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UN human rights in the US
Statement from a visit to the US by human rights expert for the UN
un  unitednations  america  poverty  homelessness 
december 2017 by nelson
SF homelessness
Thoughtful letter about San Francisco's greatest shame
sf  sanfrancisco  homeless  poverty  mentalillness 
april 2015 by nelson
Minimum wage
Truly outrageous fake budget; assumes two jobs, no expenses
money  budget  poverty  economics  america 
july 2013 by nelson
Poverty Maps
Detailed census treatments
maps  poverty  unitedstates  usa  census 
july 2013 by nelson
High Rise
Like the Ballard novel; squatters in a 45 story skyscraper in Caracas
venezuela  squatter  jgballard  ballard  highrise  poverty 
march 2011 by nelson
Lagos: the megacity
Fascinating and frightening story of a chaotic 8 million person city
lagos  nigeria  urban  city  urbanism  cityplanning  africa  poverty 
january 2008 by nelson
Luxury submarines
For when your yacht and jet aren't enough
luxury  affluenza  via:metafilter  submarine  poverty 
july 2007 by nelson

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