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Slow Activism, Dialogical Practice and Environmental Remediation at the Inglewood Oil Field « Third Rail
In February, 2011 Third Rail will be collaborating with the Ala Plastica collective (La Plata, Argentina) during their two month residency at Outpost for Contemporary Art (Los Angeles) to produce a project around the Inglewood oil field.
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september 2010 by nicholassenn
Jumping the Snark / Mother Jones
In an age of Yes Men, flash mobs, birthers, and fake pundits, is the prank dead?
essay  activism  tactics  yesmen 
november 2009 by nicholassenn
How To Win / Steve Duncombe and Steve Lambert
“How to Win” is a work in progress by Stephen Duncombe, an academic, and Steve Lambert, an artist. We are both long-time political activists and both of us believe that using art and culture to transform the world is a good idea. But we are both haunted by the same question: How do we gauge the success of our projects? Hell, how do we even think about success when our goal is utopia?
project  blog  art  activism  politics  culture  efficacy  tactics  utopia 
november 2008 by nicholassenn
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