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Doctrine – Debate – Defense – Invention / Brian Holmes / Continental Drift
My point will be that, as intellectuals, we can only define public culture by actions that reshape and ultimately reinvent that which is commonly held to be public. These are speech actions, symbolic actions with consequences, political actions where you can win or lose. They involve a crucial and necessary relationship to social movements, of the kind that are finally beginning to exist within the universities themselves.
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february 2010 by nicholassenn
We Don’t Do Carrots / The Public Amateur
Claire Pentecost's response to Stan Cox (Turning Your Lawn into a Victory Garden Won't Save You)
essay  blog  activism  food_politics  gardening  agriculture  sustainability  public_sphere 
july 2008 by nicholassenn
Set Up Tolerance / Speak Up
An interdisciplinary art project. The project is socially and politically-motivated and focus on inter-humanity encounters and significant communal production can contribute to a nuanced view of, for example, the stereotyped opinions we might have of each
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september 2006 by nicholassenn

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