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Liberty University fraud
Jerry Falwell Jr is running what sounds like a real estate scam
politics  religion  corruption  falwell  libertyuniversity  fraud  scam 
9 days ago by nelson
Leaving LDS
The Mormons meet the Internet and the changes are significant
lds  mormon  church  religion  tootme  exmormon 
11 weeks ago by nelson
World religions map
Reddit post, very detailed rendering
maps  religion  reddit  visualization  tootme 
february 2019 by nelson
VP wife's hate school
Wife of the vice president takes a job at a virulently anti-gay school
lgbt  gayrights  pence  politics  religion 
january 2019 by nelson
Sentinelese invasion
Jackass missionary tries to preach to the isolated island tribe, gets killed
religion  india  andamans  sentinelese  tootme 
november 2018 by nelson
Bay Area priest sex abusers
Details on 250+ Catholic priests involved in sex abuse, then posted to work in the Bay Area
bayarea  catholic  priest  clergy  sexabuse  church  religion 
october 2018 by nelson
Liberty University child predator
Falwell's hateful school has been harboring a monster who preys on little girls
religion  falwell  libertyuniversity  scandal 
june 2018 by nelson
Provo anti-LGBT bigotry
Fourth of July parade excludes LGBT groups for a second year
lgbt  utah  religion  politics  mormons  lds  civilrights  gay  parade  july4  via:reddit 
june 2018 by nelson
Former Jehovah's Witness
Reddit AMA with someone who left the cult
religion  jehovahswitnesses  cult  reddit 
february 2018 by nelson
Islam in SE Asia
Very detailed explanation for the spread of a religion
religion  via:metafilter  islam  indonesia  malaysia 
february 2017 by nelson
Solstice illuminations
Mission churches in North America have astronomical alignment
solstice  christmas  religion  church  architecture  astronomy  via:metafilter 
december 2016 by nelson
Hina missing from Disneyʼs Moana
Cultural critique from a Polynesian expert
disney  movies  moana  religion 
november 2016 by nelson
It was then that I carried you
Forbidden Planet + insipid religious quote
funny  religion  parody  forbiddenplanet 
may 2016 by nelson
Jim Bakker survival food
Weird prepper video from disgraced televangelist / alleged rapist
jimbakker  bakker  religion  survivalism  food 
may 2016 by nelson
Kinderhook plates
Interesting bit of Mormon history, perhaps a hoax perpetrated in 1843
mormon  lds  religion  kinderhook 
april 2016 by nelson
Bundy Mormon extremism
Seditious nutjobs are also religious nutjubs
bundy  oregon  mormon  religion  militia 
january 2016 by nelson
Phad Paintings
A traditional Indian storytelling painting / scroll. Rajasthani.
india  rajasthan  hinduism  art  painting  religion 
july 2015 by nelson
World religion map
Interesting visualization, regions colored by majority religion
maps  religion  data  visualization 
april 2015 by nelson
$1.3B wasted on bad AIDS education
Insane US plan to try to promote abstinence in Africa had no effect
africa  aids  hiv  religion  stupid 
march 2015 by nelson
A Brenham synagogue
Jewish community near Houston has slowly shrunk, so they are moving the synagogue
religion  texas  judaism 
december 2014 by nelson
A Russian castration cult; had as many as 100,000 members
castration  religion  russia  batshitinsane 
november 2014 by nelson
Communion lunchables
Convenience products for Protestants
religion  funny  food  christianity  communion 
september 2014 by nelson
Guilty Remnant
Website for the religious movement taking the (fictional) world by storm
leftovers  tv  religion 
july 2014 by nelson
Presbyterians in Utah
America's own counter-reformation; 1870s Presbyterians moved to Utah to proselytize to Mormons
religion  utah  history  lds  mormon  presbyterian 
july 2014 by nelson
Evangel Cathedral
Crazy Flash-heavy church website
religion  church  via:kra  flash 
march 2013 by nelson
Catholic Church in America
Detailed insight into the Church's finances in the US
economist  news  catholic  church  business  religion 
august 2012 by nelson
Amish spring break
Sweet story of a Florida town popular for Amish vacations
amish  culture  religion  via:kottke  florida 
april 2012 by nelson
Nativity according to Twilight
The chick from the Twilight films explains the Christmas miracle
chirstmas  religion  twilight  funny  kristenstewart  via:metafilter 
december 2011 by nelson
Flickr Xmas faux pas
Thoughtful explanation of why Flickr's Christmas graphics are unwelcome
christmas  religion  flickr  yahoo  culture 
december 2011 by nelson
America distilled
Crazy NASCAR pre-race prayer that is a beautifully American thing. Might be parody, but not clear.
america  nascar  prayer  religion 
july 2011 by nelson
More Vatican sex corruption
Pope's advisor on sex abuse is arrested trying to buy 14 year old boys
catholicism  vatican  sex  church  crime  religion 
may 2011 by nelson
Joseph Smith photograph
Interesting story; the prophet of the LDS lived at just the edge of time where photographs were possible. Is this him?
photography  photos  mormons  lds  josephsmith  religion  history  daguerrotype 
january 2011 by nelson
Zoo Race
Minter comments on a wacky Christian game
games  christianity  minter  religion 
january 2011 by nelson
Journey into Manhood
Sad, crazy story about a weekend "cure yourself of the gay" retreat
religion  gay  via:metafilter  homosexuality  abuse  sex  masculinity 
april 2010 by nelson
Run Jesus Run
10 second game. Mildly blasphemous, but also respectful within its medium.
games  religion  via:waxy  jesus 
march 2010 by nelson
Mass: We Pray
Worship simulator videogame (note: actually, advertisement for another game)
church  religion  games  parody  funny  via:metafilter  advertisement 
november 2009 by nelson
Prayer as healthcare
Healthcare overhaul bill includes "religious and spiritual healthcare" as covered
religion  healthcare  government  politics 
november 2009 by nelson
Leaving Scientology
Tampa Bay paper publishes part 3 of their investigation, including crazy stories on how hard it is to leave Scientology
cult  scientology  religion  journalism 
november 2009 by nelson
US religious geography
Great series of maps showing religious distribution in the US
religion  demographics  unitedstates  america 
august 2009 by nelson
Codex Sinaiticus
4th century Bible has been digitized and made available online
bible  books  christianity  religion 
july 2009 by nelson
Scientology rundown
Amazingly detailed investigative reporting, sourced from some high up insiders
scientology  cult  religion  via:metafilter 
june 2009 by nelson
der Klicky-Bibel
Bible illustrated via photos of Playmobil figures
bible  religion  playmobil 
april 2009 by nelson
Twitter #ldsconf
Follow the Mormon conference on Twitter
twitter  mormon  religion 
october 2008 by nelson
YFZ ranch
Nice backgrounder on the FLDS compound
FLDS  polygamy  cult  religion 
april 2008 by nelson
Prince Philip movement
Another Vanuatu cult, this time dedicated to a living person
vanuatu  princephillip  cult  cargocult  religion 
february 2008 by nelson
Happy John Frum day!
Today's the holy day of the Vanuatu cargo cult
johnfrum  cargocult  religion  maps  holdiay 
february 2008 by nelson
Chanukah ham!
Anything to sell some pork
chanukah  holiday  religion  funny  pork  food 
december 2007 by nelson
A syncretic religion in northern Iraq, sadly in the news now for an "honor killing'.
yezidi  islam  iraq  kurd  kurdistan  syncretic  syncretism  peacock  malaktaus  religion 
may 2007 by nelson
Purity balls
Crazy fetishization of daughter's sexuality
sex  chastity  religion  batshitinsane 
march 2007 by nelson
Heaven's Gate
One guy survived the cult suicide and explains it all to us
religion  cult  suicide  heavensgate  batshitinsane  via:metafilter 
march 2007 by nelson
FAIR on Mormonism
Detailed site presenting a defense of Moronism from a critical point of view.
religion  mormon  via:metafilter 
march 2007 by nelson
Crowd control science
I was wondering why stoning the pillars went so smoothly this year
religion  simulation  pedestrian  design  architecture  physics  islam  nelson:autotagged 
january 2007 by nelson
Pat Robertson insane
Claims he can lift an impossible amount of weight (via Daily Rotten)
funny  weight  articles  idiot  dick  religion  health  patrobertson  legpress  exercise  nelson:autotagged 
may 2006 by nelson
Rapture Ready
Message forum for people believing this is the End Times. Come join the Tribulation Force!
abitcrazy  fundie  bible  christian  cookyrapturechristians  forum  lunies  christianity  religion  rapture  imported  nelson:autotagged 
april 2006 by nelson
Mapping US Religion
Fascinating view of American religious life (via Populicious)
visualization  statistics  reference  usa  maps  culture  interesting  demographics  religion  map  politics  nelson:autotagged 
april 2006 by nelson
Tackiest online card
"My Hump" and the Three Wise Men (Flash, via Metafilter)
funny  humor  flash  religion  animation  video  wtf  music  weird  christmas  parody  nelson:autotagged 
december 2005 by nelson
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