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Moment of Truth for Republicans
Clearly written editorial that the GOP must stand up now against foreign election interference
republican  gop  trump  politics  russia 
43 minutes ago by nelson
Trump, Treasonous Traitor
Occasionally it's nice to read something written clearly
trump  politics  treason  russia  badtech  electionsecurity  elections 
4 hours ago by nelson
Russia Indictment 2.0
Detailed analysis of Mueller's indictment of 12 Russian intelligence agents
russia  politics  trump  election  fraud  crime  badtech 
yesterday by nelson
Russian hack details
Specifics on the indictment of 12 GRU hackers who aided the Trump campaign
clinton  trump  politics  russia  badtech 
yesterday by nelson
Please give back mi son
Woman in Guatemala begs DHS secretary to release her 8 year old son back to her
guatemala  prison  immigrants  children  trump 
3 days ago by nelson
Splitting racist hairs
The difference between white supremacy and white nationalism. There is one, but it's mostly a matter of semantic details
racism  hatred  politics  trump  whitesupremacy  whitenationalism 
3 days ago by nelson
Trump, white nationalist
Interview with The Sun where he shares his blatantly racist views
immigration  politics  trump  europe  whitesupremacy 
3 days ago by nelson
Immigrant jails
Details on how US counties are collaborating with ICE to imprison immigrants
immigration  politics  trump  jail 
4 days ago by nelson
Progressive lawyer and Hammond pardon
Larry Matasar, well known progressive lawyer in Portland, helped get the Hammonds their pardon from Trump
trump  politics  hammond  matasar  ranching 
5 days ago by nelson
The pain of being reunited
Stories from small immigrant kids reunited with their parents after the government separated them.
children  immigration  trump  politics 
5 days ago by nelson
Jimena Madrid
6 year old we heard asking for her mommy is still 1000 miles away from her mommy
immigration  trump  politics  children 
6 days ago by nelson
2 of 102 kids returned
Detailed accounting of the 102 children under 5 snatched from their parents by ICE
immigration  politics  children  trump  dhs  ice 
6 days ago by nelson
Thai boys vs US border kids
Americans have more compassion for kids trapped in a cave halfway around the world than the ones we put in cages at the US border
children  immigration  politics  trump 
7 days ago by nelson
The website immigrant parents are sent to before being reunited with their children. It's not working.
immigration  trump  politics  children  governmentit 
9 days ago by nelson
Foster care instead of reunification
Washington governor says HHS has no plans to reunite immigrant children with their parents at all
children  immigration  politics  trump  humanrights 
9 days ago by nelson
Office building child jail
Immigrant children held in an unlicensed office in Phoenix by MVM Inc, a contractor
mvm  politics  twitter  immigration  trump  humanrights 
9 days ago by nelson
Immigrant parents can't afford to call their kids
Reports that immigrants in detention separated from their kids can't afford to make a phone call to talk to them
ice  immigration  politics  trump  children 
10 days ago by nelson
HHS can't match kids
Department in charge of caring for snatched children can't identify who was snatched, from whom
children  immigration  trump  politics 
10 days ago by nelson
Twitter employee dissent
Or rather, the lack of Twitter internal agitation to stop their product being used as a fountain of hate and misinformation
twitter  politics  trump  policy 
10 days ago by nelson
ICE deporting legal residents
Green card holders being imprisoned, deported for 20 year old misdemeanors
immigrants  politics  trump  greencard  resident  justice 
11 days ago by nelson
Notes from separations
Heartbreaking quotes from court filings of immigrant parents separated from their children
immigrants  immigration  politics  trump 
12 days ago by nelson
Senate confirms Russian meddling
Reassuring that a bipartisan commission would acknowledge that Trump got help from Russia
trump  politics  russia  collusion  senate  intelligence  gop  republicans 
12 days ago by nelson
Father and Child Disunion
Story of one immigrant whose son was snatched from him
immigration  kids  children  politics  trump 
13 days ago by nelson
Gun pulled at ICE protest
Some Trump supporter shouted "womp womp" and pulled a handgun on a group of protestors trying to pray
violence  america  guns  immigration  protest  trump 
14 days ago by nelson
Are you alone now?
to Alex, the act of family separation seemed quintessentially American. It was the cornerstone of his American experience.
immigration  orphans  ice  politics  trump 
15 days ago by nelson
Another 1,768 snatched kids
Pilot program run before the most recent crisis
trump  politics  children  immigration 
16 days ago by nelson
Immigrant Children’s Jails
ProPublica is mapping all of ICE's jails for children
ice  dhs  immigration  politics  maps  trump 
17 days ago by nelson
Toddlers alone in court
Child separation meets legal process, everyone is degraded
politics  immigration  trump  children  humanrights  civilrights 
17 days ago by nelson
Border reporter AMA
Journalist who visited caged kids in Texas does an interview on Reddit. Lots of informal details here.
border  immigration  politics  trump  nbc  nbcnews  reddit 
17 days ago by nelson
Life for snatched children
Nicely humanizing story of what life is like for kids taken away from their parents by ICE
ice  immigration  politics  trump  children  humanrights 
20 days ago by nelson
2,053 separated children
According to the White House 522 children have been returned to their parents, over 2000 are still separated
politics  trump  immigration  children  humanrights 
20 days ago by nelson
Child jail busses
Photos from a protest for immigrants
children  immigrants  politics  trump  ice 
21 days ago by nelson
86ing Sanders
Remarkably well written article about what happened at the Red Hen
redhen  restaurant  politics  trump  sanders 
22 days ago by nelson
A parody site, quite on point
trump  politics  hotel  immigration 
23 days ago by nelson
Reuinited with her child
Immigrant woman sued and got a quick settlement to get back with her child. 2299 to go.
children  immigration  politics  trump 
23 days ago by nelson
Immigrant child jails
WashPo trying to collect information on where 2500 kids are being held
immigration  politics  trump  gop 
23 days ago by nelson
Hateful meme study
Details on how racist and vile political memes travel
via:metafilter  meme  politics  trump  reddit  4chan  memes 
24 days ago by nelson
We Make Kids Disappear
highly visible billboard on I-80 got turned into an ICE protest
ice  immigration  politics  trump  culturejamming 
25 days ago by nelson
Stephen Miller's dead soul
Profile of architect of Trump's outrages on immigration policy. Even a support says "He’s Waffen-SS."
politics  trump  immigration  stephenmiller  miller 
25 days ago by nelson
Child abuse in ICE detention
Court case with testimony from teenagers beaten by guards
children  immigration  abuse  violence  trump  politics 
25 days ago by nelson
RAICES can scale
Immigrant legal aid charity can effectively use all the money coming in
raices  politics  trump  immigration 
25 days ago by nelson
Chickenpox in immigrant prison
Victorville prison also housing immigrants; now there's a varicella outbreak
disease  chickenpox  varicella  trump  politics  immigration 
26 days ago by nelson
White People Are Cowards
Dangers of passive racism and inaction by white people. " the most obvious parallel between the Third Reich and the Trump administration is the willing silence of the majority."
race  politics  trump 
26 days ago by nelson
They scream “Mami” and “Papá” over and over again
Audio recording of kids in internment camps while their guards make jokes
america  politics  immigration  trump  ice 
27 days ago by nelson
Cages for kids
Border Patrol says it's not inaccurate to say we're putting kids in cages, just they don't like the term
cages  immigration  politics  trump  humanrights 
28 days ago by nelson
Child separation reality
Interview with an immigration advocate who describes in detail the process at the border right now
children  kids  politics  trump  immigration  ice  humanrights  asylum 
28 days ago by nelson
History of ICE child policy
Details on how America came to be a country separating children from their parents
politics  immigration  policy  history  trump  obama  bush 
28 days ago by nelson
Houston kids internment camp
Considering housing 240 kids in a warehouse 5 miles from the house I grew up in
houston  politics  immigration  ice  trump  children  humanrights 
29 days ago by nelson
Trump charity fraud
Details of the NY AG indictment sure look like Trump broke the law flagrantly. The question is, will anyone care?
trump  politics  charity  fraud  newyork 
29 days ago by nelson
Do not repeat lies
Direct and thoughtful writing from an excellent journalist
journalism  trump  politics  lies 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Data Propria and Trump 2020
Cambridge Analytica folks are back and doing more political work
politics  trump  elections  facebook  demographics 
4 weeks ago by nelson
The Trump flag issue
Story behind the $100,000 payment
trump  flag  palmbeach  politics 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Trump Foundation fraud lawsuit
New York Attorney General suing Trump's non-profit
trump  fraud  politics  newyork 
4 weeks ago by nelson
ICE child shelter
Inside a facility in Brownsville holding 1500 boys
ice  immigration  politics  trump  brownsville  children  humanrights 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Russian election meddling testimony
Details from a security expert, a good summary of substantive evidence of Russian influence
trump  politics  russia  elections 
4 weeks ago by nelson
John Kelly was hacked
Trump's chief of staff had his phone and email breached while he was head of Homeland Security
homelandsecurity  dhs  trump  security  politics  badtech  butheremails 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Trump / Kim cult indoctrination film
Bizarre video shown at the Singapore meeting
politics  trump  cult  korea  northkorea 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Trump tears his paper
Insane and childish behavior at odds with the most basic of good government laws
trump  politics  presidency  sunlight 
5 weeks ago by nelson
A story of one 5 year old boy separated from his father by the US
america  family  immigration  trump  politics  border  ice 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Lockdown kids poem
Horrifying elementary school poster
guns  nra  politics  trump  schools  kids 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Melania Trump fantasies
Reflection on what we do when we imagine what the First Lady is doing
politics  trump  imagination  melania  melaniatrump 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Giuliani asserts President cannot be prosecuted
Literally says Trump could shoot someone and not be prosecuted. It's insane, and so, so dangerous to democracy
politics  trump  giuliani  constitution 
6 weeks ago by nelson
USA Really
Brand new Russian propaganda site full of bizarre new stories about the US
america  russia  politics  propaganda  trump 
6 weeks ago by nelson
Trump screws the bond market
Reveals a hint about the jobs report ahead of the embargo
trump  bonds  finance  politics  incompetence 
6 weeks ago by nelson
White House vs GAO
This sounds like a big step towards further corruption
politics  whitehouse  government  gao  corruption  trump 
6 weeks ago by nelson
Child separation in practice
How America's new policy to immigrant families works in practice, in court
america  brownsville  humanrights  immigration  trump  politics 
6 weeks ago by nelson
Trumpwave 2016
Remarkable video. Parody? Or just A E S T H E T I C?
vaporwave  trumpwave  trump  politics  funny 
6 weeks ago by nelson
Trump border policy
Decision to separate parents from children is Trump's; his claims otherwise are a lie
politics  trump  immigraton  civilrights  children 
7 weeks ago by nelson
"a senior White House official"
Off the record source named, as a counter to a direct Trump lie
trump  politics  journalism 
7 weeks ago by nelson
Trump tweet drafts
His writers emulate his grammatical and punctuation style
trump  twitter  apocalypse  politics 
7 weeks ago by nelson
Fascism in public
Dehumanization by the government is a very dangerous step along the road
fascism  whitehouse  politics  trump  ms13 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Diamond and Silk
Editorial about a Black comedy duo doing a pro-Trump shtick
trump  politics  black  race  america  racism  diamondandsilk 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Cohen leak source
Financial documents leaked because it looks like the official record was doctored
cohen  trump  corruption  mueller  leak  journalism 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Trump calls people animals
A crucial step to dehumanization, abuse, potentially genocide
trump  politics  shame  genocide 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Trump / Cohen money details
Payments from foreign and domestic companies then turned around to pay off sex workers
corruption  scandal  trump  politics 
9 weeks ago by nelson
First Family holding hand
This kind of political commentary is petty. OTOH this is really weird and remarkable.
trump  politics  family  melania  hands 
11 weeks ago by nelson
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