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Swiss sport; a little like discus, if the enemy team is trying to catch your discus
sports  switzerland  swiss  hornussen 
july 2017 by nelson
Swiss train map / timetable
A whole country's train system in a single picture
maps  trains  timetable  switzerland  swiss  design 
december 2011 by nelson
Nivarox tour
Inside one of the two companies that make all mechanical watch parts
watches  watchmaking  horology  switzerland  swiss  nivarox  eta 
december 2011 by nelson
Making Swiss cheese
Great photoessay of traditional alps cheesemaking
switzerland  swiss  cheese  alps  via:metafilter 
august 2008 by nelson
Markus Notter
funny politician's website, very humane design
switzerland  swiss  politics  design  markusnotter 
june 2008 by nelson
Sound of Switzerland
Simple video of cows with bells
switzerland  swiss  cowbell  sound  cows 
june 2008 by nelson

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