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Native tribe will petition Ottawa to remove its Indian status / The Globe and Mail
Taiaiake Alfred, director of the University of Victoria's Indigenous Governance Program, said one aspect that is likely troubling Canada and B.C. is the notion of handing over any control to hereditary chiefs who are not governed by elections. "But it's a form of democracy that is participatory and direct. There is constant dialogue between the people of that community that generates consensus."
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november 2009 by nicholassenn
The miner's canary: enlisting race, resisting power, transforming democracy
In 1953 Felix Cohen wrote: “Like the miner’s canary, the Indian marks the shift from fresh air to poison gas in our political atmosphere, and our treatment of the Indian … marks the rise and fall in our democratic faith”
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october 2009 by nicholassenn
Top Judge Calls Calif. Government ‘Dysfunctional’ /
Citing a successful ballot initiative that same Election Day that regulated the confinement of fowl in coops, Justice George said, “Chickens gained valuable rights in California on the same day that gay men and lesbians lost them.”
news  law  government  democracy  politics  california  nytimes 
october 2009 by nicholassenn
A Night Sky of Mystery and Wonder / Torontoist
Paglen recalled conversations the two have had, telling the audience that “Molczan reminded me that perhaps truth is sometimes like a point of light reflected in the evening sky, able to be seen by anybody who bothers looking through a telescope, [and] of the notion that, in a democracy, you’re supposed to have a right to your own opinion, but you're not supposed to have a right to your own facts.”
review  exhibition  art  military  space  secrecy  democracy  toronto 
october 2009 by nicholassenn
Waziyatawin / Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2009 / Star Tribune
Indeed, while many Americans are celebrating what they perceive as a victory over racism in the election of a black man to the White House, my only hope concerning his election is that it will clearly elucidate the difference between racism and colonialism in America. As he invokes the memory of America's founding fathers and refers to Americans as the "heirs of those early patriots," he reminds indigenous peoples that America was built at our expense. We paid the price of America's nationhood with our blood, our lands, and our resources. America lives because indigenous populations were exterminated and dispossessed of much that was dear to us.
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january 2009 by nicholassenn
Town Hall Meetings / Democracy in America / Creative Time
“Town Hall” conversations were held in Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and New York City in March 2008. Selected organizers, artists, and activists across a broad spectrum of cultural communities discussed five questions pertaining to strategic local and national activist concerns.
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september 2008 by nicholassenn
Democracy When? Democracy When? Activist Strategizing in Los Angeles / Tone O. Nielsen / LACE (2002)
Democracy When? is best described as a collective think tank for the exchange and rethinking of activist strategies and practices.
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september 2007 by nicholassenn
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