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Black boy suicide rate
Black kids age 5-11 now 2x more likely to commit suicide
suicide  blacks  racism  sad  children 
august 2015 by nelson
Sad Mars rover
This little image macro makes me ache
mars  curiosityrover  sad  lonely 
august 2012 by nelson
What I killed today
A veterinarian's record of euthanasias
via:boingboing  veterinarian  pets  killing  sad  death 
february 2008 by nelson
Waxy's mom!
A very sweet story (via Waxy, naturally)
followup  living  story  cute  newyork  sad  perspective  memory  nyc  nelson:autotagged 
january 2005 by nelson
Bush human kleenex
Bush uses unwitting woman's sweater to clean his glasses (via BoingBoing)
imported  humor  entitlement  activism  general  bush  video  firefox:bookmarks  fun  politics  sad  nelson:autotagged 
april 2004 by nelson

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