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'Rewilding the World' by Caroline Fraser and 'Coyote at the Kitchen Door' by Stephen DeStefano /
The beautiful word "rewilding" was coined by Soulé and fellow biologist Reed Noss more than a decade ago. As a discipline, rewilding goes beyond popular conservation tactics to recognize that true conservation must focus much more broadly on an intimate understanding of ecological connection. Fraser tells us that the rewilding philosophy can be boiled down to three words: cores (the continent-scale preservation of whole ecosystems, not mere fragments); corridors (links between the cores that allow wildlife to safely migrate and disperse); and carnivores (supporting ecosystems healthy enough to maintain thriving populations of large carnivores in their important role as regulators of predators and prey). Rewilding is, of necessity, a global, trans-boundary, trans-cultural endeavor.
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The Suburbanization of New York? / WNYC
Historian and filmmaker Suzanne Wasserman and Neil Smith, who’s been called the "father of gentrification theory," discuss whether suburbanization is edging out New York’s unique character.
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