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Endnotes: Misery and Debt
On the Logic and History of Surplus Populations and Surplus
essay  marxism  capitalism 
january 2012 by nicholassenn
The C L R James Internet Archive
"Notes on Dialectics" & "Dialectical Materialism & the Fate of Humanity"
dialectics  marxism  colonialism 
december 2010 by nicholassenn
Their crisis, our challenge / Red Pepper
In a far reaching interview with Red Pepper, David Harvey argues that the current financial crisis and bank bail-outs could lead to a massive consolidation of the banking system and a return to capitalist ‘business as usual’ – unless there is sustained revolt and pressure for a dramatic redistribution and socialisation of wealth
interview  capitalism  crisis  political_economy  marxism  socialism  history  class  geography 
april 2009 by nicholassenn
The Commoner
This journal is about living in a world in which the doing is separated from the deed, in which this separation is extended in an increasing numbers of spheres of life, in which the revolt about this separation is ubiquitous.
journal  blog  politics  activism  public_space  capitalism  marxism  anarchism  autonomy  left  uk  primitive_accumulation  commons 
february 2009 by nicholassenn
Wobblies & Zapatistas / ZNet
"In reality Marxism and anarchism should be like two hands, the one analyzing the structure of things, the other throwing up unending prefigurative initiatives. Neither tradition has been so successful that it can speak of the other with lofty dismissal or contempt. We need each other."
interview  review  book  political_theory  activism  social_movements  anarchism  marxism  zapatista  labor 
january 2009 by nicholassenn
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