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Border Control / Fritz Haeg / Frieze Magazine
Over-determining the function of an art practice can limit its power to transform, illuminate or respond to a given situation
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september 2009 by nicholassenn
Locating Whiteness in the Academic Production of "Indigenous Philosophy" in and of Time and Place / Fiona Nicoll / borderlands e-journal
Stephen Muecke (2004) Ancient & Modern: Time, Culture and Indigenous Philosophy. / Deborah Bird Rose (2004) Reports From a Wild Country: Ethics for Decolonisation.
essay  review  race  whiteness  academia  knowledge_production  indigenous  place  temporality  indigeneity  philosophy  australia 
december 2008 by nicholassenn
Open Anthropology Project
Open Anthropology is about opening knowledge production to reciprocal and collaborative engagements between academics and broader publics, while trying to put that into practice online. It is about building on ideas and examples of ways of speaking about the human condition that look critically at dominant discourses and that challenge the status quo of global capitalism. The project is therefore oriented toward contributing to non-state, non-market, knowledges and participating in a public practice that suits the project. Open Anthropology is also an invitation to critically reexamine the institutionalization of knowledge, looking for ways to reintegrate anthropology with other knowledge systems, and other disciplines, while criticizing the "disciplining" of the social sciences. This Open Anthropology Project is explicitly about decolonizing knowledge, which is combined with a pronounced anti-imperialist orientation.
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october 2008 by nicholassenn
Público Tránsitorio / November 13-16 & 18-20 / Los Angeles
The Political Equator 2 / Practices of Intervention in the Collective Territory / November 16 -17, 2007 / A 2-Day Trans-Border Event
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october 2007 by nicholassenn
Learning Book #001 [Collecting Systems] / Learning Site (Brett Bloom)
[Collecting Systems] is part of an ongoing discussion of how knowledge is distributed and produced. In this specific discussion, Learning Group is curious about how unused materials are put to use in the local situations they chose to work in....
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february 2007 by nicholassenn

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