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Nazis raus
Richard Spencer forbidden from entering Europe
nazis  spencer  richardspencer  politics  europe  poland 
july 2018 by nelson
“Does Stanislaw Lem live here?”
Marcin Wichary's loving memories of an author
writing  lem  poland  krakow 
april 2015 by nelson
Wrocław annalemma
Very trick kind of astrophotography; done with a pinhole camera!
poland  Wrocław  pinhole  astronomy  astrophotgraphy 
march 2014 by nelson
Traditional cheesemaking in central Europe
cheese  europe  photography  slovakia  poland  tatras 
june 2012 by nelson
Pedobear at the Olympics
4chan's lulzy pedophile mascot shows up in a Polish paper as part of the Vancouver Winter Olympics
4chan  pedobear  olympics  poland  mascot 
february 2010 by nelson
You Forgot Poland
how could you forget Poland? (via Metafilter)
funny  humor  humour  political  poland  satire  bush  election  fun  politics  debate  nelson:autotagged 
october 2004 by nelson

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