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Jack Dorsey bends the knee
Ill-advised meeting with Trump in the White House
trump  politics  dorsey  twitter  jack  whitehouse 
april 2019 by nelson
Security clearances at the White House
Trump administration has overruled the denial of 25 people's security clearances
security  whitehouse  trump  politics  corruption 
april 2019 by nelson
Hashtag Murica
Donald Trump posing in the White House in front of a portrait of Lincoln, with an array of fast food laid out on the gilded table in front of him
trump  politics  america  murica  fastfood  whitehouse 
january 2019 by nelson
Gay in the 50s White House
Aid to president was gay, very detailed portrait of his emotional life
gay  lgbt  history  whitehouse  politics  tootme 
december 2018 by nelson
Trump Resistance
Anonymous op/ed from someone inside the White House talking about how there are adults in the room
whitehouse  politics  trump  oped  nyt 
september 2018 by nelson
Trump squashes secure elections bill
White House cancels a bipartisan bill to make US elections safer
politics  elections  whitehouse  votingrights  voting  trump 
august 2018 by nelson
White House vs GAO
This sounds like a big step towards further corruption
politics  whitehouse  government  gao  corruption  trump 
june 2018 by nelson
Fascism in public
Dehumanization by the government is a very dangerous step along the road
fascism  whitehouse  politics  trump  ms13 
may 2018 by nelson
Against collaboration
Thoughtful op/ed on not working with the Trump White House
politics  trump  girlswhocode  whitehouse  principles  democracy 
september 2017 by nelson
Kelly and Trump
More on the new chief of staff, gossip about Omarosa
trump  politics  kelly  whitehouse 
september 2017 by nelson and journalism
Standing by their reporting that Trump called the White House a dump
whitehouse  trump  politics  golf 
august 2017 by nelson
White House admits Trump lies
Phone calls of support did not happen, press secretary says so on the record
trump  lies  politics  whitehouse  boyscouts  mexico 
august 2017 by nelson
Trump <3 OpenGov
Tiny startup is a Kushner investment, gets to come to the White House
whitehouse  kushner  corruption  trump  politics 
july 2017 by nelson
Empty executive office
Trump White House is not hiring people to do the work
trump  politics  whitehouse  incompetence 
march 2017 by nelson
Goldman's plan for the White House
Blogger / Twitter product guy heads to the White House, his words on why and what he's doing
goldman  twitter  blogger  whitehouse  government 
march 2015 by nelson
Presidential tweets
Analysis of response to a whitehouse tweet
politics  twitter  whitehouse 
july 2011 by nelson
White House missiles
Image of a missile launcher on the roof next door to the White House
security  whitehouse  aviation  missiles 
november 2010 by nelson
Dining with Dubya
Great little reminiscence from one of the Bush daughter's friends on his casual dinners with the family
bush  politics  whitehouse  gay  via:metafilter 
january 2009 by nelson
473 days rectified
White House destroyed over a year's worth of email
secrecy  government  whitehouse  bush  crime  email  archives 
january 2008 by nelson
Global warming is healthy!
She failed to address damage to the sweater industry
climate  globalwarming  politics  whitehouse  stupid  via:goldman 
october 2007 by nelson

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