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UNFILLED: FO3, James/Anyone, Any kink
Literally any pairing between James and someone who’s of age by general real life standards, with any kink would do. You want to write James/Catherine exhibitionist smut? James/Jonas medical play smut? James/Madison bondage smut? James/Charon dom/sub smut? James/Nova orgasm denial smut? James/a married couple from Vault 101 cuckolding smut? Whatever sparks you imagination—anything goes.

Bonus points for:

+ Every character involved in the fic is really enthusiastic about the kinks they’re engaging in, and they have a great time
++ Something based on James’s age (daddy kink? age difference? either written explicitly into the fic or that it’s implied as part of the attraction between James and his partner)) would be wonderful!

Please, no incest, scat, or non-con (dub con is okay)
prompt:unfilled  game:fo3  character:james 
january 2018 by nfkm

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