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open! | Platform for Art, Culture and the Public Domain
Entangled Data: Modelling and Resistance in the Megacity
Alessandra Renzi
data  urbanism  indonesia 
march 2017 by nicholassenn
ways of seeing - / current issue
Trevor Paglen reviews Laura Kurgan’s Close Up at a Distance: Mapping, Technology, and Politics
visualization  politics  technology  book  data  mapping  gis  visual_culture  landscape  review 
april 2013 by nicholassenn
Futurefarmers & GOOD Magazine
Sugar Consumption, Student Debt, Retail Real Estate, Solar Power
project  design  mapping  data  visualization  consumerism  economics  energy  sustainability  food_politics 
october 2007 by nicholassenn
Superfund365 / A Site-A-Day
An online data visualization application with an accompanying RSS-feed. Each day for a year, starting on September 1, 2007, Superfund365 will visit one toxic site currently active in the Superfund program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (E
project  art  environmental_justice  data  visualization  demographics  politics  place  pollution  superfund 
september 2007 by nicholassenn
Greater New Orleans Community Data Center
Information to support nonprofit grantwriting, advocacy, planning & decision-making in post-Katrina New Orleans
group  resource  katrina  data  community  demographics  gis  mapping  planning  new_orleans 
september 2007 by nicholassenn

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