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UNFILLED: Vault 101 Procreation
So, there was a fill about this on the old meme (that I think got transferred here via Legacy Fill) about Vault 101 and there being a procreation rule, but it was strictly F!LW/Butch with a lot of details. Since there's the new open prompt rule, I figured I'd repost the prompt with a more general request.

I want to see anyone from Vault 101 dealing with the negative (or positive?) effects of a procreation rule set. Why was it placed? What are the consequences/benefits of breaking the rule or following it? How is it enforced?

Feel free to make it genfic, het, or slash, smut, fluff, angst... anything!
prompt:unfilled  relationship:femslash  relationship:gen  relationship:het  relationship:slash  kink:pregnancy  kink:breeding  game:fo3 
june 2017 by nfkm

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