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Tech vs Free Speech
Thoughtful essay on how the modern tech world does not enable truly free speech
freespeach  press  tech  twitter  politics 
2 days ago by nelson
Twitter payola
tweetdecking; thousands of dollars a month to retweet spam
tweetdecking  twitter  spam  ads 
6 days ago by nelson
Twitter can still occasionally be funny.
twitter  blacktwitter  funny  harrypotter 
7 days ago by nelson
Fox → DVR → Trump → Twitter
Details on the President's unhealthy obsession with a TV news show
fox  tv  trump  politics  journalism  twitter 
14 days ago by nelson
Twitter sided with the Nazis
Users build a bot to do Twitter's job for them; Twitter bans the bot
twitter  nazis 
23 days ago by nelson
Twitter's abuse confusion
Company's internal policies didn't make sense to its own executives
twitter  politics  milo  policy 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Breitbart #war on Twitter
Milo and Bannon tried to sabotage Twitter
twitter  politics  breitbart  ethics  shortselling  bannon  milo 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Man who silenced Trump
Twitter contractor who got Trump's Twitter account suspended for 11 minutes
trump  politics  twitter  abuse  policy 
7 weeks ago by nelson
100,000 users on an old ARM PC
The largest Mastodon instance is run on a small machine
mastodon  twitter  social  scaling 
9 weeks ago by nelson
A Mastodon client that looks just like Twitter's UI. Works with any Mastodon account.
mastodon  twitter  ui 
9 weeks ago by nelson
Tool to post RSS feed content to Mastodon. Good for Pinboard
pinboard  mastodon  twitter  feed  rss 
9 weeks ago by nelson
Mastodon Bridge
Follow people from Twitter on Mastodon too
mastodown  twitter  bridge  import 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Social media and democracy
Long detailed piece about society and Internet communication
twitter  politics  china  abuse  democracy  propaganda  facebook 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Turn off retweets!
New simple webapp to disable retweets for every account
twitter  retweets  filtering  detweet 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Yuri Milner and the Kremlin
Major Russian investor in tech companies connected to Putin
putin  russia  politics  twitter  facebook  investing 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Russian propaganda ads
Examples from the congressional hearing
propaganda  ads  twitter  facebook  russia  trump  politics 
11 weeks ago by nelson
Cambridge Analytica code
Intern for right wing political / tech group has code on GitHub
github  politics  trump  cambridgeanalytica  twitter  nominatim 
october 2017 by nelson
Monteiro on Twitter
"Twitter today is a cesspool of hate. A plague of frogs."
twitter  harassment  trump 
october 2017 by nelson
Twitter is lying to you
Pushback from researchers on Twitter's claims of ignorance
twitter  propaganda  russia 
september 2017 by nelson
Twitter testimony inadequate
Criticism of Twitter's congressional testimony and disclosures
twitter  russia  politics  trump  2016 
september 2017 by nelson
Ban Trump from Twitter
Clear editorial by Mike Monteiro
trump  twitter  politics 
september 2017 by nelson
Twitter Thread Reader
A UI that makes horrible tweetstorms more readable
twitter  thread  tweetstorm  ui 
september 2017 by nelson
Daily Stormer offline
A bunch of companies finally deny the Nazi site hosting
google  twitter  facebook  cloudflare  godaddy  nazis  dailystormer 
august 2017 by nelson
Behind YesYoureRacist
Very brave man calling out racism
racism  twitter  politics 
august 2017 by nelson
Trump train!
Trump posts cartoon that in the context of Charlottesville is just appalling
charlottesville  train  cnn  trump  twitter 
august 2017 by nelson
Twitter hate protest
German artist spraypaints tweeted hate speech in front of Twitter's office
twitter  hatespeech  protest  funny 
august 2017 by nelson
Bot that forwards tweeted links to the Wayback Machine for archival
wayback  archive  twitter  bot  linkblog 
july 2017 by nelson
Format a Twitter thread as a proper blog post
blogs  twitter  content  tweetstorm  thread  hack 
july 2017 by nelson
Clumsy Twitter propaganda
State Department trying to enlist private institutions in a fake Twitter feud
propaganda  trump  politics  ip  stupid  twitter 
july 2017 by nelson
The President of the United States
Trump tweets a memer video of him pro-wrestling, attacking CNN
cnn  twitter  president  dignity  politics  trump 
july 2017 by nelson
William C. Bradford, vile racist
Trump's appointee to the Energy Department’s Office of Indian Energy has many revolting tweets
twitter  racism  trump  politics  energy  doe  indian  disgusting 
june 2017 by nelson
Twitter Trump replies
Inside the struggle to be the top reply visible to Trump's tweets
trump  politics  seo  spam  twitter 
june 2017 by nelson
Twitter drops Do Not Track
One of the few companies to honor users' privacy wishes decides to stop
twitter  ads  privacy 
may 2017 by nelson
Exploring Unicode-equivalents of base64 ASCII encoding
encoding  ascii  twitter  unicode 
april 2017 by nelson
Thank You, Scott
More sharp SNL satire, against armchair activism
funny  facebook  twitter  politics  satire  activism 
april 2017 by nelson
Twitter vs DHS
Government trying to force Twitter to give personal info on a user for protected political speech
politics  twitter  dhs  freespeech 
april 2017 by nelson
Babysitting Trump's ego
Former staffers talk about managing the President as if he were a seven year old child
trump  politics  ego  media  twitter  press 
february 2017 by nelson
Stephen Miller on Twitter
Little used account engages with a lot of bizarro right wing hate stuff. This article may not be accurate.
twitter  politics  trump  stephenmiller 
february 2017 by nelson
Trump tweet analytics
Account uses with public analytics
trump  twitter  bitly  webtraffic  politics 
february 2017 by nelson
Emergency Puppy
Dealing with the age of horrors
politics  trump  puppy  twitter 
january 2017 by nelson
POTUS digital transition
Very thoughtful plan on how to hand over the Twitter account, etc.
twitter  potus  politics  goldman 
january 2017 by nelson
Jack refuses Trump ads
Kerfuffle during the campaign refusing ads on the phrase "crooked hillary"
trump  politics  twitter 
december 2016 by nelson
Trump hates Twitter
Company not at tech meeting out of spite
trump  twitter  politics 
december 2016 by nelson
Racist Twitter attack plan
Upsetting content, linked because I sometimes forget this stuff exists like this, in the open
twitter  racism  politics  dailystormer 
december 2016 by nelson
Flynn, propagandist
Trump's National Security Advisor regularly spreads outrageous anti-Clinton propaganda
twitter  propaganda  flynn  politics  truth 
december 2016 by nelson
Bot wins contests
Twitter bot automatically retweets and wins online contests
twitter  bot  contest  funny 
october 2016 by nelson
Dictator alert
Twitter bot watches airplanes coming in and out of Geneva. /cc @lemonodor
twitter  politics  aviation  dictator  switzerland  geneva 
october 2016 by nelson
Ginsburg's poem, one phrase at a time
twitter  poetry  ginsburg  howl 
september 2016 by nelson
Dune in emoji
As told by Kyle MacLachlan /cc @celesteramsay
dune  movies  emoji  twitter  funny 
august 2016 by nelson
Trump tweets analysis
Detailed breakdown of how the Trump account works
trump  politics  twitter 
august 2016 by nelson
Tech Companies and Diversity Hiring
Excellent, clear writing on how most tech companies are doing a terrible job hiring
hiring  racism  facebook  google  twitter 
july 2016 by nelson
Ev Williams profile
Long, positive article about the influential tech entrepreneur
ev  evhead  blogger  twitter  odeo  medium  evan 
june 2016 by nelson
CIA livetweeting assassination
Creepy Twitter campaign celebrating the killing of Osama bin Ladin
twitter  cia  assassination  alqaeda  ubl  osama 
may 2016 by nelson
ev on Medium goals
Thoughtful criticism of "junk food" media
ev  twitter  medium  evhead  journalism  media 
april 2016 by nelson
SFBART speaks truth
Amazing event on Twitter; regional transit agency answers people honestly, that its system is old and breaking down
bart  transit  twitter  bayarea  sf 
march 2016 by nelson
Twitter fixes
Randi Harper schools Twitter on ways it could support better filtering against abuse
twitter  abuse  culture  engineering 
february 2016 by nelson
Raising the Bar
Podcast about diversity in the tech industry, featuring Leslie Miley
twitter  diversity  startups  hiring 
january 2016 by nelson
Twitter outsourced Mac app
Well that's crazy; engineering team not building the desktop client
twitter  mac  outsource  blackpixel 
december 2015 by nelson
The Battle of Meme's Deep
Remarkably meta commentary on Internet culture. Also funny and dumb.
mlg  funny  parody  twitter  reddit  internetculture 
december 2015 by nelson
Hoder on social media evolution
Unique perspective on the death of blogs, the rise of Facebook and Twitter
socialmedia  via:metafilter  iran  facebook  twitter  blogs 
december 2015 by nelson
Jack Dorsey's day
Details of how Jack juggles being CEO of two young public companies
jack  twitter  square  dorsey  ceo 
december 2015 by nelson
Binding of Isaac unlock
Cool real world event for a video game
twitter  games  bindingofisaac 
november 2015 by nelson
California UFO
Strange light in the sky in LA
la  ufo  twitter 
november 2015 by nelson
Diversity at Twitter
Thoughtful comments on the challenge of hiring racially diverse engineers
twitter  diversity  engineering  hiring 
november 2015 by nelson
Bare-bones tool to turn off retweets for everyone you follow
twitter  retweet 
october 2015 by nelson
Aphyr on sexual openness
Brilliant software guy / BDSM enthusiast talks about his blend of personae online
twitter  persona  identity  gay  bdsm  software  aphyr 
september 2015 by nelson
Stuck in a hole
Hilarious Twitter account of a guy who got stuck in an empty pool
twitter  funny  via:metafilter  hole  skateboards 
august 2015 by nelson
realtime visualization of Twitter emoji
emoji  twitter 
august 2015 by nelson
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