MySQL convert datetime to Unix timestamp - Stack Overflow
UNIX_TIMESTAMP(STR_TO_DATE('Apr 15 2012 12:00AM', '%M %d %Y %h:%i%p'))
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8 days ago
Object methods for rails (presence)
Returns the receiver if it's present otherwise returns nil. object.presence is equivalent to

object.present? ? object : nil
For example, something like

state = params[:state] if params[:state].present?
country = params[:country] if params[:country].present?
region = state || country || 'US'

region = params[:state].presence || params[:country].presence || 'US'
rails  documentation 
12 days ago
Active Support Core Extensions — Ruby on Rails Guides
The presence method returns its receiver if present?, and nil otherwise. It is useful for idioms like this:

host = config[:host].presence || 'localhost'
rails  documentation 
12 days ago
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14 days ago
This gem validates a URL, adds the http:// prefix if not included, and provides a get_domain method.
rails  gem  utility 
14 days ago
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