latex  resume 
april 2012 by nico.ash
MacTeX - TeX Users Group
The Mac Latex Distribution (1.6 GB) a.k.a MacTex
latex  mac  osx  software  tex 
april 2011 by nico.ash
More Packages - MacTeX - TeX Users Group
a smaller distribution of MacTex 94 MB Base + 191 MB Extras (vs 1.6GB for the Full Bells and Whistle distribution)
Latex  tex  Mac  book-or-author-to-read 
april 2011 by nico.ash
LaTeX CV Template
This CV template is based on the article class and only requires on standard packages such
as hyperref, geometry, and mathpazo.
latex  template  resume  career  job  tutorials  jobs  software  curriculum  cv 
september 2010 by nico.ash
TeX line breaking algorithm in JavaScript
javascript  typography  tex  typesetting  algorithm  canvas  latex  algorithms 
march 2010 by nico.ash

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