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Panopticon: A libre, cross platform disassembler for reverse engineering | Hacker News
Great work. Therefore that's one more disassembler in the wide. Some of the great open source ones, reverse oriented, that I have been able to test are:
Metasm: https://github.com/jjyg/metasm/
Radare: http://radare.org/
Capstone: http://www.capstone-engine.org/
Capstone is based on LLVM, that you cannot beat in term of architectures and industrial quality, and has great plugins, which make it kind of my favorite.
Of course, for non-scripting needs, you need decent graphical interfaces, as provided by these ones:
IDA: https://www.hex-rays.com/products/ida/
Hopper: http://www.hopperapp.com/
IDA is clearly the best, but Hopper is a fair choice if you need it and you can't afford IDA license for personal use.
[Edit: add forgotten IDA and Hopper...]
- jbaviat

also it's a c++ -> rust port
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XXX II | An Algorithmic Lucidity
// But what the fuck is wrong with this bullshit language is in
// the map, not the territory
// on the balance of available evidence, doesn't it seem more
// likely that the borrow checker is smarter than you, or that
// the persons who wrote the borrow checker are smarter than you?
// and if you can't even follow their work even after several
// scattered hours of dutifully trying to RTFM, will an
// increasingly competitive global Economy remain interested in
// keeping you alive and happy in the decades to come?
// I am not a person who has been genuinely wronged, just a man
// not smart enough to know any better
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