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finetune - music web app
A music (radio) player that you have to log into. Not sure if you can play the same song more than once or even pick a song to play.

Nothing interesting here
audio  aggregator  radio  streaming  web2.0  flash  playlist  player  music  media  social  entertainment  online  finetune  pandora  playlists 
september 2010 by newhighscore
Radbox - The best way to watch videos online
Make a list of videos to watch using their bookmarklet
bookmarklet  newhighscore  sns  videos  youtube  download  online  entertainment  save  aggregator  lists 
august 2010 by newhighscore
Embedly - API
One API to Rule them All
The Embedly API allows developers to embed videos, images and rich media from 111 services through one API. Visit the documentation to learn more.
aggregator  api  apis  audio  cms  code  development  jquery  javascript  images  embed  documentation  web2.0  webdev  youtube  twitter  useful  video  ruby  python  programming  vimeo  videos  music  embedding  embedly  tools  media 
august 2010 by newhighscore
Customizable mashup site - similar to the iGoogle idea
web2.0  rss  aggregator  netvibes  tools  portal  personal  socialnetworking  web  homepage  mashup  mashups  tool 
august 2009 by newhighscore
A widget that loads in flickr, twitter, and more
webdesign  web2.0  ajax  wordpress  flash  free  webdev  social  aggregator  tool  gadgets  widget  widgetbox  directory 
february 2009 by newhighscore

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