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Trump's Russia blindness
Why the US president is ignoring an obvious foreign threat
trump  putin  politics  russia 
2 days ago by nelson
Look at the big boy!
Heartbreaking photo of a child soldier in Yemen
yemen  soldier  atrocity  saudiarabia  iran  politics  trump  america  war 
11 days ago by nelson
Trump vs Talking Heads
Normally hate this kind of thing but it had me laughing out loud, a release of tension
trump  politics  talkingheads  parody  funny 
14 days ago by nelson
Man who silenced Trump
Twitter contractor who got Trump's Twitter account suspended for 11 minutes
trump  politics  twitter  abuse  policy 
17 days ago by nelson
White House doubles down on falsehoods
Press Secretary asserts it doesn't matter if videos Trump shares are real
trump  politics  truth  reality 
17 days ago by nelson
Trump's delusions
Promoting false hoods about his sexual predation, the popular vote, and Obama's birth certificate. It seems mostly sad and funny but it's dangerous.
trump  politics  truth 
17 days ago by nelson
Trump's embrace of anti-Muslim hate
Details on the anti-Islam group Trump is promoting
trump  politics  islam  muslim  prejudice 
17 days ago by nelson
2018 election not secured
Congress has failed to help hack-proof American elections
politics  voting  security  badtech  hacking  russia  trump 
19 days ago by nelson
Gutting the State Department
Trump administration is systematically dismantling our capability for international diplomacy
america  politics  statedepartment  diplomacy  trump  tillerson 
21 days ago by nelson
FCC to wreck the Internet
Official notice of unwinding net neutrality
politics  internet  trump  fcc  netneutrality  policy 
26 days ago by nelson
Trump assault timeline
13 women documenting sexual harassment or assault over 30 years
trump  politics  assault  women  sexualharassment  rape 
29 days ago by nelson
WikiLeaks are scoundrels
Details on the malfeasance of the group
wikileaks  politics  assange  trump 
29 days ago by nelson
Whitefish scandal
Yet more Trump administration malfeasance; Puerto Rico is getting seriously screwed on rebuilding electricity infrastructure
trump  fraud  politics  whitefish  puertorico 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Solving the DNC Hack
Detailed story about Johnston, the lead at CrowdStrike who handled the DNC hack investigation
dnc  crowdstrike  russia  trump  politics 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Epistemic crisis
The danger of right wing people simply not believing reality
politics  trump  truth  science  america 
6 weeks ago by nelson
Robert Mercer, deadbeat
Hedge fund billionaire and kooky alt-right supporter owes $7B in back taxes
taxes  fraud  mercer  trump  politics 
6 weeks ago by nelson
Russian propaganda ads
Examples from the congressional hearing
propaganda  ads  twitter  facebook  russia  trump  politics 
6 weeks ago by nelson
Trump's incompetence
Second tier appointees appear unqualified
trump  politics  corruption 
6 weeks ago by nelson
Manafort flight risk
Jaw dropping story on how crooked Trump's campaign manager looks
manafort  politics  trump  russia 
6 weeks ago by nelson
Coates on John Kelly
Clear, firm pushback on the lionization of Robert E. Lee
civilwar  trump  politics  slavery 
6 weeks ago by nelson
Trump's very bad day
Holed up in the White House residence yelling at the TV
trump  politics  tv  indictment  russia 
6 weeks ago by nelson
Trump with media's kids
Skin-crawling Halloween press event
trump  kids  politics 
7 weeks ago by nelson
Browder's visa revoked
US state department helps the Kremlin cover up a murder
kremlin  russia  corruption  trump  politics 
7 weeks ago by nelson
Nah just trolling
Crooked wife of crooked Trump cabinet member says she was just thinking out loud about quarantining people with HIV
trump  politics  hiv  aids 
7 weeks ago by nelson
Trump lies on family contacts
He hasn't called nearly as many families of fallen soldiers as he said
trump  lies  politics  military  goldstar 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Subverting the Judiciary
Trump personally interviewing US Attorneys, traditionally an independent position
trump  politics  judiciary  usattorney 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Russian troll operations
Russian newspaper does some investigative reporting
russia  trolls  trump  politics  propaganda 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Trump donation lies
New NPR story that a Trump golf club did not make claimed donations
trump  lies  politics  donation  charity 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Trump campaign and @Ten_GOP
Don Jr and Kellyanne both promoted Russian propaganda tweets during the campaign
trump  politics  russia  scandal  collusion 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Voter suppression + Child porn
Arrest of a researcher on Trump's voter suppression committee
votingrights  voting  trump  politics  childporn 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Tillerson profile
Details on the mess at the State Department
trump  politics  state  diplomacy  tillerson 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Cambridge Analytica code
Intern for right wing political / tech group has code on GitHub
github  politics  trump  cambridgeanalytica  twitter  nominatim 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Monteiro on Twitter
"Twitter today is a cesspool of hate. A plague of frogs."
twitter  harassment  trump 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Art Robinson
Bad scientist spreading fake science around America
gop  politics  mercers  science  badscience  trump 
9 weeks ago by nelson
Corker breaks ranks
GOP senator finally says out loud what a disaster Trump is
gop  republican  politics  trump 
9 weeks ago by nelson
Trump ACA sabotage
Personal intervention to make health insurance more expensive
trump  ohio  politics  healthcare  obamacare  aca 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Silencers for kidz!
Don Trump Jr makes gun nut infomercials
trump  politics  guns  silencers  death  secondamendment  america 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Russian ad targeting for Trump
Strange how the Russian ads exactly matched the Trump campaign strategy
russia  trump  politics 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Facebook ads and politics
Details of how online advertising works in the political sphere
politics  russia  trump  facebook  ads 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Donald Trump’s dog
Vicious op/ed about the state of diplomacy in the United States
rextillerson  trump  politics  statedepartment  funny 
10 weeks ago by nelson
NFL / kneeling spam botnets
Propaganda bots twisting the knife creating divisons
trump  politics  russia  nfl  takeaknee 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Warrants for activists
DOJ requests personal Facebook info on political activists
civilrights  facebook  america  doj  trump  politics 
11 weeks ago by nelson
Trump Fog Machine
Impossible to keep a clear head in the face of so many outrages
trump  politics  lies 
11 weeks ago by nelson
Trump golf vs Puerto Rico
Four days of no response as Trump golfed
trump  politics  puertorico  golf  corruption 
11 weeks ago by nelson
Against collaboration
Thoughtful op/ed on not working with the Trump White House
politics  trump  girlswhocode  whitehouse  principles  democracy 
11 weeks ago by nelson
Twitter testimony inadequate
Criticism of Twitter's congressional testimony and disclosures
twitter  russia  politics  trump  2016 
11 weeks ago by nelson
Ban Trump from Twitter
Clear editorial by Mike Monteiro
trump  twitter  politics 
11 weeks ago by nelson
AfD thuggery
Small meeting for a far-right party in Germany, assault of a protestor
protest  afd  germany  fascism  trump  politics 
12 weeks ago by nelson
Voter suppression email fraud
Trump commission avoiding Presidential Records Act by illegally using private email servers
email  trump  voting  politics 
september 2017 by nelson
Trump's petty grift
Receipt for overpriced hotel room at taxpayer expense. Trump personally benefits.
trump  maralago  hotel  corruption  fraud  politics 
september 2017 by nelson
Trump's latest embarassment
Jackass tweets just hours after a terrorist bombing
trump  politics  embarassment  london 
september 2017 by nelson
Not voter fraud
Detailed takedown of Kobach's claim of New Hampshire vote fraud
votingrights  voting  newhampshire  politics  trump  kobach 
september 2017 by nelson
The first white president
Powerful Ta-Nahesi Coates on the racism of the Trump presidency
racism  politics  trump 
september 2017 by nelson
Waiting for a Perfect Protest?
Excellent historical perspective on violence at progressive protests
protest  nytimes  tactics  nonviolence  history  civilrights  trump  politics  antifa 
september 2017 by nelson
Kelly and Trump
More on the new chief of staff, gossip about Omarosa
trump  politics  kelly  whitehouse 
september 2017 by nelson
Kelly and Trump
President's new Chief of Staff may not be long for the job
trump  politics  kelly 
september 2017 by nelson
Russian election tampering
More evidence the 2016 vote was manipulated by hacking
election  voter  voting  russia  politics  trump 
september 2017 by nelson
Nazi private chats
More analysis of the Discord logs from Charlottesville
charlottesville  politics  trump  nazis  rightwing 
september 2017 by nelson
Trump's Army
Charles Blow says it out loud
trump  politics  democracy  america  coup 
august 2017 by nelson
Louise Mensch's hoax source
Crazy left wing rumormonger was deliberately hoaxed
hoax  fakenews  trump  politics 
august 2017 by nelson
Trump's ideology
Dangerous embrace of the constitutional sheriff lunacy
trump  politics  constitution 
august 2017 by nelson
Arpaio's fake assassination
A particularly bizarre story of Trump's sheriff buddy
arpaio  trump  politics 
august 2017 by nelson
Arpaio's career
Details from a local newspape
arpaio  arizona  politics  trump  pardon 
august 2017 by nelson
Constitutional crisis
Pardoning Arpaio creates a precedent for the executive branch ignoring the constitution
apraio  pardon  constitution  politics  trump 
august 2017 by nelson
Military trans ban
Incompetents in White House start to put hateful policy into place
trans  lgbt  military  trump  politics  hate  transgender 
august 2017 by nelson
San Francisco counter-protests
Opposing the fascists on Saturday. Civic Center is the big event and far away from the bad people.
sanfrancisco  protest  nazis  fascism  trump 
august 2017 by nelson
Trump supporters' fake news outlets
Data on Trump supporters relying on garbage sites like Gateway Pundit and InfoWars
conspiracy  news  trump  politics 
august 2017 by nelson
How I Became Fake News
Aftermath for the guy who filmed the Nazi murder in Charlottesville
nazis  politics  trump  charlottesville  propaganda  infowars 
august 2017 by nelson
Did you damage your eyes?
A quick web test for eclipse-staring damage
funny  sun  guardian  lol  eclipse  trump  politics 
august 2017 by nelson
Trump collaborator justifications
Twisted logic to justify working with Trump
trump  politics  batshitinsane 
august 2017 by nelson
Trump's isolation
Comments on Charlottesville have greatly expanded rifts
trump  politics  racism  charlottesville 
august 2017 by nelson
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