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LA Freewaves
LA Freewaves is dedicated to the creative exhibition of independent new media from around the world, showing daring new work at established and conventional venues in Los Angeles, on TV and online.
exhibition  art  new_media  video  los_angeles 
october 2006 by nicholassenn
virtual migrants
Digital media and art connecting with race, migration and globalisation.
group  art  new_media  race  migration  globalization 
september 2006 by nicholassenn
Mediamatic is a cultural institution in Amsterdam. We do exhibitions, presentations, workshops and other activities in Amsterdam and internationally.
group  art  exhibition  culture  design  new_media  europe 
september 2006 by nicholassenn
MPG: Mobile Performance Group
MPG: Mobile Performance Group is a collective of new media artists interested in finding new ways to present art outside of traditional venues....
group  art  collective  performance  mobility  new_media 
august 2006 by nicholassenn
TELIC ARTS EXCHANGE is dedicated to the advancement and public understanding of media art and design through an international and interdisciplinary program of exhibitions, events, and publications.
group  art  design  exhibition  new_media  los_angeles 
june 2006 by nicholassenn
Virtueel Platform - Mobile Habits
The Virtual Platform is a network for policy and cooperation in the field of new media and ‘living culture’ in the Netherlands. Its aim is to further the free development and application of ICT and free access to ICT within culture in general and in t
group  new_media  art  culture  europe 
june 2006 by nicholassenn
Laberintos [ new geographies ]
reflect, meditate and analyze the problems and definition of new geographies - relations generated from a globalized society (mobility, space, territory, emergent geographies, ubiquity, temporality, frontiers, and connected crowds).
project  art  new_media  borders  geography  mapping  politics  scale 
june 2006 by nicholassenn
Adam Hyde
Adam is a founder of art duo r a d i o q u a l i a (with Honor Harger), The Open Source Streaming Alliance, The Streaming Suitcase, and the net.congestion international festival of streaming media....
people  art  new_media  radio  tactical  pedagogy 
may 2006 by nicholassenn
Documentary Intentions, Online and Off
This two-day conference looks at challenging web-based documentary work and discusses its evolving potential for social change....
gathering  activism  documentary  film  new_media 
april 2006 by nicholassenn
Critical Studies in New Media
The politics of presence / A Stanford Humanities Center Mellon Research Workshop
resource  academia  new_media 
april 2006 by nicholassenn
A non-profit organisation of artists, theorists, media activists and researchers in the field of ict (information and communication technologies). It explores critical approaches towards (mis)using ofict and emphasizes creative rethinking in raising netwo
group  art  theory  activism  new_media 
march 2006 by nicholassenn
mobile living/working quarters for tactical media & autonomist practice
group  art  new_media  mobility 
march 2006 by nicholassenn
Material specifically concerning new media art curating....
resource  art  new_media  curation 
march 2006 by nicholassenn

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