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Glacier Park awards new concessions contract to Xanterra
After more than 30 years with the same company, beginning in 2014 the hotels, lodges, restaurants, stores and fleet of iconic red buses that host millions of visitors to Glacier
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august 2013 by nicholassenn
Potential Glacier concession bidder has ties to Blackfeet Reservation fracking / Missoulian
WEST GLACIER – Managing the largest concession business in Glacier National Park is a complicated and expensive undertaking, and the job’s express business requirements give rise to a rarefied air
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august 2013 by nicholassenn
Petition against potential Glacier concessions bidder gains momentum / Missoulian
An online petition opposing a hospitality company’s interest in managing Glacier National Park’s concessions contract gained momentum this week when a state senator publicly endorsed the entreaty, and spoke out
news  ndn  montana  glacier_np  blackfeet  diss  fracking 
august 2013 by nicholassenn
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