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N.K. Jemisin
Thoughtful interview. She also has a new book of short stories out
scifi  writing  books  jemisin  nkjemisin  environment  tootme 
16 days ago by nelson
Stross on Heinlein
The shadow that man casts on a genre... "Heinlein was all about the inadmissible thought experiment"
heinlein  scifi  writing  cstross 
august 2018 by nelson
N.K. Jemisin's Hugo speech
Takes a bit, but she gets rolling in this award acceptance and it's great
scifi  hugo  jemisin  brokenearth 
august 2018 by nelson
A scifi movement towards optimistic futurism
scifi  writing  solarpunk 
july 2018 by nelson
Ted Chiang's career
Excellent sci-fi author only has so many good ideas for fiction
scifi  fiction  writing  tedchiang 
december 2017 by nelson
Geoengineering conference
Off the record meeting of scientists to consider a global warming solution
globalwarming  climate  science  scifi 
august 2017 by nelson
Future football
Crazy sports / sci-fi experimental piece
fiction  scifi  football  space  funny 
july 2017 by nelson
Origins of The Expanse
History of how the novels / TV show got started as a game world setting
games  mmos  scifi  theexpanse  writing 
march 2017 by nelson
Boneli Reflex-Arc Test
The alternate reality version of the Voigt-Kampff test
bladerunner  pkdick  scifi  voightkampff 
september 2016 by nelson
Self driving car conversation
Hilarious little sci-fi short as Reddit post. (attn @raffi)
cars  ai  selfdriving  scifi  reddit  funny 
february 2016 by nelson
Miéville on Tolkien
A thoughtful Marxist critique by one fantastical writer of another
fiction  tolkien  mieville  lotr  fantasy  scifi  books  movies 
july 2015 by nelson
Isa (sci-fi film)
New movie airing on the Syfy channel
movies  scifi 
june 2014 by nelson
Watch Dogs graphic direction
Interesting view into the work of a game visual designer
games  watchdogs  design  scifi 
june 2014 by nelson
Blomkamp Short Films
A handy list of YouTube videos
Blomkamp  movies  scifi 
february 2014 by nelson
Google, the Stupidity Amplifier
Fine cranky rant about failures of Google's "semantic knowledge" stuff
gregegan  scifi  funny  google 
january 2014 by nelson
How to get into Blake's 7
A guide for watching the show for newbies
tv  blakes7  scifi 
april 2013 by nelson
Friendship is Optimal
Fascinating novella about the Singularity as realized via My Little Pony
ponies  games  mmos  scifi  singularity  fiction 
december 2012 by nelson
Mass Effect 3 ending critique
Well written and detailed, but I don't entirely agree
games  writing  scifi  masseffect  ending  controversy 
april 2012 by nelson
Nanolaw with Daughter
Lovely short short about the future of IP law
fiction  scifi  copyright 
may 2011 by nelson
List of Star Trek races
Wikipedia proves encyclopedic completeness is a virtue
startrek  fiction  scifi 
december 2010 by nelson
PK Dick on Blade Runner
Amazing letter: "I think, BLADE RUNNER is going to revolutionize our conceptions of what science fiction is and, more, can be. "
movies  bladerunner  pkdick  books  scifi  via:metafilter 
january 2010 by nelson
Avatar sex scene
Yes, they were going to go there
avatar  sex  scifi  cameron  script 
january 2010 by nelson
Lost / Land of the Lost
I'm not the only one making this connection
lost  television  tv  landofthelost  schlock  scifi 
may 2007 by nelson
Battlestar Galactica characters drawn in Simpsons style (via Metafilter)
funny  humor  comics  illustration  simpsons  tv  cartoons  battlestargalactica  art  bsg  scifi  nelson:autotagged 
may 2006 by nelson
Real Star Wars DVDs
Without the abominable extra material from the past few years. No need to steal laserdisc rips anymore.
starwars  shopping  culture  dvd  movies  video  scifi  star_wars  news  film  cool  nelson:autotagged 
may 2006 by nelson
10 best sci-fi films that never existed
Terrific bit of writing about current scifi films (via Populicious)
funny  humor  sci-fi  movie  list  movies  scifi  interesting  article  sf  film  nelson:autotagged 
february 2006 by nelson
How lightsabers work
Surprisingly funny, particularly the "using at home" section (via Slashdot)
funny  humor  starwars  science  geek  how  lightsaber  fun  star  technology  scifi  nelson:autotagged 
may 2005 by nelson
PK Dick
Philip K. Dick - Science Fiction Author - Official Site
fiction  literature  sci-fi  author  science  philipkdick  books  scifi  authors  writing  sf  nelson:autotagged 
december 2003 by nelson

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