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How to Save New Brain Cells: Scientific American
Fresh neurons arise in the adult brain every day. New research suggests that the cells ultimately help with learning complex tasks—and the more they are challenged, the more they flourish
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february 2009 by nico.ash
Harvard Gazette: Meditation changes temperatures
monks can increase their body temperature to dry wet cold sheets in a cold environnement - other monks can lower their metabolism by 64% by meditation, vs 17% for normal sleep.
science  reference  psychology  news  health  cool  brain  article  zen  yoga  tummo 
september 2008 by nico.ash
A Star Is Made - New York Times
The Birth-Month Soccer Anomaly . Expert performers — whether in memory or surgery, ballet or computer programming — are nearly always made, not born. And yes, practice does make perfect.
brain  cool  psychology  science 
october 2007 by nico.ash

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