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Shifting Sands: How a changing economy could bury the tar sands industry / Greenpeace UK
This report, co-authored by PLATFORM, Greenpeace and Oil Change International, points to a series of trends emerging from the growth forecasts of OPEC, the IEA and the EIA as evidence that the oil market could be undergoing a permanent structural shift.
report  tar_sands  economics  oil  capitalism  art  platform  alberta  canada  uk 
november 2009 by nicholassenn
C Words / PLATFORM / Arnolfini
C Words: carbon, climate, capital, culture, How did you get here and where are we going?
exhibition  art  platform  activism  climate_change  capitalism  culture  csp  uk 
november 2009 by nicholassenn
Heavy Opera / Anthony Iles / Mute magazine
PLATFORM’s audio tour is intended to awaken city workers to the impact of financial systems on climate change. But not only does it misgauge how much the suits already know, its hysterical tone also harmonises too easily with the coming new eco-order...
essay  review  art  platform  tour  climate_change  politics  economics  greenwash  sustainability 
september 2007 by nicholassenn
The Black Atlantic: Then and Now (11-week course) / PLATFORM / National Maritime Museum
This course investigates Britain’s, and particularly London’s, role in the Atlantic trade triangle where the chief commodities were enslaved West Africans, sugar, rum, guns and gin.
project  art  platform  history  slavery  trade  pedagogy  uk 
september 2006 by nicholassenn

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