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ArcPost: A Project of the Pacific Association of Artist Run Centres
Institutions by Artists is a three day, international event that evaluates and activates the performance and promise of contemporary artist-run centres and initiatives.
gathering  art  collective  infrastructure  vancouver  bc 
october 2012 by nicholassenn
Trapese is a Popular Education Collective who offers workshops and training aimed at inspiring and promoting action for changing our world.
group  collective  justice  activism  sustainability  politics  anarchism  grassroots  education  environment  uk 
september 2008 by nicholassenn
DO IT YOURSELF: A Handbook for Changing Our World
A radical guide to ethical and sustainable living, edited by the Trapese Collective
book  group  collective  justice  activism  diy  sustainability  ethics  politics  anarchism  education  health  environment 
september 2008 by nicholassenn
Machines Seminar / Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona
A small informative, educational and exchange seminar with participants in political art groups, collaborative and cooperative art practices, creative political collectives from places on two continents.
gathering  art  activism  collective  politics  theory  practice  spain 
march 2007 by nicholassenn
CAMPBALTIMORE is a resource for groups and individuals working to coordinate and highlight alternative social action and cultural production. We are currently based in the city of Baltimore, Maryland.
group  activism  collective  community  grassroots  justice  housing  prison  race  gentrification  maryland 
february 2007 by nicholassenn
Mobilization is an international journal of research and theory specializing in social movements, protests and collective behavior.
journal  research  theory  activism  social_movements  collective 
september 2006 by nicholassenn
Border Art Workshop / Taller de Arte Fronterizo
The Border Art Workshop / Taller de Arte Fronterizo (BAW/TAF) since its inception in 1984, has been the active visual arm of the Centro Cultural de la Raza in Balboa Park, San Diego, California....
group  art  performance  activism  collective  borders  geopolitics  identity  justice  place  sd_ti  us_mexico 
august 2006 by nicholassenn
A R C H i M E D I A
Archimedia is a research and design collective examining the overlap between digital media and public space....
group  design  collective  art  mapping  locative  practice  film  urbanism 
august 2006 by nicholassenn
MPG: Mobile Performance Group
MPG: Mobile Performance Group is a collective of new media artists interested in finding new ways to present art outside of traditional venues....
group  art  collective  performance  mobility  new_media 
august 2006 by nicholassenn
Team Colors
Team Colors is a collective engaged in 'militant research' to provide 'strategic analysis for the intervention in everyday life'.
blog  activism  research  collective 
july 2006 by nicholassenn
the new town : where we live
A social-interventionist art collective tactically exploring issues of contemporary human distribution.
group  art  collective  place  urbanism  sprawl  psychogeography  politics 
june 2006 by nicholassenn
BASEKAMP is a non commercial studio and exhibition space whose primary focus is to participate in the creation, facilitation and promotion of large scale collaborative projects by contemporary artists....
group  art  collective  exhibition  collaboration 
may 2006 by nicholassenn
Groups and Spaces / Temporary Services
This web site gathers information about people making art or working in Groups and running Spaces....
resource  art  collective 
may 2006 by nicholassenn
Blackout Arts Collective
Blackout Arts Collective (BAC) is a grassroots coalition of artists, activists and educators working to empower communities of color through the arts....
group  collective  art  politics  race  prison 
may 2006 by nicholassenn
De Geuzen: a foundation for multi-visual research
We are an art and design collective that has been working together since 1996. In our work, we deploy a variety of strategies both on and offline to explore our interests in female identity, critical resistance, representation, and narrative archiving....
group  art  design  collective  culture  history  colonialism  politics  activism 
april 2006 by nicholassenn
The ORGANIC Collective
An anarchist collective whose mission is to organize creative resistance at the intersections of oppressions locally and globally, and to nurture the emergence of futures shaped by autonomous spaces and collective liberation
group  activism  anarchism  collective  borders 
april 2006 by nicholassenn
c.cred: collective creative dissent
A London based but very nomadic artist collective and members-run platform for the development of collaborative structures, projects, interventions and other initiatives seeking to link art and aesthetic practice to a wider socio-political context....
group  collective  art  mapping  walking  public_space 
march 2006 by nicholassenn
common places
common_places is a material resource, nomadic meeting-place and open infrastructure. it is dedicated to researching, supporting and facilitating collective forms of cultural practice...
group  resource  collective 
march 2006 by nicholassenn

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