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Native tribe will petition Ottawa to remove its Indian status / The Globe and Mail
Taiaiake Alfred, director of the University of Victoria's Indigenous Governance Program, said one aspect that is likely troubling Canada and B.C. is the notion of handing over any control to hereditary chiefs who are not governed by elections. "But it's a form of democracy that is participatory and direct. There is constant dialogue between the people of that community that generates consensus."
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november 2009 by nicholassenn
Subjects of Empire: Indigenous Peoples and the "Politics of Recognition" in Canada / Glen Coulthard / Contemporary Political Theory
"I argue that instead of ushering in an era of peaceful coexistence grounded on the Hegelian ideal of reciprocity, the contemporary politics of recognition promises to reproduce the very configurations of colonial power that Indigenous demands for recognition have historically sought to transcend."
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november 2008 by nicholassenn

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