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This Land Is Our Land -- In These Times
How a 19th-century law that ‘allotted’ reservation lands led to the federal government’s largest-ever lawsuit settlement.
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june 2011 by nicholassenn
Newcomb: Despite law, sacred Blue Lake remained all along / Indian Country Today
The 1906 legislation created a taken-for-granted tendency to refer to the sacred Blue Lake in new metaphorical terms, as if the lake had physically moved “out of” the possession of the Taos people and “into” the possession of the United States Forest Service. This is a central feature of the powerful illusion-making of “law.” As a result of this successful construction of reality, for more than 60 years the Taos Pueblo fought for the United States to “return” or “restore” the sacred Blue Lake to the possession of the Taos Pueblo.
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september 2010 by nicholassenn
Our Art is Our Life: The Power of Marianne Nicolson's Work / Gerald Taiaiake Alfred / MOA University of British Columbia
"Your world and your self are assimilated as property into the regime of another’s power. This is what Canada means in its past and present for us."
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february 2010 by nicholassenn
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