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Tuvalu photos
Nice images from the Polynesian island /cc @r3x0r
polynesia  tuvalu  photos  photography 
august 2018 by nelson
Made in China
Lovely photo essay on Chinese manufacturing
china  trade  manufacturing  photos  photography 
july 2018 by nelson
Ninalee Craig obituary
The woman in the classic 1951 photo of Italian street harassment. She saw that photo in a more complicated way.
sexism  feminism  photography  photo  italy  obituary 
may 2018 by nelson
American Girl
Classic feminist photos from the 1950s
photos  photography  italy  sexism  feminism 
may 2018 by nelson
Mapplethorpe biopic
New movie about the famous gay photographer
mapplethorpe  gay  lgbt  photos  photography  movie  film 
may 2018 by nelson
Google Street View: remote islands
Photographs from various middle of the ocean spots
islands  photography  google  maps 
may 2018 by nelson
Socotra photos
Yemen's odd and isolated island
socotra  nature  photography  photos  travel 
april 2018 by nelson
Danakil Depression
Extreme desert environment with many colors in Ethiopia
ethiopia  photography  photos  art 
april 2018 by nelson
Ghost the leopard
Lovely wildlife photograph, read the story from the photographer
reddit  photos  photography  wildlife  tanzania  cat  leopard 
november 2017 by nelson
Aerial Views
Satisfyingly geometric photography from Bernhard Lang
art  photography  aviation  aerial  photos 
november 2017 by nelson
Aerial Chicago 1914
Amazing dirigible film /cc @therealfitz
chicago  aerial  dirigible  blimp  photography  history  video  film  aviation 
october 2017 by nelson
CBP seizures
Art photos of personal items taken by border patrol
cbp  borderpatrol  immigrants  migrants  via:metafilter  art  photography 
march 2017 by nelson
Best of Luck with the Wall
Hypnotic video of aerial imagery; the second half is amazing. /cc @vruba
photography  satellite  mexico  border  aerial 
october 2016 by nelson
Clever time lapse photographic technique
via:Reddit  timelapse  novascotia  photography 
august 2016 by nelson
Maine Coon cats
Classy portraits (/cc @korkyplunger)
cats  mainecoon  photos  photography 
august 2016 by nelson
Mt St Helens from the air
GA pilot took a look-see during the eruption. /cc @vruba
photography  aviation  mtsthelens  via:Reddit  washington  oregon 
may 2016 by nelson
Ultra-macro insect photography. /cc @celesteramsay
insects  photography  macro  via:metafilter 
april 2016 by nelson
Colorful Image Colorization
Machine learning to add color to greyscale images
color  machinelearning  ai  image  photos  photography  via:hackernews 
april 2016 by nelson
Senior Chinatown fashion
Loving look at the clothing styles of elderly people in SF's Chinatown
fashion  chinatown  photography  culture 
january 2016 by nelson
a 5000 megapixel image of the night sky
photography  astronomy  astrophotography 
april 2015 by nelson
Photographing the full night sky
Details of an amateur's quest to photograph the Earth's entire sky at night
astronomy  photography  astrophotography 
april 2015 by nelson
Fancy tool for creating time lapse movies
photography  movies  lightroom  via:raffi 
september 2014 by nelson
On the Roofs: Hong Kong
Insane urban explorers, great high-up photographs
hongkong  photography  photos  climbing  parkour 
august 2014 by nelson
Before they pass away
Photographs of various peoples in traditional outfits
costume  photography  culture 
february 2014 by nelson
2014 Dakar Rally
Lovely photos of the insane car race
dakar  racing  chile  photography  cars 
january 2014 by nelson
Share beautiful aerial photos taken from UAVs
drones  photography  aerial 
august 2013 by nelson
Gigapixel photo crops
How do you appreciate a giant photo? Look at little bits of it.
photography  tokyo  gigapixel  art 
august 2013 by nelson
Paris From Above
Phenomenal aerial photo series on Bastille Day; Paris is usually closed to aircraft
paris  france  photography  aerial  beautiful 
july 2013 by nelson
Photo calibration targets
Artifacts on the ground for testing aerial and satellite imagery
satellite  aerial  photography  googlemaps  newaesthetic 
february 2013 by nelson
Lens/Camera sharpness
Interesting use of data from photographers
photography  photos  cameras  lenses 
january 2013 by nelson
Online tool to try to detect manipulated images
photography  photos  photoshop  analysis  jpeg 
january 2013 by nelson
Simple overlay on Google Maps showing sun position during the day
maps  sun  photography  astronomy 
january 2013 by nelson
Upload a photo of the night sky and it figures out where you were
photography  photos  astronomy  astrometrics 
december 2012 by nelson
Nick Bilton » Burning Man 2012
NYT tech journalist on the playa, great photos
burningman  nyt  nytimes  photography  photos 
september 2012 by nelson
Criminalizing Photography
NYTimes on the increasing effort to stop Americans from taking photos in public
civilrights  photography  journalism  police 
august 2012 by nelson
Traditional cheesemaking in central Europe
cheese  europe  photography  slovakia  poland  tatras 
june 2012 by nelson
Great collection of photos of artificial things
photos  photography  simulation  artificial 
may 2012 by nelson
Lytro review
A bit discouraging, but interesting that it's a commercial product
lytro  images  photos  photography  camera 
may 2012 by nelson
Light field camera, lets you adjust focus after the shot. For sale!
camera  lytro  focus  photography  photos 
may 2012 by nelson
A product for sharing photos that you manage hosting for yourself
photos  photography  flickr  cloud  s3 
february 2012 by nelson
Yosemite HD
Beautiful time lapse (view full screen)
yosemite  nature  photography 
january 2012 by nelson
Lightroom 4 beta
Better geotagging, photobooks, overhaul of exposure settings
photos  photography  lightroom  adobe  photoshop 
january 2012 by nelson
Modern EXIF manipulation code
exif  c++  code  photos  photography  metadata 
december 2011 by nelson
Canon S100
Followup to the popular S90/S95; this one includes a GPS for geotagging!
photos  photography  gps  canon  camera 
december 2011 by nelson
Cops vs Occupy
Great series of photos from recent evictions
occupywallstreet  ows  police  civilrights  photography  photos 
november 2011 by nelson
Playa Time Lapse
Burning Man, from a distance, over many days
photos  photography  timelapse  video  burningman 
october 2011 by nelson
Arrington and copyright
He doesn't seem to bother with attribution of the photos he uses
Arrington  photos  photography  creativecommons  copyright 
october 2011 by nelson
Project T-B.A.C
High school kid's balloon photography project
school  photography  aerial  mapping  via:metafilter 
september 2011 by nelson
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