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Smashing Magazine’s Hugo build time
Around 7500 content pages.
TOTAL build/deployment around 2 minutes.
Of that TOTAL, the Hugo part was around 13 seconds.
Hugo  static  CMS  performance  build  clevermarks 
january 2018 by nhoizey
gnomon: utility to annotate console logging statements with timestamps and find slow processes
"Utility to annotate console logging statements with timestamps and find slow processes"
time  speed  script  shell  monitor  clevermarks  console  performance  log 
january 2018 by nhoizey
Speeding up our Jekyll site generation
"This post dives into which culprits we identified and how we reduced the generation time from 64 to only 16 seconds."
Jekyll  performance  optimization 
december 2017 by nhoizey
Scaling React Server-Side Rendering
"Some of the insights here are React-specific, but many are simply generic scalability challenges, or simple mistakes that were made."
ServerSideRendering  scalability  performance  React  clevermarks 
november 2017 by nhoizey
Massively speed up Time Machine backups
"Time Machine and its network-equipped brother, Time Capsule, are superb innovations. They make backup seamless, invisible and easy. They’re also slow. Really slow. The initial backup can literally take days. Here’s how to fix that."
mac  TimeMachine  performance  configuration 
march 2016 by nhoizey
"RWD is bad for performance" is good for performance
"Bad performance stems from a lack of attention and commitment performance within an organization—not from whether or not the site is responsive."
performance  webperf  RWD 
july 2014 by nhoizey
Smart Defaults: On Libraries & Frameworks - TimKadlec.com
"I’ve worked on projects where some of the devices we needed to test on couldn’t load the page at all if jQuery was present—it was just too much JavaScript for the device to handle."
jQuery  librairie  JavaScript  performance  webperf 
january 2014 by nhoizey
Measuring performance of the user experience
"WebPagetest will now expose any User Timing marks that a page records so you can use the same custom events for your synthetic test measurement as well as your Real User Measurement"
WebPagetest  RUM  performance  webperf 
july 2013 by nhoizey
Performances web et "Disaster case" sur applications mobile native
"Les outils pour mesurer / comprendre sont plutôt reconnus désormais et arrivent a une certaine maturité. Il y a toutefois encore un créneau plutôt peu documenté (à mon goût) dans le domaine, celui permettant de mesurer les temps de chargement dans des applications mobile natives (Android / iOs ...)"
webperf  iOS  Android  natif  application  performance 
july 2013 by nhoizey
The Tumblr Architecture Yahoo Bought for a Cool Billion Dollars
Growing at over 30% a month has not been without challenges. Some reliability problems among them. It helps to realize that Tumblr operates at surprisingly huge scales: 500 million page views a day, a peak rate of ~40k requests per second, ~3TB of new data to store a day, all running on 1000+ servers.
montée  en  charge  performance  Tumblr  Yahoo!  architecture  infrastructure  Scala  PHP  Redis  MySQL 
may 2013 by nhoizey
Deploying JavaScript Applications - Alex Sexton
Deploying JavaScript Applications Preface: Nothing in this post is necessarily new, or even anything I thought of first (save for a name or two). via Pocket
javascript  performance  déploiement  packaging  lazyload  webperf  SPA 
march 2013 by nhoizey
Compuware APM Deep Transaction Management for PHP
"Compuware APM Deep Transaction Management for PHP is the first solution in the market that combines User Experience Management (UEM), web server visibility, PHP deep-dive analysis, database access and external-call visibility all into one single solution, along with built-in performance analytics. It cuts through the complexity to provide full application visibility from a browser-click to the database and back, for all transactions, in real time 24x7. Compared to other PHP monitoring tools, Compuware APM’s unique smart auto-detection of PHP pages makes it a snap to understand which page is causing what performance issues."
Compuware  Gomez  Dynatrace  webperf  PHP  performance  audit  RUM  MySQL  LAMP 
march 2013 by nhoizey
"reducing number of requests on a page [not] always makes that page faster"
"combining can sometimes make loads slower, due to deferral of JS execution (have to download entire combined JS file before any of the JS can be executed).

A second reason is that combining can make the resources take longer to download, due to the way that TCP slow start works"
webperf  concaténation  JavaScript  performance 
october 2012 by nhoizey
CryoPNG est en gros comme PunyPNG ou ImageOptim mais en plus costaud
"CryoPNG est donc en gros comme PunyPNG ou ImageOptim mais en plus costaud.
C'est une simple interface graphique pour de puissants scripts qui eux utilisent pngout, cryopng, huffmix, defluff..."
CryoPNG  optimisation  image  poids  performance  webperf  PNG  mac  software 
august 2012 by nhoizey
Ryah: "If my job was keeping Twitter up, of course I'd using a robust technology like the JVM."
"If my job was keeping Twitter up, of course I'd using a robust technology like the JVM."
Java  JVM  disponibilité  performance  web  infrastructure  NodeJS 
july 2012 by nhoizey
Use The Index, Luke! - SQL indexing and SQL tuning for developers
A free tutorial to SQL indexing and SQL tuning for developers: It avoids unnecessary details about database internals.
SQL  optimisation  index  performance  webperf  livre  gratuit  MySQL  Oracle  DB2  PostgreSQL  SQL  Server  bdd 
june 2012 by nhoizey
PNG and JPG Optimizers
"ScriptPNG is a PNG optimizer for Windows 32 bits. It reduces files size by parallel processing, with differents levels of compression. It converts GIF, BMP, JPG, PCX, or TGA to PNG.

ScriptJPG is a JPG optimizer for Windows 32 bits. It reduces files size with a lossless process or with differents lossy methods — those methods also reduce image quality."
JPG  PNG  optimisation  webperf  JPEG  image  compression  performance 
april 2012 by nhoizey
Media Query & Asset Downloading Results | TimKadlec.com
"I did some research about how images are downloaded when media queries are involved. I wrote up some automated tests where Javascript could determine whether or not the image was requested. I’ve got enough data now to be able to go into detailed findings."
web  mobile  image  téléchargement  performance  webperf  RWD 
april 2012 by nhoizey
Simplify.js - a high-performance JavaScript 2D/3D polyline simplification library
"Simplify.js is a tiny high-performance JavaScript 2D/3D polyline simplification library by Vladimir Agafonkin, extracted from Leaflet, a JS interactive maps library of the same author. It uses a combination of Douglas-Peucker and Radial Distance algorithms. Works both on browser and server platforms."
SVG  webperf  performance  simplification  javascript  librairie 
february 2012 by nhoizey
Mobile Perf bookmarklet
Web development on mobile devices is especially challenging. The debuggers and profilers we use on the desktop aren't available. Bookmarklets are a good alternative. They're lightweight and work on most browsers - even mobile browsers. But installing bookmarklets in mobile browsers is a pain. You could try to find all the good bookmarklets out there and install them one by one. Or...

Just install the Mobile Perf bookmarklet!
mobile  performance  bookmarklet  outil  web  Steve  Souders  webperf  dev 
january 2011 by nhoizey
Yotta fait comme beaucoup d'autres de l'analyse de performance des sites, mais permet en plus de lier cela à Google Analytics pour (tenter de) mesurer les impacts.
performance  statistique  Yottaa  analyse  Google  Analytics 
september 2010 by nhoizey
Let's make the web faster - Google Code
"Here are some statistics about the size, number of resources and other such metrics of pages on the world wide web. These are collected from a sample of several billions of pages that are processed as part of Google's crawl and indexing pipeline."
web  ressource  requête  statistique  performance  HTTP  webperf  dev 
september 2010 by nhoizey
How to Write Efficient CSS Selectors - O'Reilly Answers
"The impact of CSS selectors on performance derives from the amount of time it takes the browser to match the selectors against the elements in the document. Developers have some control over how long this matching takes by writing their selectors to be more efficient. The path to efficient selectors starts by understanding how selector matching works."
css  performance  sélecteur 
september 2010 by nhoizey
this, is boomerang
"boomerang is a piece of javascript that you add to your web pages, where it measures the performance of your website from your end user's point of view"
javascript  performance  boomerang  test  web  Yahoo!  YDN  webperf  dev 
july 2010 by nhoizey
High Performance Web Sites :: Frontend SPOF
"loading scripts and stylesheets in the typical way creates a frontend single point of failure that can bring down the entire site"
performance  web  spof  erreur  bug  css  js  webperf  dev 
june 2010 by nhoizey
"Show Slow is an open source tool that helps monitor various website performance metrics over time. It captures the results of YSlow and Page Speed rankings and graphs them"
performance  graphe  suivi  showslow  YSlow  Page  Speed  foss 
may 2010 by nhoizey
Google favorise les sites rapides
C'était déjà connu des spécialistes, mais ça devient vraiment officiel : « Like us, our users place a lot of value in speed — that's why we've decided to take site speed into account in our search rankings. »
Google  Google  Search  pagerank  rang  vitesse  performance 
april 2010 by nhoizey
Flash contre HTML5 : 3, 2, 1 partez !
"Le plus économe demeure le couple Safari/HTML5 qui ne consomme que 12 % des ressources processeur. Pour effectuer la même tâche, le duo Safari/Flash s’accapare 37 % du temps processeur"
vidéo  navigateur  performance  CPU  flash  HTML5  vs 
march 2010 by nhoizey
Code: Flickr Developer Blog » Using, Abusing and Scaling MySQL at Flickr
"I like "NoSQL". But at Flickr, MySQL is our hammer, and we use it for nearly everything. [...] Because frankly MySQL brings some difficult to beat advantages."
MySQL  NoSQL  bdd  db  performance  fonctionnalité  Flickr  dev 
february 2010 by nhoizey
Best practices performance – does it matter? | Speeding Up Website: all about web performance
"There is no valid reason to integrate to your website extreme performance best practices. You can just apply some basics and advanced techniques, and stop with this."
performance  optimisation  web  pragmatisme  best  practices  webperf  dev 
february 2010 by nhoizey
Should You Use JavaScript Library CDNs? « Lickity Split
"JavaScript Library CDNs use the network effect. Our survey of the Alexa 2000 shows that right now there are too few people in the network to get any value. Only Google’s AJAX Library API has anywhere near the penetration to provide any benefit"
CDN  javascript  librairie  performance  web  Google  AJAX  Libraries  API  webperf  dev 
january 2010 by nhoizey
amebench hunts down the fastest DNS servers available for your computer to use
performance  DNS  configuration  navigateur  windows  linux  mac  software  network 
january 2010 by nhoizey
ImageOptim - a PNG/JPEG graphics optimizer for Mac OS X
"ImageOptim is a front-end (GUI) for set of tools for optimisation of PNG/JPEG images and GIF animations.\n\nOptimisation makes files smaller (in terms of disk space) by finding optimal compression parameters and by removing unneccessary information, like file comments, EXIF tags and color profiles."
png  image  jpeg  gif  optimisation  compression  taille  poids  mac  web  design  performance  iusethis  webperf  software  dev 
november 2009 by nhoizey
High Performance Web Sites :: @font-face and performance
"My first piece of advice is to avoid using @font-face unless it’s critical to the page."
@font-face  police  caractère  design  web  performance  webperf  dev  font 
october 2009 by nhoizey
Optimizing your Application with Shark 4
If your application could benefit from improved performance—and let's be honest, most can—you need to know about Shark 4, the latest update to Apple's remarkable performance optimization tool.
optimisation  performance  mac  Shark  dev 
july 2009 by nhoizey
Drupal et mySQL sont sur un serveur...
C'est surtout pour ça que je suis fan de SPIP : « contrairement au discours ambiant qui tend à proclamer que hors Drupal plus de salut, et que SPIP est mort, ce dernier fait mieux qu’agoniser. En mutant et en évoluant à sa façon il a su proposer des solutions techniques alternatives intéressantes qui permettent d’aller très loin avec moins de technicité apparente. »
SPIP  Drupal  troll  performance  fonctionnalité  CMS  WCM  cache 
june 2009 by nhoizey
Page Speed Home
Page Speed is an open-source Firefox/Firebug Add-on. Webmasters and web developers can use Page Speed to evaluate the performance of their web pages and to get suggestions on how to improve them.
test  vitesse  chargement  page  web  optimisation  performance  Firefox  extension  firebug  webperf  dev 
june 2009 by nhoizey
Intel XML Software Suite
Des manipulations XML (parsing, validation de schéma, transformation) jusqu'à 10 fois plus rapides qu'avec les classiques Xalan/Xerces
XML  XSD  parsing  performance  optimisation 
october 2008 by nhoizey
Optimisation des performances de PHP sous Oracle et OCI8 : Ergonomie, Rails et Architecture de l'information web (2.0)
excellente présentation faite par Oracle traitant de l’optimisation des performances de PHP dans un environnement base de données Oracle avec le driver OCI8
Oracle  OCI8  PHP  PHP5  PDO  performance 
august 2008 by nhoizey
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