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Information Processing: Mathematical Theory of Deep Neural Networks (Princeton workshop)
"Recently, long-past-due theoretical results have begun to emerge. These results, and those that will follow in their wake, will begin to shed light on the properties of large, adaptive, distributed learning architectures, and stand to revolutionize how computer science and neuroscience understand these systems."
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january 2018 by nhaliday
The Government is the Largest Source of University Funding | Free By 50
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COS597C: How to solve it
- Familiarity with tools. You have to know the basic mathematical and conceptuatl tools, and over the semester we will encounter quite a few of them.
- Background reading on your topic. What is already known and how was it proven? Research involves figuring out how to stand on the shoulders of others (could be giants, midgets, or normal-sized people).
- Ability to generate new ideas and spot the ones that dont work. I cannot stress the second part enough. The only way you generate new ideas is by shooting down the ones you already have.
- Flashes of genius. Somewhat overrated; the other three points are more important. Insights come to the well-prepared.
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october 2016 by nhaliday
Mental Wilderness | Holden Lee
Holden Lee takes a lot of amazing notes (both live-TeXed and in Workflowy): https://pinboard.in/u:nhaliday/b:ca7feec10ca8

also he wrote that pretty inspirational essay a while back
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june 2016 by nhaliday
Graduate Program | Computer Science Department at Princeton University
Sanjeev Arora and his new research group, Mark Braverman (algorithmic econ+ML-type stuff), Moses Charikar, Elad Hazan (the kind of ML i like), and Zeev Dvir (more of a mathematician)
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