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D3 cheat sheet
Nice list of properties, etc
d3  svg  reference  javascript  d3js 
february 2013 by nelson
Spatial Reference
Database of SRIDs used in geographic apps
gis  srid  epsg  reference 
april 2012 by nelson
When can I use...
support for modern HTML features in various browsers
browser  web  html5  html  javascript  css  reference 
september 2011 by nelson
JavaScript keyboard events
Detailed analysis of how various browsers handle keyboard events. It's a mess.
javascript  badtech  code  reference  keyboard  keycode  keydown  keyup  keypress 
august 2010 by nelson
The best online real estate database I've seen yet
property  realestate  zillow  house  realtor  research  reference 
august 2007 by nelson
iPhone resources
Good roundup of the first few weeks' of Internet churn on iPhone
iphone  hacks  blogs  guide  resources  reference 
july 2007 by nelson
OpenSSL cheatsheet
Decoder ring for yet another mysterious Unix command line tool
openssl  reference  ssl 
february 2007 by nelson
53 CSS Techniques
Lots of random things you can do with web page design
development  web  reference  howto  webdesign  html  design  tutorial  webdev  tips  css  nelson:autotagged 
january 2007 by nelson
WoW economy
Web site with auction prices from many WoW servers
gaming  addons  games  reference  database  auction  wow  warcraft  worldofwarcraft  addon  economy  nelson:autotagged 
december 2006 by nelson
Family tech support
Mail a computer neophyte VNC so you can help them with their computer
vnc  network  reference  support  howto  computer  tech  ultravnc  remote  tutorial  software  nelson:autotagged 
september 2006 by nelson
Doctypes vs browsers
Browsers layout pages based on the declared doctype
web  reference  doctype  standards  webdesign  html  design  webdev  xhtml  css  browser  nelson:autotagged 
august 2006 by nelson
Percent encoding
Detailed Wikipedia article may have an answer to my URL question (via Greg)
web  www  http  reference  url  wikipedia  uri  internet  encode  percent-encoding  url-encoding-percent-encoding  nelson:autotagged 
august 2006 by nelson
Countries by cash
Japan has 165B dollars. US has -829B. (via Metafilter)
statistics  money  reference  government  interesting  economics  world  politics  news  debt  history  nelson:autotagged 
august 2006 by nelson
The editor more arcane than Emacs
programming  emacs  editor  reference  nelson:autotagged 
august 2006 by nelson
Long Experiments
100+ year scientific installations (via kottke)
reference  clock  science  drop  research  experiments  pitch  fun  history  physics  cool  nelson:autotagged 
august 2006 by nelson
50 Influential albums
Thoughtful list of music in the last 35 years
art  toread  reference  influential  top  list  lists  culture  music  albums  history  nelson:autotagged 
july 2006 by nelson
Solving Sodoku
without thinking; you too can be an algorithm
sudoku  reference  puzzle  howto  hacks  puzzles  game  games  fun  tips  tutorial  nelson:autotagged 
july 2006 by nelson
Root DNS locations
Surprised there's not one in Australia (via Digg)
web  google  network  reference  interesting  server  maps  dns  internet  root  technology  nelson:autotagged 
july 2006 by nelson
Weird Mario physics
Exploit bugs in the collision detection algorithms
funny  reference  gaming  tricks  geek  mario  game  games  retro  nintendo  videogames  nelson:autotagged 
june 2006 by nelson
grep -o
Print only the matching capture; I wrote my own version of this way back when, nice to have a real one
regex  shell  grep  reference  gnu  howto  programming  sysadmin  unix  linux  tools  nelson:autotagged 
june 2006 by nelson
Laundry hieroglyphics
Those little symbols mean something? (via Populicious)
useful  reference  icons  howto  misc  symbols  hieroglyphics  cleaning  laundry  guide  usability  nelson:autotagged 
may 2006 by nelson
Language maps
Detailed data from Ethnologue database (via Kottke)
linguistics  gis  reference  language  visualization  mapping  languages  maps  map  world  geography  nelson:autotagged 
may 2006 by nelson
PhilG on EOS system
General overview of Canon SLR camera equipment
lens  reference  photo  photography  canon  eos  hardware  camera  digital  article  guide  nelson:autotagged 
april 2006 by nelson
Photomatix HDR tutorial
Nicely illustrated, but HDR is quickly becoming the #1 overused photo cliche
photoshop  hdr  reference  photomatix  photo  photography  howto  tutorials  flickr  tutorial  software  nelson:autotagged 
april 2006 by nelson
Blosxom annotated
Line by line deconstruction of the little blog software that could
website  diy:blog  annotated  reference  programming  perl  blog  programmierung  useful  annotations  blosxom  nelson:autotagged 
april 2006 by nelson
Mapping US Religion
Fascinating view of American religious life (via Populicious)
visualization  statistics  reference  usa  maps  culture  interesting  demographics  religion  map  politics  nelson:autotagged 
april 2006 by nelson
Air Force One defense
Leak supposedly a security risk, but maybe not really?
air-force-one  reference  sensation  secret  sec  news  military  infos  airplane  nelson:autotagged 
april 2006 by nelson
New in Python 2.5
Quick summary (via Zawodny, who really should learn some Py)
toread  language  python  programming  2.5  future  python25  new  news  reference  features  nelson:autotagged 
april 2006 by nelson
Processor speeds
Handy chart comparing Intel, AMD, and PowerPC
comparison  apple  reference  chart  cpu  hardware  pc  mac  computer  tech  processor  nelson:autotagged 
april 2006 by nelson
://URLFAN top 100
Sites most linked to in RSS feeds (via Populicious)
web2.0  web  links  reference  blogs  list  lists  blog  internet  popular  top  nelson:autotagged 
april 2006 by nelson
Schmap guides
Internet enabled city guides; they're using one of my CC licensed Flickr photos
web2.0  map  reference  travel  free  maps  freeware  flickr  tools  guide  software  nelson:autotagged 
march 2006 by nelson
Earthquake prep
San Francisco city site for preparing for disasters
security  disaster  emergency  survival  howto  sf  preparedness  tips  kit  earthquake  reference  nelson:autotagged 
february 2006 by nelson
Current web style
Great explication of good design trends (via Populicious)
web2.0  web  style  reference  webdesign  trends  design  graphics  webdev  css  inspiration  nelson:autotagged 
february 2006 by nelson
NintendoDS homebrew
How to run your own software on the DS. Run your own WiFi ROM server.
development  reference  nintendo  programming  games  diy  hack  homebrew  nds  ds  tutorial  nelson:autotagged 
january 2006 by nelson
Web authoring stats
Google's analysis of 1 billion web pages' HTML
development  web  statistics  stats  reference  html  webdesign  google  webdev  xhtml  css  nelson:autotagged 
january 2006 by nelson
Eve Online database
Interesting; this MMOG makes most of the game data available for download
development  map  reference  database  data  eve  eve-online  sql  export  tools  nelson:autotagged 
january 2006 by nelson
Flash Earth
Google Earth-like UI entirely in Flash. Very nicely done. (via jayisgames)
web2.0  map  google  reference  flash  maps  googlemaps  earth  geography  tools  cool  nelson:autotagged 
january 2006 by nelson
Veblen goods
Something that is more desireable the more expensive it is
archangel  consumption  reference  psicologia  economics  wikipedia  ideas  business  trends  words  bigend  nelson:autotagged 
january 2006 by nelson
Stuck Gamer
Watch someone else play video games so you don't have to
gaming  videos  reference  howto  walkthrough  game  video  videogames  games  guides  tutorial  nelson:autotagged 
december 2005 by nelson
Charity navigator
Good database of US charities, easy free no-nonsense access (unlike Guidestar)
search  finance  reference  activism  charities  research  reviews  philanthropy  nonprofit  tools  charity  nelson:autotagged 
december 2005 by nelson
San Francisco snow
List of when it's snowed in SF (via Ask Metafilter)
sanfrancisco  reference  nelson:autotagged 
december 2005 by nelson
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