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Spatial Encounters (and the production of space) | Experimental Geography in Practice
Situating himself firmly in a post-structuralist or post-modern critical discourse, Lefebvre writes: “social space is not a thing among other things, nor a product among other products: rather, it subsumes things produced and encompasses their interrelationships in their coexistence and simultaneity—their (relative) order and/or (relative) disorder” (p.73).
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february 2011 by nicholassenn
Resisting the Capitalist Production of Space (Oppositional Architecture 2009)
November 12–21, 2009, New York City / Ten Days for Oppositional Architecture / Discussing Post-Capitalist Space
gathering  csp  production_of_space  capitalism  architecture  urbanism  nyc 
october 2009 by nicholassenn
City Rights / Baltimore City Paper
Local conference brings together a nationwide web of people working toward redefining the urban space
gathering  activism  urbanism  production_of_space  geography  housing  rttc  maryland 
march 2009 by nicholassenn
Planet of Torture / The Brooklyn Rail
Trevor Paglen, Blank Spots on the Map: The Dark Geography of the Pentagon’s Secret World (Dutton, 2009)
review  book  geography  production_of_space  secrecy  military  dod  torture 
february 2009 by nicholassenn
De-politicizing border space / Elaine Peña / e-misférica
In this article, I use the Washington's Birthday Celebration to examine how the embodied transposition of U.S. colonial histories and mythologies depoliticizes relations between Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.
essay  festival  borders  history  performance  production_of_space  texas 
january 2007 by nicholassenn
ART-e-FACT / Glocalogue
The field of interest of ART-e-FACT's fourth issue is the amalgam of the global and the local....
journal  art  theory  geography  geopolitics  globalization  production_of_space  scale  space  place 
december 2006 by nicholassenn
The installations of Tulip House are dealing with the construction of public spaces experimenting with new narrative formats for the production and mediation of knowledge....
project  art  public_space  production_of_space  politics 
august 2006 by nicholassenn
Goldsmiths College > Centre for Research Architecture home page
This new research centre brings together architects, urbanists, filmmakers, curators and other cultural practitioners from around the world to work on expanded notions of architecture that engage with questions of culture, politics, conflict and human rig
resource  academia  architecture  production_of_space  practice 
june 2006 by nicholassenn
a journal of urban exploration, spatial excavation, and unceasing transformation....
journal  urbanism  exploration  public_space  production_of_space  land_use 
april 2006 by nicholassenn
protest academy
msdm's Protest Academy is part of General Panel's introductory summer course on 'Protest and Production of Urban Space' [Leipzig, May 2005]
project  pedagogy  activism  production_of_space  urbanism 
march 2006 by nicholassenn
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