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Convert Viscosity to Open VPN
Convert Viscosity to Open VPN. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
openvpn  viscosity  converter  script 
september 2018 by nharbour
Generic Watchdogs - Hive OS
Hello, I've just received linux drivers for chinese generic watchdog. Is it possible to add this to hiveos? Thousands of people is using these.
watchdog  script  usb  linux  bootup  startup 
june 2018 by nharbour
Automated AWS spot instance provisioning with persisting of data
After following this guide, you will be able to spin up an AWS EC2 spot instance by executing a single command from your terminal. The instance will have a volume attached that will be persisted…
spot-instance  fast.ai  machine-learning  aws  script 
september 2017 by nharbour
Why I Left Gulp and Grunt for npm Scripts — Free Code Camp — Medium
I know what you’re thinking. WAT?! Didn’t Gulp just kill Grunt? Why can’t we just be content for a few minutes here in J…
npm  script  scripts  package.json  build  building  makefile 
march 2016 by nharbour

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