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Astropad | Turn your iPad into a drawing tablet
Turn your iPad into a graphics tablet for your Mac.
ipad  macbook  tablet 
september 2018 by nharbour
Unable To Open Links In Safari, Mail Or Messages On IOS 9.3 | Ben Collier
Update Five 11:44 March 29/03/2016: I've posted a shorter fix - here's how to fix it with an iTunes sync and Airplane mode! Update Four 11:10
safari  bug  ios  ipad  dad 
march 2016 by nharbour
How To Fix IOS 9.x Safari/Mail Link Bug [updated] | Infinite Diaries
This post has been updated — see below. There have been numerous threads and articles about the iOS link bug, with many of them posting false information. This
safari  bug  ios  ipad  dad 
march 2016 by nharbour
SketchParty TV for the new Apple TV: The Story so Far
SketchParty TV is my favorite party app. My friends love it, my parents love it, it's basically awesome for any gathering that includes a TV. It's now available natively for the new Apple TV. This post from the developer (Matt Braun) offers intriguing details about the development and marketing process that will be of interest to both developers and users.
appletv  games  ios  ipad 
november 2015 by nharbour
iPhoto iPad tooltips PSD - Matt Gemmell
A Photoshop PSD recreation of the tooltips from iPhoto on iOS.
ipad  iphoto  tooltips  help  apple 
august 2015 by nharbour
E-Books on Tablets Fight Digital Distractions - The New York Times
With diversions like e-mail, Twitter, YouTube and games a few taps away, the book-reading experience on a tablet is more like a 21st-century cacophony than a traditional solitary activity.
distraction  distraction-free  kindle  ipad  book  read  reading 
july 2015 by nharbour
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