Blazing-fast static site generator for React
React  Web 
22 days ago
Stripe: Radar Technical Guide
A primer on machine learning for fraud detection
10 weeks ago
paulrobertlloyd/micropub.paulrobertlloyd.com at media-endpoint
An endpoint that accepts Micropub requests, formats them into Jekyll posts before pushing them to a configured GitHub repository. This enables updating a Jekyll blog through a Micropub client.
10 weeks ago
This is a demo project presenting how to combine Swift/Kotlin and C++.
10 weeks ago
Static CMS for Hugo & Jekyll | Forestry.io
A static CMS that commits
Sync your Jekyll or Hugo site. Your editors will love it and won’t realize they’re making commits.
10 weeks ago
2017 Retrospective: A Monumental Year for the App Economy
In our annual end-of-year retrospective report, App Annie sheds light on the key indicators of a booming app economy and explores the most important market trends of the last year
january 2018
Some useful URL schemes in Xcode 9 | Cocoa Engineering
The new Xcode source editor, written in Swift, has a neat way to link between documentation and source code locations inside a project.
january 2018
Sash Zats - iPhone X home button
Reverse-engineering built-in iOS functionality with class-dump, Hopper and dlopen
iOS  Debugging 
december 2017
FAQ: Bitcode | PSPDFKit for iOS
Bitcode is an intermediate representation of a compiled binary. Including bitcode will allow Apple to reoptimize your app binary in the future without the need for you to submit a new version of your app to the store.
december 2017
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